Fan Fiction Tentative Schedule

Hi Hi Y’all~

Just posting the tentative schedule for the next few Fan Fiction Friday’s!

[8/14] 1/2 Prince & Maou-Sama & Harry Potter Old To-Do’s Theme Day

[8/21] Shadow Hunters & All Souls Western Literature My Mom Loves Theme Day

[8/28] Eragon & Overlord Non-Human Theme Day

[9/4] Star Trek & Re: Monster Sci-Fi Wonder Theme Day

[9/11] DC Comics Comic Theme Day #1 – DC EDITS

[9/18] Marvel Comic Theme Day #2 – House of M

[9/25] A Demon Lord’s Tale & Avatar Reluctant Heroine Theme Day

I.L. Knight

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HAPPY HALLOW’S EVE & Fan Fiction Fridays

Hi Hi Y’all~

It’s Halloweeen y’aaallll~

I was saving this upcoming [ #FFF ] Fan Fiction Friday for this exact day. Let us liiiive in the fantasy for one day of horror and treats. I have prepared for you all and for our crazy little Sam quiet a selection.

 20 + New Chapters of Harry Potter

1 New Chapter of  Eragon

2 New Chapter of Shadow Hunters

1 New Chapter of American Horror Story

1 New Chapter of A Demon Lord’s Tale


[ COMING SOON ] New Chapters in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Also, to remind you all and get your spirits up… Remember TOMORROW NANO WRI MO BEGINS~


You should check Twitter for groups.

I.L. Knight

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~ This is Halloween ~

A Shout Out To A Wonderful Person

If you are one of the lovely people who occasionally stops by this little ‘ol blog of mine then you know how much I obsesses over feedback. Well, I am honored to announce that I have gotten some very important feedback and then some from a certain lovely individual, Lisa Stapleton.

She has been an amazing person for me in these last few weeks. Not only does she follow my tiny blog, but she also follows my twitter ( and regularly comments on it too).

For that I think she deserves something a little bit special. Down below is a Fan Fiction written just for her.

The Story Of A Pretty Lucky Blueberry

Pretty soon I will be adding a fan page to my blog. Look for Lisa’s The Story Of A Pretty Lucky Blueberry at the top of the page!

Thank Y’all for everything,

I.L. Knight

You Can Check Out Lisa’s Stuff Here:

Lisa Stapleton Author

Or You Can Follow Her Here:


Or BETTER YET You Can Pick Up A Copy Of Her Debut Novel Here:

Soul Echo

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