A Feather

How fleeting does the feather last,

Just floating on its unknown wind blown path?

I’ve always wondered, thought

Is the feather craving freedom

From its short straight road?

Can it feel the push forward-

The twist and turns through Notus’ grasp?

Does a feather ever just want to float,

To relax on its quilled back,

Enjoy the sky, the sun, the blue-ness of the world?

If so I imagine the feather a deviant-

A rebel stuck in a rut.

Floating, screaming, wanting off the road,

Only knowing too soon the wind stops

And the feather plummets to hell.

Love to me is like this feather,

Never in control, never choosing,

Just twisting and turning in the blue-ness of the sky.

Only to know it shall fall-

Fall to hell and get stained by grime and soot.

This is my love.

This is my uncontrolled fate,

To love like a feather,

Caressed by the wind-

To know I shall fall

And be ruined by your heart.

How fleeting does the feather last…


Leb Die Sekunde – Tokio Hotel

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