The Mikaelson Family #2 : The King Has Returned

Marcel, Elijah, Kol and Hildr stood in front of the brick wall that separated New Orleans from Niklaus. Elijah was looking down at the frightened girl in Hildr’s hand. She was already begging for her life. “Must you give Niklaus this girl?” Hildr rolled her eyes at her half brother. “Think about it this way. We can either sacrifice ten or twenty people to get Niklaus up to par, or we can give him one powerful witch.” Marcel frowned. “Can you at least compel her to be quiet.”  Hildr walked towards the wall. “Oh relax, children. Neither of you have to deal with the bloody reality. I will give the girl to Niklaus.” Kol laughed. “I see it now, Elijah.”

Marcel started to walk forward when she put her hand up. “I told you. Behind the white line. Unless you want to be his food.” Marcel took a step back. Hildr waved her hand and the bricks blew outward. A very awake and drained Niklaus stood in pain staring at them. Hildr started to drag the girl forward. The girl was kicking and screaming. “Please. I’ll give you anything. Just don’t kill me. Please!” 

Hildr pulled the girl up by her hair. “You must realize that no one wants anything from nameless character A.” The girl was crying. “But I have a name! It’s Lindsey.” Hildr smiled at the girl. “I apologize. No one cares about Lindsey.” Before the girl could speak she pushed her forward by Niklaus’ face and then pulled out the Tunde Blade. Niklaus lunged forward into the girl. The screams ended quickly. Everyone watched him drink his fill color returning to his face. When he dropped the girl Hildr unconsciously hugged him.

Elijah shaking his head in disappointment. “What an idiot.” Kol laughed. “Maybe she really did put her life on the line.” Marcel looked at Kol confused. “Aren’t you her sire?” Kol clapped him on the back. “You know my brother likes to take things from others.” Niklaus pulled her away from him and looked at her confused. “I know you. How do I know you?” Hildr smiled and hugged him again. Niklaus looked at Elijah confused. “This isn’t Hope is it?” Elijah laughed. “No, brother. You haven’t been away that long. I will tell you when we get home.” Hildr stepped away from him and walked back towards Kol. He reached out and took her hand. “Good job.” She nodded.

Niklaus walked over to them and hugged Elijah. He turned around and looked at Marcel. “If you’re here then we must have an even bigger mess to contend with.” He nodded. “Bigger then either of us want, Klaus.” Hildr smiled. “But I can now help Freya accomplish the first part. Marcel, would you please give me that vial of your blood.” He narrowed his eyes, but handed it over. “Don’t screw me over, Hildr.” She tucked away the blood vial. “I won’t. Now, hurry on back to your kingdom. I have work to do.” Marcel sneered, but turned around and walked away. Niklaus looking at her in shock. “She got my old Protégé to walk away that easily?”

Hildr smiled. Neither Elijah or Kol had seen her this happy since they had met her. “Come, Niklaus. We have a very important matter to discuss.” The Mikaelsons hurried back to the house. Freya, Rebekah and Hope waiting for them in the living room. Niklaus ran for Hope, pulling her into a hug. “My littlest wolf.” Hope squeezed her father hard. “Dad.” Elijah coughed. “Klaus, we have other things to deal with at the moment.” Rebekah shook her head no. “Let him have a moment, Elijah. Niklaus barely ever shows us love and affection.” Kol laughed. “Besides it may turn in an instant.”

Niklaus turned around. “Why would it turn, Kol?” Kol pushed Hildr forward. “Because, brother, we have found your long lost sister and Henrik’s fraternal twin.” Niklaus looked at him confused. “I have a sister?” Hildr nodded her head. “My father was Ansel and my mother was Esther. It wasn’t just a one night occasion.” Niklaus walked forward and to the surprise of everyone hugged her. “I have seen you before. You were the girl in the field, weren’t you?” She nodded her head yes. “I am here to help.” Niklaus turned to everyone and smiled. “I do not know what I missed, but with all of you here and a new sister, there must be something attacking our family. Of course you need the old reliable villain.”

Kol walked over to his brother and put his hand on his shoulder. “I am afraid, Niklaus, that your sister is just like you. We have the evil schemes covered for this one.” Niklaus looked at Elijah. “Then why have you brought me back. You all being cured isn’t reason enough.” Elijah took a step forward. “Freya and Hildr need to channel the power of all of the remaining Originals and you need to break the werewolf spell on Hildr.”  Niklaus turned back to Hildr. “You are a Hybrid?” She shook her head no. “Dahlia put a spell on me to stop my werewolf side. If it is broken then I will become one.”

Niklaus’ eyes narrowed. “Did you come to us after a thousand years just for me to break a spell for you.” Hildr shook her head no. “I came to save Henrik, Niklaus. He is alive.” Niklaus looked at Elijah again. “His reincarnation.” Rebekah walked over to Niklaus and hugged him. “It’s true, Nik. Henrik is alive. We can save him this time.” Niklaus turned to Hildr. “And breaking the werewolf spell on you will save him.” Hildr nodded her head. “It will keep him alive long enough for us to figure out how.”

Elijah looked over at Freya. “Are you ready to break the spell?” Freya pointed to the ground. “Niklaus and Hildr need to step into the circle. After that, all of us Originals need to stand around it. I only need you to hold hands. When Maaike casts her spell we will channel our powers to change the course of the spell.” Hildr pulled the confused Niklaus into the circle. “I promise you, Niklaus. I will explain everything when this first part is over.” He nodded.

Freya had everyone join hands and she began to chant. Hildr took a small knife out of her pocket and pointed it at Niklaus’ palm. He nodded and she cut him. When she was done she pointed at her forehead. Niklaus used his thumb on his other hand to smear a line. Hildr screamed and fell to her knees as Freya’s chanting got louder. Elijah called out for Niklaus. “Niklaus, help her.” He bent down to hold her, images of Henrik’s past two reincarnations zooming into his head. His time as a child of Marie Antoinette. He saw Henrik dying of tuberculosis in a prison cell. The very prison he had been in a few short minutes before. Then he saw Marcel draining his body dry. Niklaus himself lighting the house on fire.

It was 1835, New Orleans. Niklaus was looking for Marcel. As soon as he had turned had walked out of the house to feed. The human that Niklaus had brought him had been killed by a jealous Kol. Needing to be punished for his bad behavior, Marcel was instructed to find his own victim. It was a test given to him by his benefactor. Marcel found himself wandering the streets in his transitional state. No one seemed the type of person he could kill. He decided it was best for him to go to the one place people were waiting to be fed on, a club set up and managed by the Mikaelson family.

It was on his way to the club that he saw a young boy and his girlfriend walking down the street. Marcel was drawn to him. Something in him hungered for the child and so he followed him to a church on Saint Claude Avenue. The boy had gone inside with his girlfriend. They had been talking about eloping on the way. Sadly, like a moth drawn to flame, Marcel had fixed his sights on them.

He entered the church and found them standing before the alter alone. It was perfect. Each step towards them filled with greater desire. As he stood behind them they turned around. The girl looked at him in shock. The boy just smiled at him. Marcel in his altered state could not register what they meant. All he could do was pounce. He killed the boy with a pocket knife he didn’t even remember owning. He killed the girl right after. When he fed on their blood the clarity returned little by little. In his horror, he ran out of the church.

Waiting for him outside the church was Niklaus, a smile on his face. Marcel fell on his knees. “I killed two children.” His benefactor just nodded his head in a detached sentiment. “I was expecting a vile criminal or an attractive beauty. You surprise me, Marcellus.” Marcel grabbed his shirt bottom. “Klaus, I killed two children.” Niklaus sighed and grabbed the nearest pedestrian walking by, compelling him to light the church on fire. Then he helped Marcel stand up. The two of them watched it burn to the ground. “It will be fine.”

Marcel watched the burning church in anguish. In that very moment he swore to himself that children would never again be harmed by his hand. They would be the one thing spared by his decision to love Rebekah. He took in every moment of the church burning. When it was nothing, but ash he followed Niklaus back to the mansion. Marcel allowing NIklaus’ talk of parties and compulsion to carry his thoughts away.

When the images ended they both fell to the ground. Everyone, except Hope, rushing into the circle. Kol helped Hildr sit up. Niklaus had caught on to Elijah’s chest. He had tears in his eyes. “Elijah, I was there. Both times Henrik died again. I was there. Missing him by a few moments each time.” Rebekah looked at Hildr. “Is this true.” She went to talk, but coughed up blood. Kol wiped her mouth. “I don’t know about his first reincarnation. I only saw him when he was well. His second I’ve already told Elijah about.” Rebekah turned to look at Elijah. “You knew, Niklaus, was there when our brother died for a third time.” Elijah let go of Niklaus and stood up. “Rebekah, it’s not what you think. Niklaus had no idea that Henrik was there.” Rebekah turned to Hildr. “Who did it. Who killed my brother last?”

Hildr looked at Rebekah. “Are you sure you want to know?” Rebekah roared. “Of course I want to know who killed my youngest brother! You have been a part of this family for only a few days. Stay out of the assumption habit of this family.” Elijah grabbed her arm. “Enough, Rebekah. She is trying to not hurt you.” Rebekah pushed him away. “I am not a child, Elijah. Tell me.” Niklaus looked at her. “It was Marcel when he first turned. He had no idea it was Henrik.” She turned around and walked out of the circle, stopping before leaving the room. “I think I am going to be sick.” Kol stood up. “Don’t be so dramatic, Rebekah.” Rebekah looked at her brother angrily. “What should I be then, Kol. A man I loved turned out to be the one who killed my brother.”

