Ghost Dreams :

Hi Hi Y’all,

I don’t know if I ever posted about this before but there is some spooky ooky psychic (maybe?) history with my grandmother and I. In her case, she used to accurately dream about someone’s death before it happened! She was dead on for all of them at 8/8. The dreams stopped when my grandfather took her to see someone. At the time he told her, she could get rid of them by dreaming of ‘white’. Apparently, it worked. My grandmother had never had another death prediction dream since then.

Fake, false, psychology or not I still find that a bit spooky.

Now, I normally don’t talk or write about this but the whole reason she even told me about it was because when I was a kid I used to always wake up in the middle of the night and when I did for about 5 minutes see ‘ghosts’. The worst part was they were always children.

Now, at the time, my grandpa was all like ghosts don’t exist, be rational. So, we chalked it up to me just having sleep issues and a really overactive imagination.

We worked on my sleep issues and being on a regular sleep schedule and for awhile I was sleeping through the night again.

What happened next sucked though…

Every once in awhile I would see something in the shadows, mirrors and glass. A few times I found out that I was seeing things people had said were historicaly known deaths. However, once again it was chalked up to something rational: a huge reader, unconscious knowledge/memory and that overactive imagination.

When I wasn’t having the shivers or feelings of something cold all of a sudden that was fine for me.

My mom taught me to never mess with bad juju just in case.

Soon, those stuff started to disappear and I was really happy about that. I felt like I could take an easier breath ever now and then. Especially, when traveling around the South with all of our graves!

Then two things happened: (1) my grandmother and I both had a really weird experience and (2) I started to get night terrors.

See, years after my grandmother has never had a problem with the spooky ooky she got a literal push back into it by something.

The two of us were in this small winter town that had only a little bit of historical stories. Something, we certainly had no idea of at the time! It all started with this resteraunt in a train. At first, I had been really excited at the idea. However, as soon as we got there this was this chill that rushed into my spine that felt nothing like the cold winter air that surrounded us. It was deeper and in my bones. As we stepped into the train and were guided to our seats the feelings only got worse. The cold feeling was in all of the bones in my body. My head and heart began to pound and I could feel my hand occasionally shaking. By the time the waiter arrived all I could hear in my head was LEAVE. I had made a passing remark to my grandparents about it and it was taken as funny. The waiter over heard and told us there was actually a story related to the train. Still, that would not interfere with my grandfather’s desire to eat a recognized gourmet meal. The entire time, I felt myself sitting as still as possible. I wasn’t able to eat.

When we left the train, I immedietely felt like someone pulled a heavy curtain off of me. It was a complete reverseal. My body felt lighter and warmer (even in – winter air). Nothing was hurting or shaking. Thankful to be out of there, I found myself smiling and window shopping in the town with my family again.

However, if that was all it was I wouldn’t of mentioned this story at all. The spooky ooky came when we were in one of the tourist stores. My grandmother and I both weren’t ready for it.

As we were leaving something happened. My grandmother later said she felt pushed as she suddenly fell forward through the exit door and onto the floor. No one thought it was anything but clumsiness until a few minutes later I felt myself pushed through the door and when I caught myself from falling it was even worse. Something grabbed my arm and pulled me forward. I, somehow, moved forward four steps and then fell over part of an ice scultpure that was on the ground.

Everyone thought we were clumsy and were laughing at the time. But my grandmother and I both looked at each other. Something was wrong. When I looked down at my arm there was a part of it that was red. Another thing just attributed to the fall. But it was in an area that none of the other bruising was near.

I’ve never encountered that feeling ever again but I’ve also never forgot it either.

The other thing was something I feel is even more embarrassing to admit: Night Terrors. I’ve gotten them on and off for years. If you’ve never had them before I can assure you they are horrible things.

Thankfully, over the years these night terrors have gotten less frequent. I barely have them.

However, from them I seem to have developed random nights with Sleep Paralysis and that feels worse.

With the Night Terrors it’s only your mind going crazy and playing on your stresses and fears but the Sleep Paralysis…that always seems to play on something else entirely.

In my case, I always wake up seeing a shadow over me and feeling the undesirable need to scream and shout for help. I never can. I can’t even my mouth or limbs.

Honestly, I agree with all of the rational and proven evidence for all of these things. There’s just always going to be a part of me that believes there are things we don’t yet understand and some strange experiences a person can experience.

What do you think? Sound crazy?

I.L Knight

Haunted – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Debate #squadgoals

The only reason I am writing about this is because I am 100% done with hearing about this. With everything going on in the world right now why on Earth is everyone taking about something as ridiculous as a celebrities friendship intentions. Are we Americans that much stuck in a pop culture bubble that we can’t talk about more serious issues. There are plenty of them: immigration, saudi Arabia vs. Iran, ISIS, Palestine vs. Israel, North Korea vs. South Korea…. If the only way to talk about serious issues is to get past stupid topics like should females hang out in public as groups over with then fine, let’s talk.
First off, the issue of feminism should probably be taken off the table. The spirit of Feminism is about female relationships compared to male. It has expanded to include other relevant social issues, but I sincerely doubt Taylor Swift was thinking about the female agenda when she was hanging out with friends. Not everything a person does is about some great social presentation, even celebrities want comfort. Furthermore, if you want to bring up she should be conscious of it as a celebrity, then you are linking female to female squabbles as a public presentation that involves men. It is common knowledge that when two females fight, the men try to stay out of it.  If it doesn’t involve you, don’t throw yourself into the fight. That’s common sense. 
Secondly, I can see why many people are making this an argument of inclusion vs exclusion. It make sense that a group would cause that mentality. But come on people, friends like to hang out together and do things friends would. Yea, sometimes people will want to be part of a friend group and not be accepted. I can tell you from personal experience it sucks. That doesn’t always mean it’s intentional or due to some hateful reason. Sometimes you just don’t click with the group of a whole, or sometimes you are just a floater. Who cares. Part of growing up is realizing that life is gonna suck sometimes. Taylor Swift isn’t being the stereotypical mean sorority girl here. She is just being a twenty year old and hanging out with her friends.
Thirdly, EVEN IF IT’S FOR BUSINESS THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT’S A BAD THING… It would just mean that she is a smart business woman. If that’s the case, go T Swift. Go make bank and show those who were assholes to you that you are a smart independent woman. 

Now that I got that off my chest. Can we go back to talking about more relevant issues, America? I can even suggest the upcoming Presidential election as a topic.

A done,
I.L. Knight


Wannabe- Spice Girl

Clique- Kanye West ft. Big Sean & Jay-Z

I’ll Be There- Jackson 5

We’r Going to be Friends- The White Stripes