The Mikaelson Family #3 : Dealing with Marcel

It was the eleventh century. The Mikaelson’s had just been turned. Niklaus sat by a river washing his hands. “I can’t believe I did that. Those innocent people.” A girl appeared on the other side of the river. “What happened to them was mercy. Trust me.” Niklaus looked up across the river. “Who are you?” The girl walked to the edge of the water. “You don’t remember me?” His eyes turned yellow. “I’ll ask again. Who are you?” The girl could hear the blood thirst in his voice. Niklaus was starting to lose control, so she placed her hand on her heart and tapped. His hand moved over to his own. “Dandelion?”

She nodded and held out a dandelion flower. His eyes faded back to normal in shock. The flower seemingly appearing out of nowhere. “It is not safe here with me. Go.” He watched her squat down by the edge. She twirled the flower in her hand. “You can not hurt me, young wolf.” He looked up at her in shock. “I am not a wolf.” The girl smiled at him sadly. “You will be one until the sun sets on today, but do not fear. Soon you will be a wolf again. I can promise you that.”

Niklaus’ eyes turned colors again. “Enough with your promises. You must run before my father finds you. Before I can get to you.” The young girl made no move to run. Instead she held out her hand. The small dandelion flower floated over to him. It landed gently in his hands. All of the tension in him eased. “Did you know that dandelions soothe when given from one family member to another.” He held up the flower. “You are a witch.”

The young girl nodded. “A witch whose here to apologize while she can.” Niklaus looked up from the flower confused. She just smiled sadly at him. “I will never be able to see the sunflowers over the hill with you, Niklaus.” He chuckled in confusion. “You risked your life to tell me that.” She stood up from the river’s edge. “One day you will see that this change in your life was what you and your family were meant for. It will be what makes you who you are destined to become. Until then, Niklaus, you cannot remember me. You will not remember that there are people who do not see you as a monster. No memories of me will remain. Take comfort in the river having given you clarity in your time of need.” When he goes to respond, Niklaus finds he can not open his mouth. The young girl is chanting softly. When she is done chanting the girl vanishes. Niklaus picking up a dandelion flower that is laying on one of the rocks. “A dandelion.”

The young girl who stood behind the tree watching him forget her turned around. Behind her was an even younger girl. “Dahlia will not like this.” She smiled and took her hands. “Some things are worth annoying her for.” The two girls squeezed hands. “It is true then. We are to die soon,” the younger one whispered.  The older girl pulled her into a hug. “I will not let her hurt you. Dahlia allowed me to come kill wolves. Now it is time for them to come and kill me.” The young girl leaned back and pointed over her shoulder. “And him?” The older girl turned and smiled sadly. “I will make sure she will never have to consider our connection ever again.” She looked at her confused. “How?” She turned back around and smiled at the young girl. “We shall see, my little witch.”

Niklaus kept Hildr pressed against his chest until he reached Marcel’s place. When he got there he was pleased to see that Marcel was not there. His desire to eradicate all of Marcel’s forces would go so much smoother. There would be no resistance. “I’m looking for Marcel’s lap dog. Can any of you point me in the right direction?” A tall cajun man stepped forward. “What do you want, Klaus?”

Niklaus walked to the center of the room. “One of you here ran and told the witch that is trying to blow up New Orleans what I was up too. We all agree that we can’t have that.” Another vampire stepped forward. “Marcel has ordered us to stay here for the entire day. None of us have left.”  Niklaus put Hildr down. “Do you see my sister? She has been cursed into only being able to think about killing things. Would you like me to let her slaughter you all or will you kindly point out who you think snuck out.” All of the vampires looked at each other no one knowing what to do.

The tall Cajun man started to walk towards Niklaus. “Look man. We really don’t know anything. None of us want the city destroyed.” Niklaus lifted Hildr’s head so everyone could see her yellow eyes. “Careful now. The only thing keeping the streets from running with blood is me. One of you made a very bad decision. I need to know who. Let’s end the games, shall we?” A female vampire stepped forward. “Jacob wasn’t here an hour a go. Marcel told him to pick up a few things.” He turned to look at the Cajun man. “Would you like to bring me Jacob or should I try to figure out who he is.”