Niklaus stood up and walked to Rebekah. “He has done much more then that. Marcel has chosen to forget his family. He bit Elijah and Kol, knowing full would it would be the means to their death. He used your curse to his own advantage in persecuting me in crimes he was chose to ignore. He separated me from my daughter. Had Freya cast a spell that she may never wake up from.  Worst of all, Marcel left Hayley alone to care for not just us, but Hope. It is time Marcellus faces his family.”

Hildr stood up and smiled. “And I have just the idea where to start.” Niklaus turned to his younger sister. “You are right. She does have some similarities.”



The year was 1792, Niklaus had walked into a lavish room where a young girl stood staring at herself in the mirror. “Do you not intend to flee, Marie?” The woman turned around. “Mon Cherie, how can I run when my children are stuck in prison. I am a horrible mother, but not the worst.” He glided towards her and took her into his arms. “Then let me turn you. Your beauty would be fitting for a vampire.” The woman smiled at him. “Niklaus, you have been a good bed companion in these times of anguish. When my country calls me Madame Deficit, kills my husband their king, tortures my children, you stay and keep me company. But I cannot this time be the selfish one. You understand.”

He twirled her in his arms. “Then we can turn them as well.” She smiled at him sadly. “My children have always been soft and kind hearted. They would not enjoy your life style. They didn’t even enjoy mine.” He let go of her. “You choose to die. You want the beauty you so cherished to rot away.” She sat down in a golden chair. “I know you can’t understand. You have run from death for many years now. However, I have never had that desire. I have always been honest about what I am and will become. Now, go. Before I get upset about not leaving with you.”

Niklaus walked up to her. “Then come with me. There is so much beyond France.” She shook her head no. “Please, Niklaus. You are kind to me, but you do not love me. We know if you did you would let me die with my children. Let me do the right thing just once.” He backed away from her. “You sound like my brother, Elijah. The very man you mocked a long side of me.” She stood up from her chair and looked in the mirror. Her hand went to the jeweled necklace on her neck and then to her face. “I mocked him in hopes he would understand that in choosing to be selfish you are not choosing to be a monster. Every person needs a moral code. A time for them and a time for their family. Now, I must be like him. It is my time to give up my happiness for my family.”

He walked over to the mirror and broke it. “You do not deserve to look into the mirror and see your beauty. After all, you are choosing to throw it away.” She turned around and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Goodbye, my friend. Tell Elijah that I learned my lesson. Now it is time for him to learn his.” Niklaus grabbed her by the throat. “Your last words would be to my brother.” She smiled at him. “Your brother is your only true council. When he grows you will grow as well.” The sound of soldiers coming towards them made him turn his head to the door. Marie reached out and turned his head back. “Promise me, you will see if my son Louis can be saved and stay as a human.” He frowned at her. “I can just compel you to drink my blood.” She pointed to the ground for him to put her down. When he did she gave him another kiss on the cheek. “Even you are not that much of a monster. You are the one who understands the burden of family the most. Besides, you are a good teacher. My body is filled with vervain.”

He looked at her, pain in his eyes. “Marie, please.” She shook her head no. “My mind will not change. Go on and promise me.” He turned to look at the door. The soldiers would reach here soon. Niklaus turned back around and nodded. “I promise.” She smiled at him. “Thank you. You are the man I thought you were. Goodbye, mon cheri.” She watched the doors open and the guards run in. Niklaus was no longer in the room.

The entire Mikaelson clan sat around the dining room table. Food and books were scattered everywhere. “Are you sure you can find him?” Niklaus said in frustration. Hildr didn’t answer, just handed him her cup of wine. Freya looked up from the books. “It should work, Niklaus. If you also have a link with Henrik then the two of you combined might narrow down his location.” He shoved the books aside. “Then how come neither of you have casted anything in an hour.” Elijah closed his own book. “Niklaus, you need to give them a minute to rest. Hildr just had a thousand year long curse broken and Freya was just the one who broke it.” Kol poured himself another glass of fresh blood from the butler. “The great Niklaus having to wait. Come now, Elijah. We both know he is incapable of it.” Rebekah slammed the table. “For good reason, Kol. This is Henrik we are talking about. Our youngest and most innocent brother.”

Hildr slammed her book closed and chugged down her glass of blood. “I got it. I think. Come over to the horribly tacky map.” The Mikaelson’s all swarmed around a gas stop map of Louisiana. Hildr pointed to the map smiling. “It’s safe to assume Henrik is still in Louisiana. The last time I felt him was here. And if he died then I would of felt the surge of power into the werewolf spell.” Elijah looked at her confused. “You didn’t.” Hildr nodded her head. “Because we know something is cloaking him. But in every lifetime I’ve seen Henrik, his magical abilities have never been acknowledged.” Kol leaned up from the map. “You mean, Henrik can’t be aware of what is going on?” Hildr smiled. “He shouldn’t be. Someone he trusts must be a witch. In his third lifetime he had a girlfriend.” Freya looked at the map closely. “You told us this. She was Maaike’s daughter.” Hildr pointed to New Orleans on the map. “Exactly. Maaike was by far the most talented witch Dahlia every met before your daughter was born. She surpassed both Dahlia and Esther in magical abilities. Why wouldn’t she be able to bring back her own daughter.”

Niklaus’ eyes lit up with understanding. “Henrik’s soul would be attracted to a past love. He’s being held by a girl we can track.” Hildr grabbed Freya’s and Niklaus’ hands. Kol cut a thin line across the three of them with a table knife. Rebekah looked on at them confused. “What are you doing?” Elijah smiled. “Niklaus has a connection to Henrik. Freya has a connection to Maaike and Hildr has a connection to both. They are going to track the daughter. Henrik will be beside her.” Hildr and Freya started chanting. The blood seeped from the edges of the map towards a very familiar street on the French Quarter. Hildr looked at the map confused.

Niklaus looked at his sister concerned. “What’s wrong?” Hildr looked at Freya. “A voodoo tourist shop?” Freya nodded her head in agreement. “That is odd.” Hildr turned to Kol. “Kol, does the city mix voodoo practitioners with the others?” Elijah looked down at the map. “At times. It’s New Orleans. Things tend to blend together here.” Freya looked at Hildr concerned. “What has you so worried?” Hildr looked up at Niklaus. “The Island of Salvation Botanica is right across from the house Henrik burned in in 1835.” Freya stood up from the table and turned away. “She has tied his soul to the land he’s previously died on.” Rebekah looked at her two sisters confused. “Can’t we just get him out?”

Hildr shook her head no. “Henrik can’t be removed from the area until certain conditions are fulfilled. But knowing Maaike, she bound his soul to the land even in death.” Niklaus threw the map off the table. “I will rip her head clean off and leave it on the city gates for the crows to pick.” Elijah put his hand on Niklaus. “You must stay level headed, Niklaus.” Hildr stood up and walked towards the other end of the room so she could pace. Kol pouring himself another glass of blood. “Now, look at what you’ve done. You have her flitting about like a dying bird.”

Niklaus walked over to her and stopped her pacing. “If you are truly my sister, then you would save Henrik. If not I will burn you along with the witch.” Elijah walked over to Niklaus. “Are you mad? Have you not seen how much Henrik means to her when you entered her mind.” Rebekah shook her head. “We all know Niklaus likes to run his temper on family.” Kol swallowed his glass of blood in one sip. “Not this one. She’s going to bring me back Davina one day. I’m sorry Nik, but you can’t kill your sister.”

Freya looked over at Hildr who had by this point moved to the window. “Hildr, are you alright?” She turned away from the window. “I’m fine. Niklaus is right. If I can’t save Henrik I don’t deserve to be here. My death may at least appease the doppelgänger situation.” Niklaus walked over to her and grabbed her arm. He pulled her back to the table. “My loyal sister. Find me an answer.” Freya walked over to them. “Niklaus, there is no simple answer here. Even if we stop her spell Henrik’s soul is still bound to the land.” Hildr stood up and moved to the other side of the room. “What if we could keep the land he was tied to with him?” Freya walked over to her. “But if he was ever to loose the connection he couldn’t have a place to return to. He would die.”

Hildr turned back towards everyone. “Not if part of the land was protected in a place of similar soil. Say the bayou.” Kol walked over to her and twirled her around. “You are brilliant, sister.” Niklaus looked at her with triumph. “Then even if something were to happen, a created token from the land he is bound to could return him automatically to the bayou. A remote and safe place to rest.” Hildr walked away from Kol and towards Niklaus. “That would only be a temporary measure. If Henrik has my blood he should in theory have access to his witch powers. They won’t be strong considering he’d awaken them through the change, but they can always be strengthened later.” Elijah smiled. “A witch has the ability to remove a personal soul binding.”

Rebekah smiled. “See. All is well and good when Niklaus doesn’t make the plans. We win in the end and no sibling gets a dagger shoved into them.” Hildr smiled at her. “You never know, Rebekah. We still need to make sure we can alter her spell after the sire line is reconnected, and someone needs to get their hands on that dirt without being noticed. Before she casts the spell. You may end up with a dagger in you yet.”

“I’ll do it.” said Hayley in the doorway. Everyone turned to look at her. Elijah moving to be by her side. “You can’t.” Hildr said. Hayley walked into the room. “This is my child’s family. Of course I will help.” Elijah took her hand. “Someone needs to protect Hope. Maaike will come for her.” Hildr smiled at her. “You are too noticeable, my dear. We need someone completely unrelated.” Niklaus pulled out his phone. “Or someone completely related it would be an even bigger distraction.” They waited to see who picked up the phone. It was the sound of a perky blonde girl. “Caroline, I need you do to me a favor.”

