#FFF Day :

Hi Hi Y’all,

This week’s Fan Fiction Friday [ #FFF ] is none other then BLEACH.

Since new art was coming from the fabulous SD09 I had to update at lease 2 chapters:

Squad 11 : The Komori Servant 一

Squad 11 : The Komori Servant 二

They are both short conversation based chapters but they are important for the upcoming story! SO please enjoy them.

I.L. Knight


Bleach: Brave Souls New Opening


Bleach :

Hi Hi Y’all,

Have you noticed every day this week one Fan Fiction has been updated? I like the idea of a hunt and chase soooo I’ll let you search for the new chapters.

However, since its been awhile here’s the reveal of one update!

Collected Records of Gozen Tomoe : 1

It’s a Bleach update, Y’all~~~

I.L. Knight


Bleach Live Action

A Deeper Shade of Red

I don’t think it would take anyone for surprise if I admitted that the last week or so I have been in a slump. However, even though I admit to it I don’t plan on reveling in it.  I am determined to get out of it. So today I threw on a new deep red shade of lipstick, donned cute fall clothing and stepped out into the world ready to study and feel a new. It’s the little things, the tiny quirks you find important, that can really turn things around for you.

For me, all I needed was a new shade of lipstick…

I.L. Knight

Lip Gloss – Lil Mama