A few vampires pushed a thin skinny teenager out in front. He looked at Niklaus scared. “Please. I don’t know anything. Marcel just asked to drop a letter off.” Niklaus smiled at him. “Did he now.” The cajun man looked at Niklaus. “You have your guy. Take him and go.” Niklaus turned to him and smiled. “You really shouldn’t try to be Marcel. Your performance is terrible. Hildr.” She looked up at Niklaus who was pointing at the crowd of vampires. She ran forward into the crowd, biting the neck of the first vampire she ran into. Niklaus pulling Jakob up by the arm. The cajun man looked at him in shock. “What are you doing?” He shrugged. “Feeding my sister.”

Many of the vampires tried to run, but Stefan Salvador turned up at the front gate to close it. Niklaus waved at him. “This should only take a moment.” Jacob had already fallen on his knees as he watched Hildr bite vampire after vampire. When she was done her top was covered in blood. Her eyes still a bright yellow. “More.” Niklaus threw Jacob at the gate. Stefan opening it to hold him, while Niklaus went and grabbed his sister. “Restrain yourself. There is more work to be done.” She growled, but gripped his arm. The two of them walking out to lead Stefan back to their house.

When they arrived back at the house they could see Freya setting up a circle. However, Hildr pulled Niklaus into one of the rooms. “I know you need blood, but I am not up for being a donor. Kol is more then willing to let you bite him.” Hildr shook her head no. “Before we do this, I want to bind Marcel back to you.” He looked at her in shock. “You can bind Marcel again?” Hildr took out the vial of blood. “I used the first bit to smear on the Tunde blade. It will only work on Marcel. The second part I will use on you to bind Marcel to your life. The third I will give to Freya to use for separating Davina Claire’s soul from Charity’s. Her soul can be tied to his, but she will be in a different body.” Niklaus looked at her in shock. “Why are you only telling me this now?” She reached out for his neck before answering. He made no move to fight. “Because if the others know they would mess up everything. They can’t do what needs to be done. Niklaus, I have to do this why I still have this much control over my magic.”

He nodded at her. “Do it. Quickly.” Hildr nodded and moved to the table. She picked up black ash, a knife and a voodoo doll. “I will carve on your chest. Draw the same thing on the doll.” Niklaus unbuttoned the top part of his shirt. Hildr clenched her teeth and cut runes down his chest. When he went to make a noise she covered his mouth, whispering, “Concordia res parvae crescent…. Commune bonum…. Commune periculum concordiam parit…. Cetera desunt….” She took her other hand to spread the black ash into the wound. After Niklaus was done wincing, she spread both the blood and ash on him onto the blade. He took it from her hand and carved the runes on the doll. Afterwards she turned to the fire place, and lit a fire. She threw the doll into and said, “Ceteris paribus…. Contra mundum…” Niklaus kneeled down, grasping his chest. Hildr put the fire out after the doll was burnt and turned to help her brother stand. “Is it done?” He asked. She nodded. “Go clean up. We have to do the other spell. Maaike has to cast hers within the next thirty minutes.” She said as she walked out the room. Niklaus pulling off his shirt to grab another one.

When she walked back out the inside yard, she went straight to Kol. He saw her and smiled. “Already on edge, darling?” Hildr ignored his comment and grabbed his arm. Rebekah covering Henrik’s eyes. Damon Salvatore whistled. “Aren’t they related? Someone should seriously get a witch to conjure up a self control spell.” She turned around and growled at him. Kol grabbed her arm. “Careful. Nik invited him.” She looked at Elijah. “Elijah, I can’t control the hunger much longer.” He nodded.

Elena walked over to her. “I’m sorry for Damon. He doesn’t know about the spell.” She growled at her. Damon and Stefan stepping in front of Elena, and Kol pulling her back. “I couldn’t care less what happens to you three, so I suggest you don’t get on my nerves when I’m having issues controlling myself.” Damon stepped forward to talk, but Hildr magically snapped his neck. Rebekah sighing. “Can you please just feed on Kol, until we have everything set up.” She walked over to Stefan Salvatore. “He looks much more interesting.” Niklaus walked out of the room. “Restraint sister, remember.”