Kol rolled his eyes. “Great. Niklaus is bringing in an ex-girlfriend to save our brother.” Hildr looked at Kol like he was a genius. “That’s it! Maaike has wanted her hands on the Hybrid and Doppelgänger magic since she was a young witch. Two doppelgängers that hold ties to the original immortality spell and the ability to create Hybrids are part of Niklaus’ sire line.” Freya hugged her and then turned to look at her other siblings. “If Maaike knows that what she is looking for is part of Niklaus’ line she will have to reconsider which spell she can use.” Kol laughed. “You want to use our brother’s ex-girlfriend as a dust collector and her precious doppelgänger friends as bait.” Hildr nodded her head. “Caroline will be safe with her job, and I don’t really care about the doppelgängers.”

Niklaus whispered into the phone, “How soon can you be here?” Everyone assumed he got an answer, because the phone line went dead and he was still smiling. “We will see our brother yet.” The original Mikaelson siblings hugged. Freya and Hildr just squeezed each other’s hand.

Slowly, they began to trickle out of the room. Until the only ones in it were Niklaus and Hildr. He stood up and walked over to her. “You have done well today.” Hildr looked away from him. “I am only doing the bare minimum required of me.” He nodded. “About that. I keep replaying the memories I’ve seen in my head over and over. All of them calling into question what is the end result you want? You haven’t wanted family for a thousand years. Why would you want this one? None of them are your blood.” Hildr laughed. “Niklaus, I have not asked you since I’ve been here to choose between blood and the one’s you’ve always seen as your siblings. I’m not foolish enough or in denial about the reality that they are your true family. This obsession with blood ties seems to only be a concern for Mikael and you. The only reason I appealed to it was because I knew it was an argument you could understand. I am your blood. I am your sister. That is a truth I have known since the day Henrik has died. Yet, you question wether or not I will end this with betrayal. You are the fool, brother. My desire has only been to prove that I am loyal to you. That I will never betray you. That my protectiveness towards you is not because of an oath made when I was a young and naive child. You are the family I had always wanted to reunite with. Going so far as to allow myself to be hunted by Mikael for years in order to give you and your siblings moments of reprieve. Countless lives I have sent to you to slaughter to aid you through your perils. All while accepting that the one person I see as my chance to happiness, the person I have always admired, is a person I cannot have. Never asking of you anything. Blood calls me to you, but who you are makes me want to stay and be loyal.” He looked at her with coldness. “No, sister. You would rather torture me with not knowing their is someone out there who understands me. That would of loved me and been loyal to me. No matter the monstrous acts I committed in their name. Instead you show up, now, asking for one of the hardest gifts I have to give, so I have the right to question you. To expect you to betray me.”

Hildr walked over to the table and bent her head down. “We had a younger sister. She was eight when Mikael impaled her.” She turned back around to face him. “If there is anything I have feared since I was alive it would be him. I ran from him with the idea that it would make things easier for you and not just myself. When I realized that was wrong of me, I came back to make amends in the only way I know how. By saving our younger brother. Trust me, Niklaus. I have no illusions of you truly accepting me into this family. Your whole charade is an obvious means to an end. Which I have accepted and never questioned. Do you see any ill intentions, brother? I know that if I was standing in your position the actions would not have changed. Yet, I still ask for a chance to be a sister for the first time in my unbearably long lifetime. To not have to be alone while looking from a distance at the one person who would understand me. Who would be loyal to me, as well. If after all of this you want to kill me you have my blessings. You can be the one to have the right to finish me.” She hands him a tiny version of a white oak stake from her side pocket. “Curtesy of our Aunt Dahlia.”

He takes the stake in his hands and looks up at her. “What was our sister’s name?” Hildr’s eyes began to water. “Carolien. So similar to the blonde woman who seeks your affections.” He twirled the stake in his hands. “Free woman. The irony of Fate’s will towards unsuspecting bystanders.” Hildr reached for his hand. “I’ve always thought of her that way. She never had to be a witch, werewolf or vampire. She was able to die quickly and without any torment.” He pockets the stake. “I suppose you are right, but I shall still weep for her and use it as my fire to destroy those who stand in my way.” She leans her head forward into his chest. “If we live through this all, I shall tell you all about her. The rage you will harness will be bright indeed, Niklaus.” He hugged her in return. “If we live through this we shall work on making sure your fire is equally bright.” She started to cry into his chest. “I am sorry, Niklaus. For every act I have done to wrong you.” He pat her head. “It’s alright, little dandelion. No harm shall come to one of us again. I should not have questioned you in this manner.”

Kol appeared back in the doorway. “Niklaus, stop breaking our new sister. We just got her.” Hildr stepped away from Niklaus, wiping away the tears. “I am not broken.” Kol laughed. “We all heard the crying. No need to act tough, darling. Although it is a wonder on how someone so sensitive ended up as his sister.” Hildr stuck her tongue out at him. “Rot in hell.” Kol cracked up laughing. “Been there, done that. It wasn’t much fun.” Niklaus stepped forward. “Could you please make yourself useful so I can wrap up my chat with my sister.” Kol put his hands up. “There is no better teacher then quick experience, Nik. I can imagine how much she’d learn with her first dagger to the heart.” Niklaus glared at Kol. “I am warning you for the last time, Kol.” He sighed. “Excluding me from the heartfelt conversation. I’m hurt. Here I thought we were fighting our cousin with a united family front.” He disappeared from the doorway, before anyone could respond.

Niklaus turning to her. “What in the world could of drawn you to Kol?” She smiled. “When I didn’t know I had ties to him I admired his brutality. The honesty of it. You must of seen that essence about him even before he became a vampire.” He smiled at her. “You mean his inherent psychopathic nature. We all saw it as something other then enjoyable.” She stepped back from her brother. “I would use the word unencumbered. No matter what he did or how he was punished he never seemed to be bothered. It was a very envious trait of his. You don’t know how many years I desired to take it from him.” He laughed. “Did you find a method?” She handed him a cup of wine. “We both know I cannot. My destiny is to be a bastard child. After a thousand years I accept it. Someone must bare the role of the burden keeper.”

He took a sip of his drink. “All things aside, it seems Kol would of been lucky to have you.” She plucked a grape from the table. “Yes. Well, all things aside that would of been a viking funeral waiting for me.” Niklaus looked at her disappointed. “An unprepared ship set a flame. I suspected more wit from you.” She smiled at him “I apologize. The Mikaelson ways are still so foreign to me.” Elijah walked into the room. “Are you two done with your heart to heart. The entire family is waiting on you to help destroy the witch that wants to kill our youngest brother. Family sentimentality is best put aside for later. Don’t you agree?” Niklaus turned to his brother. “A good witch hunt always did brighten the darkest of my days. Shall we go?” Hildr nodded at him. “As long as I get to be the one to flay her afterwards I am all in on this family bonding of ours.” Elijah looked at her grim. “Must you be as vulgar as Niklaus.” She laughed. “I apologize. My desire for a new bedroom carpet will have to be satisfied elsewhere.” Niklaus smiled at Elijah. “I grow fonder of her every new moment passed.”

Hildr squeezed his arm and walked out of the room. Elijah passing her and stepping forward. “What is this really about, Niklaus? Choosing to accept someone you have never heard of before all of this anguish came into our town.” He sighed. “The only anguish I see coming towards us is the possibility of Kol crossing me.” Elijah sighed. “You know even Kol won’t touch her until you are done with her. He wants Davina Claire returned more than Marcel. She is the one who promised him her return.” Niklaus picked up one of the dinner knives left on the table. “He will in his constant habit of impatience and irritability turn to hurt her, Elijah. When he does there is a dagger I have reserved just for him. A hundred years in a coffin will reteach him the manners he was always meant to learn.” Elijah smiled. “How interesting to see this side of you, Niklaus. With all the death going on I had assumed you would have fallen into your old ways. I suppose there are merits in this long lost sister of yours.”

Niklaus smiled. “It seems she really is as loyal as she claims to be. Every memory of hers that I saw was filled with a desire to protect this family. It was shocking, honestly.” Elijah frowned. “Niklaus, I worry that you will see the ties of your blood instead of seeing reason. You have not seen all of her memories. You can not trust her.” He frowned at his brother. “Can I not trust her, because she is not your blood, or because she is mine. You gave Freya a chance immediately when she arrived. My sister does not deserve the same?” Elijah looked at him in shock. “That is what you think this is? The circumstances are entirely different.” Niklaus glared at his brother. “Do not think for a moment, Elijah, that I have not heard Freya and you whispering in the halls. The very sister who arrived here and wanted to turn you all against me had been welcomed with open arms by all of you. I will not let her ramblings of mistrust and unease allow any other differences for my sister. She has not shown one questionable action.”

Elijah looked at his brother in disappointment. “Not one action, Niklaus? She behaves exactly like you. Enacting plans that we only hear half details of when we are lucky. She lies to us and exhibits a brutality that is as remarkably damaged as yours. The only time she is not acting and is happy is when you are in the room. You are the self proclaimed king of distrust yet you do not see this.” Niklaus stepped forward. “My distrust has not become biased. I have played games with her since the moment she had arrived in my life. Every time she accepted them all and exhibited not only truth to me, but loyalty. It is you who lie to her face and then come to me to talk about blood ties. All of you have not given her a fair chance. You think we are damaged goods. Monsters who go around lying and cheating innocent people. You forget, Elijah, I do that for the protection of this family.” Elijah sighed. Niklaus’ words had caused him to regain his composure. “Perhaps I misspoke. What I meant to say was that you should also show that you question her in front of the rest of our family.” Niklaus sneered at him. “You didn’t misspeak. All you did was admit to a secret you have been waiting to share. I will not engage in your conversations about how deceitful my blood is. When she missteps, I will punish her. The rest of you can choose to see her as the bastard child our very father labeled me.”

