June Writing Mini-Camp: Day 29

Hi Hi Y’all!


Day 29:

(If you don’t have work or other important things) I challenge you to have a truly productive day! Get up, stretch/workout, make a healthy breakfast, put on comfortable clothes, do what you need to do to have a light, healthy and calming day! Your body will be the perfect temple today for a massive marathon of writing finishes and any random editing you wanted to start on!

I.L. Knight


One Moment In Time – Whitney Houston

June Writing Mini-Camp: Day 28

Hi Hi Y’all!

*Deep Breaths*

Day 28:

Your challenge is…… (*insert awkward drum roll*) GO OUTSIDE… well, go out and write anywhere new. Try to switch it up and see if you can get any last minute bursts of inspiration or productivity. You could always motivate yourself to go out and try this with a picture! Post a snazzy photo somewhere of you looking sharp in your new writing spot~

I.L. Knight


Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

Random Lyrics, Poems & Words :

Hi HI Y’all,

I’m just thinking about some random lines that appeared in my head. They had this soft hum I haven’t thought of.

I wonder what they know?

I wonder what they see?

Is it the tares in me?

Why do I feel so low?

Why do I feel

Why do I feel

Why do I feel

I feel


I feel so low

I don’t know guys? Just some random words set to a random tune in my head.

I.L. Knight


Falling Away From Me – Korn

Mass Fan Fiction Update & Hidden Surprises :

Hi Hi Y’all,

I was wondering if anyone noticed!? I have been running daily updates on my Fan Fiction page for three days now! They are all going to lead up to a surprise next Saturday! However, since no one noticed or found it, I’ll spoil the daily Fan Fiction updates for now~~

This week is Re:Monster

What is updated so far:

[ Day 7 ]

[ Day 9 ]

[ Day 10 ]

Remember, keep trying to find the fan fiction updates until next Saturdays surprise!

I.L. Knight


Re:Monster Eng Sub