Fan Fiction Update & Moms !

Hi Hi Y’all ヾ(・ω・o)

So I have been an absolute slacker about actual school work the last few days to finish seven chapters of my Twilight fan fiction for my mom. So, yay for being a caring daughter. Am I right?

Anyways, please check out and hopefully enjoy the beginning of a really bad and stupid story. Because the characters are going to be OP and have stupid love triangles like my mom loves.

Character Profiles

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

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Art by Lau

Twilight Overture – Carter Burwell

I Managed to Update Chapter 2 :

HI HI y’all. I did manage to finish chapter two for my mom. Mostly by ignoring my actual work. but hey it counts. Anyways, click below to read chapter two of the Twilight Fan Fiction. Let me know if you can guess where it is heading! Because I don’t have a clue yet… I mean how do I write about Edward and Jacob and not change or affect any of their ‘perfect’ love dynamics

Chapter 2

Hope you like it,

I.L. Knight

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Bella and Edward Arrive At School Together

P.S. To Today :

Oh, I forgot to mention as a side note. I have decided to acknowledge my mom’s desire for me to not only write her Tinkerbell Fan Fiction as a present, but Twilight. My goal is for Twilight to be the first updated in a while, because she is going through a stressful time with moving. If you aren’t a fan of Twilight, or ambivalently neutral like I am, don’t worry. I have scheduled editing and adding of others on my day off, Thursdays.

Lots of Love My Fellow Nerds & Geeks,

I.L. Knight

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Bella’s Lullaby – Twilight