Star Wars Character Profiles :


Lera-la Rul – father Cellan Rul – Borneck/zelosian  / mother Mera-na – Galacian (bounty hunter name is lomark) / contract with the first order – when joins the knights of ren chooses the name : sora ren. struggles with the power of the sith. as she is more dark then light. what retains her is the feeling of the light and her somber attitude towards the sacrifices of order and power. and wants the grey light saber in ren’s hands. as it becomes a driving force to stay with him. as if he really is showing her the way and that kylo ren is ultimately balancing the hard decision. as order is the most important in retaining chaos. yet needs some sentiment of the light to not fall to power itself. wants just relief for once. to feel the apparant comfort from being released of pain and desire. but also wants to retain the core that is herself. and the decisions she has made. ends up committing herself more to the knights of ren which was predicted if she grew closer ren. and brings with her a challenge to others.

-torn between childhood friend/crush/semi chosen arranged marraige & Soveran Ren who they have a force conenction w/ and a surprisingly intimate relationship)


Soveran Ren (Savara Melan) – top notch skills but because he won’t discard his yellow saber and use to red is towards the bottom ranked knights. how ended up on babysit duty – Nyriaan (Malvina clan) – pupil of kylo. becomes a grey jedi when light saber but chooses to stay a knight of ren for loyalty of a friend. even when he sees his choices. still bows and swears to protect his back. the first order is where he owes his allegiance. to kylo.


Rahatti Mey – jedi one of the last – nm is known about him – race: togruta


Mera-na (galacian- planet gala – don’t know if sea or city but definitely not hill) – force sensitive but never trained. not much is known about her other then she met a young cellan rul when he was working on gala. left gala to return to his house on Tatooin. don’t know how she died. her force tendencies were directed feel ing the emotions of those around her and nothing more. how did she die? – orginally from wealthy household/youg naieve bad boy love


Cellan Rul – Borneck (father of descent)/zelosian (mother) – alcohol but mostly sugar addict would get him drunk/high and do it constantly. gambling addict. death by loan sharks to come collect the debt – described as extremly manipulative and charming. huge play boy after death of mom and women all the time. worked as hired security for the different shops on tatooin.


Mar’saini Paruamado (chiss race- originally from a planet in the unknown region) his parents are in politics. and represents the rising interest in Chiss to be part of the New Republic. His parents were apart of it. However, he found the Chiss society was becoming even more rigid then it needed to be. And when his parents decided to try to join a group of negotiator in maintaing peace among planets not part of the conflict of the new order and the rebellion he decided to leave them. previously he had taken mission trips and escort trips as a soldier under his parents command around the universe/galaxy.  Mar’saini was known to feel a connection to the force in his dreams. and so when he dreamt of tattooin he returned to the planet. truly meant to be a grey jedi. he is strong in sensing the path the force has for things. and not freaking out about it. as there is a natural joy and pain in life. one has responsibilities and must choose when it is the time. his pet is named Chiip Chiip.


1/2 brother – Mere-na father is a ligthsaber user and isn’t part of the conlfict. taught him in ways of the non-choosing path *cough cough old grays* lightsaber is a dark blue that seems to take on a purplish tint if the light hits it just right. hair is wavy at the front nad held back in long pony. is considered at padawan level.


1/2 brother jedi master + step father Elan’huse – preffered to stay out of conflicts as believed it was the true Twi’lek way. As who fought for power was not a concern for them. riding the storm was their mission as peaceful race. light saber training an understanding the force was all but a part of that. very charming for a male and had unusually bright eyes. was the person who bought her mother from the trade market.  there she turned out to service him as an assitant as he was a merchant. he pretended not to be force sensitive while she pretended not to be either or aware of his. one day she was cornered by her former slave owner and to save her he had to use his lightsaber. when he turned to look at her he realized they finally knew. a year later they welcomed their son into the world. who learned the ways of a lightsaber from his father and the feeling of the force from his mother. (wasn’ta jedi because he never finished training. simply was abandoned and he hid his abilities and chose not to conitnue until wife and son)

starwars info broker

famous female info broker/outlaw, more dangerous than appears

Lara’saili Paruamado DAughter w/ Mar – does bounty hinter/ underworld work like father however, was trained and is undercover/cooperator for the current government- only 1/2 chiss but skin is bluer than moms pale purple and has chiss eyes -> has an older sister teasing relationshop w/ 1/2 brother calls him uptight and stuffy like his father but are secretly very close. is more talented w/ the force than her 1/2 brother – her pets name is LeepNeep (lehpnehp) – more force sensitive and powerful than brother. similar to mom but also has fathers and grandmothers ‘intuition’ it is specualted if she properly trained further unique gifts like force lightening and such she could learn

force skills good at are mindcontrol, domineering and manipulating

(she be proud of those curves and body ody)

mari daughter

Malara-Sul Melan Son with Sovaran – more talented then sister w/ saber, lowkey insecurities about looking so femnine even though all the girls hit on him, often teased by his sister, rocky relationships w/ some peers about how quickly he moved up in ranks and is very trusted. also innate talent was wy too much for his classmates. is already a ranking official/millitary officer. well liked though by the sector he runs for being hard but fair. him and his sister have odd light saber colors and they boy have conflicting feelings about it – both siblings are very close with their parents although he is less close with sisters father than she is with his father or vice versa…both siblings get annoyed w/ their uncle and grandfather

Works for the Minister of War at a young age as a helper and then moves up to work for as an official aid/security for official governmental policy deciding by who ever was head of the country

strongest shadow vision- can see in complete darkness as well as strong other senses (not precognition) and telekinisis abilities – assasin like skills and sensory plus good w/ animals

IMPORTANT NOTE: is not a knight of ren

(yes he does wear lipstick like his mom, except he’s full lips and hers is just the line also different shade of purple)boy child sw

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