Elijah watched him walk out the door. “Excuse me, Elijah. I have a younger brother that is in need of saving. Do enjoy your following conversation with Freya and the rest.” He poured himself a drink and picked up the phone. Hayley answering his call. “Elijah, what’s wrong?” He sighed into the phone. “You need to return, soon. This new sister of ours has Niklaus spiraling.” Hayley took a moment to respond. “I will be back soon.” He hung up on her. This time it was up to him to be the unmoral one. Entering a realm of paranoia he had always wanted to avoid.

When Kol had left the room he had made his way into the inside yard. Hildr had chosen to sit beneath one the trees to look at the magical drawings. When she heard Kol she turned around, quickly wiping away the few stray tears on her face. “It’s too late to hide the fact you are an ugly crier, darling.” Hildr continued to wipe the tears from her face. “Shut it, Kol. You have no room to talk when you helped cause those tears.” He walked quickly over to her. “Was my interruption earlier that embarrassing?” Hildr turned her head away from him. “I’m not going to answer that.” He laughed and grabbed her hands. “Niklaus, Niklaus, I will swear my loyalty to you. For am I your sister. Connected to you by blood and equal hatred towards our fathers.” Hildr pulled her hands free. “Must you always be such a pain, Kol.”

His hands found their way too her back and he pushed her close. “Come now. We both know that’s what you love about me.” She turned her face away from his. “Don’t you mean loved.” Kol turned her face back towards him. “We both know it’s not past tense.” Hildr felt little tears in her eyes. “You are unreasonably mean.” He leaned forward and kissed each cheek, as if to stop the new tears from flowing. “No, I am not. I am just someone who remembers a little girl I gave a flower to.” Hildr looked at him surprised. Kol laughed. “You don’t think I remembered that the vervain flower in your room is the one I gave to you.”

Hildr tried to squirm her way free, but in Kol’s grip she was powerless. “Do remember who you belong to at the end of the day. Niklaus may be your full brother, but he will have no problem leaving you with a dagger in the heart in a coffin alone for a few hundred years.” She glared at him. “And you. You think you are any better? Having me search for a way to bring back your lover.” Kol smiled and brushed his fingers against her cheek. “But at least I can reward you for your efforts.” When she went to speak she found her mouth covered by his. Before she knew it she had given into him and all resistance was swept away in the wind.

Hildr could feel his hands tug her cardigan off and she choked back a noise. Kol pushed her against the tree in the yard and looked down at her. “My sweet little flower, do you know how you can help me with my cravings?” She didn’t answer. The smug Kol looking down at her. “I didn’t think so.” He bit into her neck. When he was done drinking he just pressed against her harder leaving a last moment of kisses. Hildr wiped her face with her sleeve when he leaned away. Kol seemed to be admiring his work. “Go already. Your game is over for today.” She said to him. He looked at her confused, but he turned away and left.

Elijah stepped out from the balcony. He jumped down, and walked over to her- handing her a handkerchief. “What will we do with our brother? He has such a nasty sense of amusement.” Hildr looked up at Elijah. “Must you make this any lighter then it needs to be.” He smiled at her sadly. “I know it must be confusing for you having grown up as separate from this family, but many of us believe it would be for the better. Mikael was an awful father. Our sibling bond was tested over and over. Niklaus may not have ever given you a chance.” Hildr continued to fix her appearance. “That is an excuse a man tells himself to wipe away grief at night. Ansel was a terrible father. He was only kind to Niklaus, because he never got a chance to be with him. Ansel’s brother was even worse and he was the one who took care of our attentions.”

Elijah helped her button up her cardigan. “Perhaps, but you can’t expect the other life to be so much better. That was a cruel time for many people.” She frowned at him. “What is it you wish to hear me say, Elijah? That I see all of you equal. I do not. Henrik and Niklaus will always come first. That I want to be a sister. Looking at Kol happy ruins any thought of that. Or maybe you would like to hear me say that I feel some sense of joy in this family bond of ours. I do not. Obligation runs through Esther’s blood. Nothing else. I can try to move the world and still none of this will change. This proof of of trust you expect from me will not come from anything I say to you.” He sighed. “Just like Niklaus, my sweet sister, your coldness is born straight from a very sensitive core. You may not be able to admit that you will cause waves of destruction for this family out of a semblance of love, but you will soon. You are not a Mikaelson, but Ansel named you as an Estherdottir. You cannot run from your feelings about us forever. That very fact is what commands our feelings of distrust.”

Niklaus walked out from the house clapping. “I don’t see the problem, Elijah. It makes sense for her to choose me over everyone else. I am her brother.” Hildr walked past Elijah and to Niklaus. He smiled at her. Elijah walking over glumly. “I believe she is ours, as well. Try not to infect her with your grabs for power and incessant paranoia. She has the makings of being an excellent sister.” He just smiled at his brother. “I shall try my hardest.” The three of them walked back into the house. Niklaus retreating to his study. Once there he sat down in his chair and poured himself a glass whiskey. Everything seemed to be more complicated then he needed things to be right now.

It was the eleventh century. A young and nervous boy sat in the middle of a dandelion field. It was one of the borders between his village and the werewolf one next to them. When he truly wanted reprieve from his father and his siblings he could come here and hide among the flowers. No one would bother him as he carved his little knights. However, that was just an excuse. Every once in a while a little girl with jet black hair came to play at the edge of this field. A girl for some reason he had difficulties turning away from. He loved to see how her black hair contrasted against the yellow flowers. As if she was a beacon leading him to his moment of peace.

Today he saw her a little farther in the field then normal. In an effort to placate his curiosity he crawled on all fours through the flowers towards her. He watched her roll around the flowers like she always did. When she grew bored of it she would stop and roll on her back. The shapes of the clouds seemed to keep her entertained for hours. Sadly, for the boy as he crawled forward he broke a branch. The young girl sitting up and looking at his direction. “Whose there?” He sat up slowly. “My name is Niklaus Mikaelson.”

She waved him forward. He could see the curiosity in her eyes. “Are you from the village over? I always see you here hiding in the flowers.” He picked the nearest dandelions and started to weave them into a crown. “You have seen me?” The little girl smiled. “You aren’t very good at hiding.” Niklaus smiled at her sadly. “My father says that is my one skill.” She took his hand. “Everyone has more then one.” Niklaus looked at her confused. “Then what are your skills?”

She took her tiny hand off of him. “That’s my secret.” Niklaus put the flower crown aside. “That’s not fair! You know mine.” The young girl thought about it for a moment and then nodded. The boy was right. “ I can turn into a wolf.” His eyes got large. “Show me!” She looked down at her lap. “I can’t. Not yet.” He also took a second to think about it. “When you can become a wolf you can show me.” The young girl stuck out her pinky. They shook on it. “I promise.”

He hands her the flower crown. “For you, little wolf.” She bent her head so he could put it on her. “See you have at least two skills.” He frowned at her. “Weaving flowers doesn’t feed my family.” The young girl pointed to her own smile. “But they make your family happy.” Niklaus turned to look at the dandelion field. “Do you like dandelions that much?” Her laughter sounded like all the comfort he had been missing. When he turned to look at her he felt a pressure in his heart. “I love the sunflowers that grow over the hill, but these are nice too.”

He looked at her confused. “I have never seen sunflowers before. What do they look like?” The young girl smiled at him. “They are very tall and a bright yellow. The center is a black color.” Niklaus picked up a stray flower on the flower. “What makes them better then these flowers?” She picked up her own stray flower. “My sister says that they grow that tall, because they are trying to touch the sun.” He looked at her even more confused. “And that makes them better?” The young girl stood up. “Don’t you want to grow like that? Tall and strong. A proper viking.” He looked up at her sad. “I think my father would like that.” The young girl looked at him confused. She was younger then him. There were certain things she couldn’t understand yet. “I think you should do what makes you happy. Not what makes your father happy.”

Before he could respond a voice from her side of the field called out her name. “Hildr.” She pushed his head down in panic. “Oh, no. It’s my uncle. Hurry duck down.”  Niklaus tried to look up, but the young girl held his head down. “What’s wrong?” She didn’t turn away from the edge of the field. “I’ve got to go. Next time, when I am a wolf I’ll show you the sunflowers.” He tried to sit up, but her hand was still on his head. “Why should I believe you?” The young girl bends down and gives him a quick peck on the cheek. “Can’t you feel it in here?” He saw her hold her hand over her heart. “I do.”

Hildr stood up and whispered, “Goodbye, Niklaus.” He watched her run across the field towards a large man from the safety of his flower field. “Coming Uncle.” He watched her shout. Niklaus saw the way he grabbed her arm and slapped her across the cheek. He heard every shout at her. Scared, Niklaus started crawling back, only to be spotted by the very same man who happened to turn and look at the field. Hildr’s uncle started to walk through the field, dragging her with him by her arm. “Run!” She shouted at him, so he did as she advised. Niklaus stood up and ran. Not once looking back.

