The Gifted

Let me just say this Marvel : You really have stepped up your game. Maybe it’s because of that Disney $$, maybe you just learned what you needed to do. But you’ve gone and done it, because I can’t stop crying. I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS WEEK’S EPISODE. At all… I mean I know the characters comic book history, so I should of been able to guess something as the show progressed….BUT I CAN’T HANDLE YOU HAVING AN OLD MAN WHO MADE SOME AWFUL CHOICES FOR ‘THE BETTERMENT OF SOCIETY AND HIS FAMILY” ATTONE BY SUICIDAL ACTIONS. I mean he fucking saved his family. He let them know what was going on and he explained why he was an ass to his son. That he regrets taking away his powers… (In season 2 come up with a way for him to get it back ok)… MARVEL I CAN’T HANDLE IT. I come from an emotionally broken home. AND you killed both him and Pulse. WHY. WHYYYYYY. I mean can’t he at least meet his grandkids, or something. Also maybe give a better explanation of what his powers were and why they worked against Pulse? Ugh, just stop tearing at my heart strings, because it’s not prepared. OKAY!?!?!

Praying the Runaways will not do this too me,

I.L. Knight

P.S. I know if it follows the comics it definitely will…. UGH

P.S.S. Are we possibly going to see a somehow surviving pair of old relatives?


Blood – Allison Moorer