A beautiful blonde girl was walking through the streets of New Orleans. She stood in front of a large home. However, it was home she could not enter. Besides her stood her traveling companions, Stefan and Elena. The two of them also found themselves stopped by an invisible wall. “You two need to go meet the witch.” Stefan took her hand. “Are you sure you can break this barrier alone?” A young girl walked up to them. “She won’t be alone. Now go before you two ruin the only plan we have.” Stefan and Elena turned to see the newest Original vampire, Hildr. All they knew about her was that she was related to Niklaus and couldn’t be trusted. However, Caroline nudged them away, so they left.

She turned to face the young girl. “You are, Hildr?” The young girl nodded. “I hear my brother has quite the problem with getting over you.” Caroline turned away from her to face the house. “Can you just destroy the barrier already.” Hildr sighed. “The second I do alarms will be triggered. You will have to be fast.” Caroline glared at her. “I know that.” Hildr handed her an empty mason jar. “Fill it up with the blacked soil around him. Then go straight to the bayou. No matter what you see or hear do not turn back.” Caroline nodded and she put her hands up, chanting a spell.

The two of them felt the barrier burst apart, and fires popped up in the house. Caroline didn’t wait for Hildr. She ran in and out in a matter of seconds. Hildr stumbling her way into the burning building, with blood dripping from her nose. As she walked through the house she found a large barren room. Within a large white pattern was Henrik. By his side was a young girl passed out in a chair. Hildr stumbled into the room. Henrik saw her and started to shout. “Please, my friend. Help my friend.”

Hildr walked right past her to the edge of the pattern. She could see where Caroline had broken the sides. Henrik was able to move from the center to run towards the edge of it. “My friend. Please. The building is on fire.” Hildr ignored him and lifted her hands again to chant. The spell around the runes on the floor rushing into her. She started to vomit up blood. “Henrik. Take the Earth and press it in your hands.” The boy looked at the girl confused. “Do it!” She shouted.

The young boy bent down and scooped up a handful of the blackened soil. He pressed a bunch in between his hands. Hildr pointed to the boy and whispered, “A coelo usque ad centrum.” The earth hardened into the shape of a tiny wolf pendant. She swished her hands and the earth below his feet became a black leather chord. The necklace locking around his neck. “Henrik, I will help your friend. You must leave the circle willingly.” He nodded and ran out of the circle. As he crossed the line the whole house began to shake. Cracks appearing all around the ground. Hildr reached out one of her hands to the blackened soil and the other to the passed out girl. “Heimr.” The three of them and a large circle of soil disappeared from the collapsing building, right back into the center of the courtyard.

They landed on the blackened soil right in front of a worried Elijah and Rebekah. As well as a very bored looking Kol. Henrik held the girl in his arms; he was looking at everyone scared. Rebekah ran forward first. She hugged Henrik and pulled him off of the pile of dirt. Elijah walked over to them slowly, but Hildr’s body began to shake. Cuts appearing all over her body. Kol turned around and shouted. “Freya!” Elijah ran forward to her. Hildr caught his arm. “Hungry. Elijah, I need to eat.” He looked up at a running in Freya. She looked at her horrified. “We are in trouble.”

Kol walked over to the soil pile, but Freya grabbed his arm. “Don’t. The hex on there will affect you. Maaike knew Hildr would be the one to break the barrier. She cursed her to return to her most primal self.” Elijah looked up at her concerned. “What are you saying?” Freya looked at the shivering girl on the pile of soil. “I’m saying we now have someone whose only thought will be to drink blood and tear apart flesh. An injured animal. Maaike took her mind from her.” Hildr pushed Elijah off of her. “Save the girl. She can help give Henrik back his memories. Freya, make sure Niklaus doesn’t come for me.”

She threw up more blood. Kol looked at Freya. “Fix her. Give her a talisman to control her hunger.” Hildr stumbled to the edge of the soil. “She can’t. Promise me, Kol. Take the soil and spread it out over the area. Make a necklace for each of you from it like I did for Henrik.” He walked over to the edge and Hildr rushed forward. Elijah pulling her off of a bleeding Kol.

Hildr found herself blown back by Freya, a wall in-between them. “Go, Hildr. You need to eat.” Hildr looked at Henrik one last time. “Be safe, Henrik. I will be back.” She disappeared. Elijah walking out of the circle of soil. “We need to take care of the soil. She is right.” Rebekah shook her head. “We need to figure out what to say to Nik.” Kol walked over to his sister and took her hand. “She’s right. He will not like this.” Freya lifted her hands and on top of the soil appeared six necklaces. Each one had a different animal on it. “She already laid the ground work for the spells we would need to use.” The stag pendent flew into Elijah’s hands, the ram pendant into Rebekah’s, the raccoon pendent into Freya’s and the fox pendant into Kol’s. “Put on the necklaces. Each one is crafted in the soil Henrik is bound to.” They quickly put them on.

Elijah walked towards her. “What are we going to do with this?” Rebekah holding on tightly to Henrik said, “We are going to to do as our sister said. We will spread it into the land itself. Henrik will never not be able to return here.” Freya looked at them concerned. “I don’t know if I can do the spell without Hildr. The amount of power to do it is enormous, even with the ground work she left.” Kol pointed to the owl pendant and Elijah walked it over to him. “Then I shall go find our hungry sister.” Elijah shook his head no. “You can’t. She may devour you, Kol.” He laughed. “Well there is nothing else I can help with here. You have to stay and help Hayley control Niklaus. Freya must stay to deal with Henrik and his girlfriend problem. Rebekah will be of no use other then to comfort our innocent little brother. The one to figure out her problem has to be me.”

Henrik looked up from the girl. “Hildr. I know that name. That’s my sister’s name.” Everyone turned to look at him. He seemed confused. “My sister was named Hildr. She had black hair just like hers, and she loved the purple flowers that were beneath the big trees we had by our house.” Kol turned to look at Henrik. “Henrik, you remember us?” He shook his head no. “Charity told me.” Everyone turned to look at the young girl asleep in his arms. “Why would Maaike let him know about his past life.” Elijah frowned. “She wouldn’t. That must be why Hildr took the girl. She is in love with Henrik.” Kol walked towards the exit of the house. “Well it wasn’t worth it. Those wounds on her came from touching the witch’s daughter.” He exited the house. Henrik looked up at Rebekah. “Did I hurt my sister?” She pulled him in to a hug. “Hush now. You would never hurt any one of us.”

Elijah turned to the door. Niklaus and Caroline were walking back in to the house. The mood around them was excellent. “Why does everyone look so glum?  I can see by the soil ruining our house’s floor that we have succeeded in making sure Henrik is out of the witch’s grasp and by the looks of it you have even captured a bonus prize of her daughter.” Rebekah looked at Elijah. “Tell him.” Elijah looked at Freya. Neither saying a word. Niklaus let go of Caroline’s hand and walked forward. “Will someone tell me what went wrong, or am I going to have to torture it out of one of you?” Freya looked up at Niklaus. “One of the spells surrounding Henrik was a spell that would cause a supernatural being to return to their most primal instinct. It takes away the mind of the intruder.” Caroline’s hands went up to her face. Niklaus looked at Elijah. “No. Don’t tell me, Elijah.” He walked over to Niklaus. “We will fix her mind, but first we have to take care of the soil and Henrik.” Freya picked up the other wolf necklace and handed it to Niklaus. “She made this for you, before she lost her mind. All of us have one. It will bind Henrik to us in case of emergencies.”

Caroline walked up to put her hand on Niklaus, but he moved away. “You are telling me that my sister is running around with only a vampire’s and a werewolf’s basic instinct of ripping things to shreds in New Orleans. And that none of you did anything to contain her.” Elijah walked forward. “Niklaus, be fair. None of us have the power to contain her at the moment. She gave us both Henrik and Maaike’s daughter. We have a way to win. That is what she wants us to do first.” Rebekah stood up and walked in front of Henrik. “Besides, Kol ran after her to make sure she doesn’t completely tear up the city.” Niklaus ran forward and grabbed Rebekah by the neck. He pinned her against one of the trees. “You left her in the hands of Kol. The very man who sees her as play toy. You think he can control murderous urges, Rebekah.”

“Niklaus. Wolves. You are my brother aren’t you? The one Charity’s mother wants to kill.” Niklaus turned around to face Henrik. All of his anger fading away. “Henrik.” The boy stood up. “Freya, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Rebekah, Kol, Hildr… These are the names of my family. But I don’t remember you. When Charity came to visit me she would give me a look at images each time. They must be of my memories of you, but then why are you here? You should be dead. You all were born years ago.” Elijah walked over to the boy. “That will be a long catch up story. First, we must try to wake your friend.” Henrik looked at Charity. “You can’t. Her soul isn’t in her body. Maaike came here to find her doppelgänger, Davina Claire, but she was already gone. So she took the remnants of that soul and tied them together with the remnants of Charity’s. That soul isn’t in the body.” Niklaus looked at Henrik. “How do you know all of this?” Henrik pointed to the girl. “Because she told me. When her mother took me, Charity came to keep me company. She doesn’t want her mother to put her back in that body. Her mother plans to craft her an immortal body by killing all of you. Charity wants to create a new body.” Freya waved her hands at the body and the illusion spell on it broke. Floating in front of them was the exact same body as Davina Claire.

Caroline looked at Niklaus. “Klaus.” He turned to Freya. “What is Henrik talking about?” She looked at the sleeping girl. “I think Maaike isn’t trying to kill Niklaus. She wants to use us as anchors for her and her daughter’s body to be immortal. Then she can put in a stitched soul without a problem.” Elijah looked at Niklaus. “To do something like this she’d need to have one of us turn them.” Niklaus looked at Elijah. “Any witch turned by Hildr retains their powers. That’s why she had her go mad. She wants Hildr to change her body and her daughter’s into hybrids.” Caroline put her hands up. “Hold on a moment. You are telling me there are witch/vampire hybrids now? I thought that was impossible.” Niklaus turned to her. “Keep up, love. We don’t have time for me to play nice with you.”

Stefan and Elena walked into the house. “Well, she bit the bait. She wants Elena and I to join her side.” Caroline turned to Stefan. “That might not be a good idea anymore.” Elena looked at the pile of soil, the confused Henrik and the passed out girl. “I guess we missed the big event.” Stefan walked forward in the yard. “Where’s Hildr?” Rebekah sighed. “Running around New Orleans as an uncontrollable vampire hybrid desperately seeking blood. Benefits of our little break in.” Elijah looked at his sister. “Perhaps this is not the time for the sarcastic tone, Rebekah.” Elena walked forward. “Klaus, I am so sorry.” Niklaus turned to look at her. “Don’t be. You should be scared instead. I will let her bathe the city in blood until I can get my hands on Maaike. Then when she has suffered enough I will let my sister be the one to crush her heart. Try not to let your sentimentality get in my way, little Gilbert.” Stefan stepped in front of her. Niklaus ignoring it and turning around to face Freya. “What do you need to finish this part.” Freya looked at him. “We can try to put the stitched soul into a temporary body, so Charity can talk with us.”

Niklaus nodded. “Well, who do you think should be the lucky host?” Elijah walked forward. “Let’s not be picky just yet. There are plenty of attractive bodies at the cemetery.” Freya nodded. “A witch’s body would be the most compatible.” Niklaus turned to Stefan. “Come, Salvatore. We have a body to find.” Stefan sighed and walked out of the house with Niklaus. Elena turned to Rebekah. “I forgot how difficult you all were.” Rebekah just smiled. “You’ve never met our brother, Henrik. Maybe he can make amends.” The young boy looked at the two of them confused. Elijah just smiled to himself.

Kol found himself sitting in the kitchen of the house Freya created. His siblings were all outside eating. Something had called him inside. When he was in his witch body he found himself enjoying the pleasures of food again. It was strange for him to have this pleasure in their current state. The strangeness of the moment didn’t end there. When he closed the refrigerator door he found himself staring at the very witch’s body he had inhabited a few years ago, Kaleb Whestphall.

“You look surprised, mate. Didn’t expect to see me?” Kol laughed. “Now how does someone like you end up in here.” Kaleb sat down in one of the high stools. “It seems a very powerful witch has decided to come and help your family.” Kol leaned over the counter. “Now, why would she do that?” Kaleb shrugged. “Why would I know that. As far as I know she asked me to hand you these spells, and I’d get my body back.” He looked at the boy like he was an unpleasant hallucination from a wolf bite. “That doesn’t sound believable.”

Kaleb pulled a few papers from his coat jacket. “This is a spell to create tokens from cursed land. The tokens must take the form of a pendant. These pendants must have a locator spell put on them and a concealment ward.” Kol took the papers from the boy. “Why would I do any of this?” Kaleb looked at him. “Because it is the only way to save your family, mate. The witch told me. She has this ancient promise to your dead brother, Henrik.”

Kol rushed around the table and grabbed him by the collar. “How do you know that name?” Kaleb put his hands up. “Easy there. I’m only the messenger. The witch showed me your memories of him when she brought me back. She told me that you are the only one who can help her.” He looked at Kaleb confused. “Me? Not Niklaus or Elijah?” Kaleb shook his head no. “Apparently there is an even more powerful witch heading to New Orleans and she is out for blood. The only way to save her is to lie to your family. No one is better at that then you. We both know it.” He nodded his head in agreement. “That is true. I tend to be very good at that.”

Kaleb smiled when Kol put him down. “I am telling you it’s bad. She showed me bits and pieces of what this witch can do. It’s worse then your mother. Apocalypse bad. She intends to destroy your entire family and the entire town. It’s why I agreed to give you the spells.” Kol  glared at him. “What are we supposed to do from here! Our supposedly long term friend incapacitated us.” Kaleb nodded his head. “I know, but she told me to tell you it won’t be long now and that when you wake up and you have to be prepared to work with her. While fooling your family.” He looked down at the spells. “I can’t use magic. I am a bloody vampire, remember.” Kaleb smiled. “She also told me to give you this. It will help you channel her magic as yours.” He took the ring in his hand. “Now that is a gift I am eager to accept.”

Kaleb tapped a finger on his head. “One more thing. When you meet this witch memories and plans will come to you by one in here. She said she would answer any questions you have, but only in private. She is dead set on getting Henrik back. The witch won’t shut up about him. I wouldn’t cross her, Kol.”  Kol nodded his head in irritation. He was not pleased in having to look at the gormless twit. The fact that he was alive again seemed to be a waste to the world. “Tell the witch she has a deal. When I meet her, the first thing I will do is try to kill her. It’s how she will know I will work with her.” He nodded. “You made the right choice, mate. The witch is definitely one of the good ones.”

Kol saw him disappear. When he looked down at the ring he smiled to himself. “I only have to pretend to be her ally and I get to use magic again. I might even discover her evil plans before my brothers. What a nice welcome home gift.”

Kol had made his way down the French Quarter and into the edge of the a city. In front of him was Hildr, walking towards the leaving New Orleans sign. “You aren’t thinking of leaving the city?” She covered her mouth with her hands. “Kol. What are you doing here?” He smiled and walked towards her. “I was just following the trail of dead bodies and what do you know I found you.” She took a few steps back. “I can’t control myself, Kol.” He laughed and walked even closer. “Then I’ll just follow you and help clean up your meals.” Hildr continued to back away from him. “Kol, I am telling you to go back to help Henrik.” He walked right over to her, pulling her into a hug. “The best thing I can do for Henrik is help you break this. Freya needs you.” Her mouth hovered over the side of his neck. He made no move to stop her. “Come on then, darling. If you have no control then do it.”

Hildr indeed had no control. She bit into his neck. Kol holding her head. “You don’t have to take all of it.” She didn’t move away. Kol had fallen onto his knees, but she still drank. The sound of a truck driving into the city caught her attention. She tore herself away from Kol and knocked over the truck. The poor trucker was ripped to shreds. Kol stood up, holding his neck. “So loud noises clearly work.”

Niklaus sat alone in front of the fireplace. The rest of his siblings were off accomplishing things to save, Henrik. He, however, sat alone. For some reason Niklaus could not bare to let go of the last word he had said to his sister. In a lie, he had promised her she would never be alone again. It had not even been a day and that promise was broken. The glass cup in his hand shattering. Elijah walked into the room. “Niklaus, you must calm yourself.” He didn’t even turn around. Elijah was forced to walk to him. “She will be alright.” He turned to look up at his brother. “The last thing I said to her was a promise to never be alone again, Elijah.” He put his hand on his shoulder. “And she won’t be. Everyone is starting to see her as part of the family.”

Niklaus stood up. “I am beginning to think that may be part of the problem. All of your lies.” Elijah looked at his brother worried. “Family is never the problem.” Niklaus looked like he was ready to explode any moment. “Then why is that the moment she decided to not hide from this family she found herself stuck without her senses. Elijah, this is my sister. She is exactly like me, as you said. Do you know the hell she must be in right now. Condemned to wait for some witch to decide her fate on who to bite.” He walked over to Niklaus. “I do, Niklaus. That is why we must make her suffering worth it. Hildr must of known what would happen if she brought Henrik and Charity to us. She chose to do so anyways. Always and Forever. She is honoring that. She is honoring you.”

Niklaus kicked over a chair. “Why would she! She never took the vow. She was never a part of this family. The Mikaelsons always stick together, but she never had too. Yet, she willingly walked into this to save a brother we have all already made peace with being dead. Exchanging the opportunity for her life with us for his. It makes no sense, Elijah. Why would she give up her freedom for people who she knows have been lying to her.” Elijah walks over to him. “Niklaus, no matter how far a part our family is from each other, they will always show up in the end. Hildr came for Henrik. She stayed, because she saw Hope. Your sister is willing to die for her. For what she is to our family. Yet, you sit here and contemplate her actions to soothe your guilt. That is the biggest disrespect to her. She gave you all you need to make your plans carry though. Go out and finish them. Save our siblings lives and make them trust her.”

He turned to look at Elijah. “And Kol? Should I run to tell to him that our youngest brother’s true love is the original version of his girlfriend. I can’t imagine he’d willingly sit back and let us trade Davina Claire in for Charity. He’ll probably kill Henrik right in front of us.” Elijah let his hand fall from his brother’s shoulder. “I will handle Kol. All you need to do is make sure Freya has what she needs for the two of them. With your sire line reconnected we can put a dent in Marcel’s treachery.” Niklaus looked out the window. “Oh no, brother. I intend to end Marcel. He has crossed one too many lines with this adopted family of his.”

Rebekah knocked on the wood frame of the door way. They turned around to face her. “Killing Marcel is all good, but wouldn’t be more interesting to take the serum that changed him.” Niklaus looked at his sister surprised. “Rebekah you surprise me. That is quite the evil idea.” She walked into the room. “Normally, I’d let you two play the roles of evil big brothers, but this time there is more at stake. I cannot allow Marcel’s fit of rage to harm Henrik. Or Hildr after she sacrificed her mind for us.” Elijah looked at her. “Then what do you suggest we do?” Rebekah pulled out a vial of blood in her hands. “Hildr left me with a vial just in case something happened to her. I think we should turn Freya and Henrik. She said it would boost her powers and ensure she would never have to sleep for a century again. At the time, I admit I was doubtful, but now it seems we may not have a choice.”

Elijah walked towards her. “We don’t know if it will work with Freya.” Niklaus grabbed the vial from her. “It is worth a shot. Henrik is old enough in this lifetime to be turned. He can start his own sire line. Gain protection.” Rebekah grabbed the vial back from her brother. “An even better idea is to also give the bottle to Charity and kill the body. It would resurrect in the same state as a hybrid of Hildr’s sire line. Maaike would have to keep Hildr alive for now.” Elijah smiled. “If we get the stitched soul back into her body, she may be able to have the power to assist Freya against her mother.” Niklaus hugged Rebekah. “I don’t say this enough, but I love you little sister.” Rebekah looked at Elijah. “Did he hit his head?”

Hayley sat next to Freya watching Henrik read a book. “This is the youngest Mikaelson? He seems so tame compared to his siblings.” Freya laughed. “Henrik had never awoken any of his powers in all of his lives. He is an innocent human child.” She looked at him conflicted. “And they want to end that.” Freya smiled sadly. “He is our brother. None of us ever got much time with him. They want to know him.” Hayley looked at Freya. “If he turns out to be as similar to Klaus as his admirations of him then Henrik will be a lonely vampire.”

Henrik closed the book and walked over to them. “I don’t have to be a vampire to hear you two talking about me.” Freya turned to him and smiled. “Sorry, Henrik.” He looked at Hayley. “I may not have most of my memories, but I can’t imagine Niklaus loving you.” She looked at Freya and laughed. “Maybe there is a semblance of the Mikaelson attitude problem.” Rebekah walked into the room. “Nonsense. The only one with an attitude problem is you and Nikalus. And Henrik, he doesn’t love her. Hayley is Elijah’s interest.” Henrik looked past them at the young girl drawing at the table. “That is Niklaus’ daughter?”

Niklaus and Elijah entered the room. “Yes, it is my daughter. I’ll explain it to you when you are older.” Henrik looked at him annoyed. “I am eighteen, you know. I can comprehend the idea of a one night stand and awkward love triangles.” Elijah looked at Niklaus. “It seems Henrik does take after you, Niklaus.” Henrik turned to Freya. “Charity said you can give me back my memories if you turn me. The spell on my mind has a loop hole if I’m no longer human.”

Rebekah held up the vial. “Good thing your sister left us a little blood.” Niklaus helped Freya stand. “You three should go lie down on the floor.” Hayley looked at Elijah confused. “Three?” Elijah pointed to Charity. “He’s talking about the future love dilemma. Not you.” Hayley laughed as she watched the three of them lie down besides each other. Rebekah gave each of them blood from the vial. When she leaned up, Niklaus had already snapped their necks. Hayley turned to Elijah. “And now we wait?” He looked down at the watch on his wrist. “It shouldn’t take long.”

Rebekah walked out of the room. “I will go get a human.” Hayley looked back at Hope. “I think I’ve been with this family for too long. That just sounded like she was going grocery shopping.” Elijah laughed and put his arm around her. “Being a part of this family isn’t so bad.” They smiled at each other.

Freya was the first to wake up. Henrik following soon after. The two of them looked at Niklaus. “How do you feel?” Freya looked down at her hands. “I can still feel my magic, but the coldness from Dahlia’s immortality spell is gone.” Henrik stood up and turned towards the doorway. Rebekah was standing there with the butler. He ran for him. Freya more cautiously following behind him. Rebekah watched with a smile. “Perhaps he is more like Kol.” Elijah laughed. Hayley looking like she wanted to say something, but shouldn’t.

When the two were done eating they turned around, the butler dropping to the floor. “How much of your memory do you have?” Freya asked Henrik. He looked at his brothers. “I think I have all of it. I remember going to see the werewolves with Niklaus, being taken to the prison in France, dying in 1835 and I remember what brought me to this city. It was a post card. From a man named Marcel. He said he knew who my family was. The current me was adopted.”  Niklaus looked at Henrik. “Have you ever met the Marcel who sent you the post card?” Henrik nodded. “He visited me twice when I was in the house. Once with Maaike. She had promised him that she would be able to bring Davina Clair back. The second time he came alone to look at Charity’s body. He was there only for a few minutes, but he said one thing. Family above all.”

Elijah looked at Niklaus. “Marcel has known the entire time about Maaike.” Rebekah walked towards Henrik. “Are you absolutely positive that Marcel asked you to come to this city?” Henrik nodded yes. Rebekah turned to Niklaus, “He is probably planning on double crossing her.” Niklaus slapped Rebekah. “How long must you continue to defend the man who is trying to kill your family. Marcel’s plans were never that good to be able to double cross a witch of this caliber. He would know that. Marcel brought this into the city so we would do the work for him. Allowing your softness towards him and Kol’s irrationality about Davina to be our undoing. I will not allow it this time, Rebekah.” Elijah stepped forward to hug Rebekah. “Niklaus, Rebekah has been on your side since the start. She has never defended Marcel. Don’t let your frustration about Hildr affect how you treat your family.”

Hayley stood up. “You realize this is what they want right. All of you to fight. The Mikaelson’s power comes from the fact that family always comes first. The more you fight and act divided with individual goals the weaker your power is.” Freya nodded. “She’s right.” Niklaus sighed and turned to Rebekah. “I apologize for over reacting.” Rebekah’s hand left her cheek. “Is my brother apologizing?” Niklaus frowned. “Don’t push it, Rebekah.”

Henrik walked over to Charity’s body. It had survived the transition. Freya had fed the body blood while they had started to talk. “If Charity and Davina Claire can’t exist separately, Kol is going ask me to say goodbye to Charity, isn’t he?” Niklaus walked over to his brother. “There is no need to. Kol has been selfish for years. It is your turn to be selfish.” Elijah shrugged. “To be fair Charity does seem much more tolerable than Davina was.” Rebekah walked over to the body. “I suppose if Kol becomes entertained enough with Hildr, it won’t even matter.” Niklaus turned around to say something to Rebekah, but Henrik put his hand up. “Careful, Rebekah. I am the great Niklaus Mikaelson. Talk back to me again and you will find yourself with not just one slap, but two.” He said mimicking Niklaus’ voice. Hayley burst out laughing. “I take it back. He isn’t like any of you.” Everyone smiled at him. This was the brother they had remembered.

Hildr found herself in a large bedroom. She had no memory of how she had gotten there. “Someone is finally awake. Only took twenty two cars and feeding on me three times. ” She sat up slowly to see Kol sitting in a chair across the room. “You brought me back to New Orleans. Are you crazy?” Kol stood up and walked over to the bed. “Relax, love. Freya came over and cast an enchantment you can’t leave the room.” She pulled the covers off of her and stood up. “What makes you think I won’t eventually break the spell. I’m already feeling hungry.” He walked over to her and smiled. “Because we both know as long as we bring food to you here then you won’t have the urge to break the barrier.” She picked up one of the glass cups filled with blood on the table. “So you think blood bags and a disappearing tourist problem will be enough. I need the hunt, Kol. I am half werewolf.” He laughed. “I admit covering up twenty two cars was a bit of a headache, but there are other ways to control the urges.”

He really was the trouble maker of the family. She chugged the cup of blood down and then shattered the glass. “Kol, stop trying to be cute.” He walked closer to her. “You think I’m cute, sister. Nik will not like that.” She backed away from him. “He will also not like it if I tore into his brother.” He didn’t seem that threatened by it. Instead he just leaned into her. “Isn’t that the benefit of being an Original. How durable we tend to be.” She sighed. “It will not happen, Kol. Especially not like this.” He reached for her and her eyes became yellow. “Stay back.” He ignored her and walked forward. “It’s better to tear into me then entire cities. It will be a little too much to worry about at the moment.” Hildr walked forward and pulled Kol towards her. “Remember you said yes to this.” Kol smiled. “I’ll remember every part of it.”

Hildr threw Kol down on the bed and crawled on top of him. She bit down on his arm. Kol arched into her. “Careful.” Hilda’s free arm kept him pushed him down by his neck. Her mouth moved from his arm to his neck. Kol forcefully pulled her head back. “Don’t rip all of me apart.” Hildr’s hold on his neck got tighter. “More.” He pushed her up off of the bed and onto the wall, biting her own neck. Now at the very least, her werewolf bite wouldn’t kill him. She pushed against him and Kol laughed. “You won’t win this one, sister.”

Hildr tore his shirt apart from the back. Kol smiled and tore her shirt off. He figured he should at least enjoy the view. “Shall I help you hunt.” Hildr reached her arm around him and pulled him close. “I will show you the hunger I kept off.” Kol smiled and let her bite his neck. He waited till she drank and then pulled her head to the side. An evil smile on his face. Kol had no interest in her other then that of a distant relative that was useful, but she was also a girl he once knew as a stranger. There was no fowl in tumbling around a room together. The pair of them destroying the room as they went.

Kol stood in front of the river that was in the forest of Mystic Falls. Someone had sent him a letter back in the 14th century. A witch he had heard rumors about had asked him to meet her in his original hometown. The strangest part of the letter was that it had a very specific year, 1919. The Kol back then couldn’t imagine coming to the river at that date. However, the closer the date drew the more he found himself curious. It was then a young girl appeared on the other side of the river. “Hello, Kol. I am the Undying Witch.” He smiled at her. “Pretty self absorbed if you are introducing yourself with your tittle, darling.”

The witch smiled at him. “Even if my tittle is my name.” He winked at her. “You caught me there.” She laughed. “Already turning on that charm, I see.” Kol tried to cross the river, but found himself stopped by a barrier spell. “What is this?” The witch smiled at him. “A barrier spell. I can’t have you getting side tracked by resistance to your charms.” He turned around smug. “Protecting yourself just shows how vulnerable you are to it.” The witch laughed. “What an arrogant vampire. Too bad for me, I need you to focus. Your father is heading to New Orleans.”

Kol’s light hearted mood disappeared. “Mikael is coming to New Orleans? When?” The witch frowned. “In a few days time. You cannot tell your siblings though. If Mikael doesn’t come and surprise them then none of them will learn how dangerous Marcellus is.” Kol looked at her in shock. “Marcellus? The boy is completely infatuated with my brothers and sister.” The witch shook her head no. “Kol, he will come for you all one day. The lesson must be learned. I am only warning you so you can do the one thing that will keep you all alive.” He looked at her confused, but she kept speaking. “Delphine LaLaurie has in her possession a drink that will ensure Marcel does not die from Mikael. You must have him drink it.”

Kol’s mood went from confusion to anger. “You want me to save the very man who will be my family’s enemy.” She nodded. “You will do it no matter what. I have already set the spell in motion. You won’t even remember this conversation. I just want to ensure you before you do it that you are at ease.” He glared at her. “How would I be at ease when you sent me a mysterious letter back in the 14th century asking me to come here. Only to for you to tell me that I need to save a dangerous enemy from my deranged father.” The witch sighed. “When I was a child your mother’s sister cast a curse on me when I disobeyed her. I was to be haunted in my sleep by visions of future trials you will face. It was meant to keep me in pain. However, as time went on the visions lessoned. Then I saw your father coming to you this year. I saw you all dying.” Kol looked at her like she was insane. “Why would you care about us dying?” She smiled at him. “Because you are my family.”

He tried to cross over the river. “Let me through this barrier!” She shook her head no. “I know you plan to kill me.” He frowned at her. “Of course I do you insane witch.” Hildr closed her eyes and began to chant. Her image disappeared. Kol looked around frustrated. “The bloody witch had her image show up here. What a coward.” However, when he turned around to walk away all of his memories disappeared. Kol found himself wondering why he came to reminisce about old times.

Hildr watching him run away from the area. She looked down at her own hands. “Do you know it is not me who makes you all forget your memories. It was part of Dahlia’s punishment. You will never be able to remember me for more then a few moments if I cannot break the curse. I promise you, though. I will keep trying.”

It was later in the afternoon when someone came and interrupted them. Niklaus tapping on the door frame. “Kol, do stop cuddling with my sister in bed, or must I remind you that the two of you are related.” He rolled off from on top of her. “Nik, don’t be such an over protective brother. I was simply helping her control her thirst. She has quite an insatiable appetite.” Elijah walked into the room shaking his head. “You are better then this.” He got out of bed. “I may be, but she is not. The wolf in her seems to have no regard for familial decency.” Niklaus stormed over. “Careful, Kol. There is a line of little acts of defiance and ones you cannot take back.” Elijah tossed him a shirt. “I was talking about her, Kol. There is no hope with you knowing familial decency.”

Hildr slipped out of bed. “Why are you two here? You should be helping Henrik.” Niklaus turned to his sister. His anger was clearly also directed at her. “I came here for Henrik. Freya needs you. I must admit I am disappointed. Here I was under the assumption that you were a starving wolf in need of her brother and instead you seem to have chosen to forget the dire need of helping him to fornicate with your own half brother.” She stepped forward towards Niklaus. “That’s not what this is, and you know it. Don’t let your petty insecurity get in the way.” He stepped forward towards her. “Careful, Hildr. I have uncharacteristically opened my arms to you and it hasn’t even been a week since you have stabbed me in the back.”

Hildr walked right up to him. “I would suggest you not accuse me of betrayal when it is taking all of my efforts to not run around town ripping heads off. Especially, when I have already told you that I would not betray you. Even if you do not trust the rest of your family I have given you no reason not to trust me.” Kol chuckled. “You did just fall asleep in the same bed as me, darling.” Elijah looked at Kol. “Stay out of their argument.” He put his hands up and backed off. Niklaus leaning down towards his sister. “ Tell me how is this not an act of betrayal.” Hildr’s eyes turned yellow, a low growl in her throat. “I understand you like to push everyone away so they don’t see your loneliness, but right now I would not be the one to push. I got you out of that brick wall and I can easily put you back in there. Better yet, I can rip into your flesh instead of Kol’s. Except I think it would hurt a lot more.” He grabbed her throat. “Careful, little dandelion. I don’t respond well to threats.”

Elijah stepped forward concerned. “Niklaus she isn’t in her right mind. The only thing she can think about are blood and the hunt.” Hildr flipped Niklaus on his back the second he turned to look at Elijah. She pinned him to the ground and punched the floor besides his head. The wood broken. Burn marks surrounding the hole. “I am warning you not to push me today. Fighting this hunger is not easy. The only thing keeping me from hurting you is the fact that you are Niklaus Mikaelson. The brother I have sworn my loyalty to.” Elijah grabbed her arm and she pushed him off growling. Kol walked over smiling, sticking his arm by her face. She bent her head and bit. Niklaus standing up and joining Elijah. “I suppose you are right, Elijah. The witch is indeed powerful. To have her tame Kol as a feeding bag.” Kol ripped his arm away. “Watch it, Niklaus. I am only doing this because our blood seems to hold off the hunger better.” Elijah looked at Hildr as she was getting dressed. “I suppose there is something to say about our sister’s ability to control herself this much. No wonder Freya is concerned about doing the spell without her.”

Hildr turned around. “If you are taking me out of this room I need to go now.” Niklaus sighed. “We will talk about your behavior once this spell is off of you.” Elijah and Kol each grabbed an arm as they pulled her out from the room. Niklaus looked at all of the destruction. “She’s going to need a lot more then Kol to keep the wolf down.” He turned around and left. All of them arriving back in the house. Hildr automatically being sealed off in one of the rooms.

Rebekah smiled at her sister. “I hear Kol has been keeping you entertained. How Medieval of you.” She clenched her jaw, but sat silent. Elijah turning around to chastise his sister. “Rebekah, right now she is doing everything in her power to not run around like an animal. Let us not antagonize her.” Freya looked at her. “Her will is amazing. Most would of torn this city and the surrounding cities into morgues by now.” Niklaus looked at Hildr annoyed. “I hear having a large amount of Kol’s blood seems to be taking some of the edge off. But to get back to the matters at hand, we need you two to put Charity’s soul back into her body.”

Hildr looked at Freya. “Why do you want to put Charity back in her body?” Henrik stepped forward, but was held back by Elijah. “She doesn’t want her mother to go through with the spell.” She looked at Rebekah. “Did you turn her? I can feel the new addition to my sire line.” Rebekah nodded. “I did. But she has a stitched soul thanks to her mother.” She turned to look at the body that was currently holding Charity. “I need to see the shape your soul is in.” Charity looked at Niklaus who nodded. Hildr closed her eyes and whispered, “Cedo maiori.” Her head tilted back and her eyes turned white.

When she was done her head fell downwards and her eyes returned to normal. She looked at Niklaus. “Is this how you want me to prove to you that you will come first.” Kol looked at Hildr and then at Niklaus confused. Elijah looked at Hildr. “It is the only way.” Rebekah pushed Henrik forward. “You owe him his life.” Hildr looked at Niklaus. “I wouldn’t of been able to even be here today if Kol didn’t break my bond to the pack.” He looked her straight in the eyes. “But you are here. Choose to either honor your entire family or one man.” Hildr waved her hand and Kol dropped to the floor passed out. “Bring her and her original body forward. To put the soul back in to the body we can draw from her mother’s energy. The second she goes to reconnect Niklaus’ sire line the energy produced will be directed in two different directions. One as a curse back at her and the other towards Charity and her original body. But for it to work Marcel cannot know what we are doing. He must believe in our original plan. It is the only way she will not be prepared for our attack to split in two different directions.”

Elijah nodded. “I will go tell Hayley what she, Stefan, Elena and Caroline need to do.” Rebekah took Henrik’s hand. “Come Henrik. We must prepare to lock Kol up.” Freya turned around. “I will get what we need.” Elijah following her out with Charity. Hildr suddenly fell back and shook on the floor. Her eyes a bright yellow. Niklaus ran through the barrier to her. “Hildr!” She grabbed on to him. “Niklaus, I need blood. Using magic intensified the urges.” He put his arm out and she bit down. He had to pull her off. “We need to get you fed before you can cast the spell required.” She looked at him, her eyes still yellow. “I need to hunt.” He picked her up. “Fortunately for you, I know a place that is due to be destroyed.” He carried her out of the barrier. She curled into him. “I’m sorry for hurting you.” He looked down at her. “It’s already been forgotten, little dandelion.”

Niklaus carried her past a confused looking Stefan and Elena. Caroline the only one stepping in front of him to ask what is going on. “What is Hildr doing here? Klaus, what is going on.” Niklaus glared at the love of his life. “Not now, Caroline. My sister is in pain.” He walked right past her. Elena walking to stand besides her. “You know how they are about family.” The three of them watching him take her out of the house.


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