Hildr stepped back and let Kol restrain her. Standing up slowly, Damon turned to Niklaus. “Your new sister seems exactly like you. Angry, bloodthirsty and a burden to the rest of your siblings.” He glared at him. “Watch it, Salvatore. You are only here, because of Elena’s emotional fragility problems.” Elijah stepped forward. “Let’s not antagonize each other Freya has the circle done.” Hildr turned to look at the circle and the pattern of runes besides it. “Niklaus stand in the center. Everyone else get around it. Hayley you can stand behind Hope. The bystanders can just stay on the side.” Damon looked at Stefan. “Attitude much.” Stefan rolled his eyes and pulled him to the side.

The Original family moved to stand around the circle. Charity moved to stand behind Hildr. Niklaus looked at her. “What now.” She looked at them all. “It’s standard witch things. Must I spell out everything.” Elijah frowned at her. “Hildr, be nice.” Freya decided to speak up. “Everyone hold hands. Hildr and I need to channel through you. We will feel it when her spell starts. Once it does Stefan and Elena need spread the vials of blood across the runes.” Damon stepped forward. “And me?” Hildr turned around and threw a dagger from her boot. “Stay quiet.” Kol cracked up laughing. “I do enjoy our new sister.”

Elijah reached out for Henrik’s hand and Freya’s. “Can we begin saving our family, or must we all engage in conversing about our feelings.” Rebekah took Henrik’s hand and Hildr’s. Hildr reached for Kol and he reached for Freya. Freya turned to Hildr, whose eyes were a bright yellow again. Niklaus turned to look at her. “Do you have it under control?” She nodded and spoke, “Phol and Wuodan rode to the wood; then Balder’s horse sprained its leg. Then Siðgunt sang over it and Sunna her sister, then Frija sang over it and Volla her sister, then Wuodan sang over it, as he well knew how, over this bone-sprain, this blood-sprain, this limb-sprain: bone to bone, blood to blood, limb to limb, such as they belong together.” Black light connected the siblings. All of them looking at each other in shock.

Damon turning to Stefan, “She was nice enough to start in English for us.” The two besides him just ignored him. They were watching the black light spread to surround Niklaus. Rebekah turned to Freya. “What is happening?” Freya smiled. “She has bound the circle.” Kol turned to look at Hildr. He was smiling. “I haven’t felt power like this in ages.” She looked at Niklaus. “It’s coming. Are you ready?” Niklaus nodded. “When it starts you need to say, Auribus tenere lupum. Auxilio ab alto. Aut vincere aut mori. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.” Niklaus nodded his head. She turned to Freya. “Be ready in case I can’t control myself.” She also nodded.

Everyone in the room looked at each other. They were waiting for the sign that Maaike had started her spell. It came in the form of their circle light turning red and Niklaus falling to his knees. When he managed to say the chant, Hildr and Freya began to chant, “Lacrima Christi. Latet anguis in herba. Lacrima Christi. Lex talionis. Lacrima Christi. Luctor et emergo. Lacrima Christi. Lupus est homo homini…Lupus in fabula. Velle est posse.Vi et armis. Via Crucis.Via Dolorosa.Vincere est totum. Lacrima Christi. lex talionis. Fiat justitia et ruat caelum. Fiat voluntas tua… Vae victis. Vivat rex.” The red light around Niklaus turned black again. He looked over at Hildr and Freya. “She reconnected my sire line.”

Stefan and Elena quickly moved into the circle, pouring the blood over the lines. When they were done they stood behind Niklaus. The entire Original family saying the same chant over and over again. Hildr turning to look at Charity. She put her hand on Hildr’s shoulder. Hildr started to chant, “Ab aeterno. Ab antiquo. A bene placito. Ab origine. Absolutum dominium. A caelo usque ad centrum. A capite ad calcem. Accipe hoc. Ad fontes. Ad vitam aeternam. Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest.” Charity’s body which had been played on the table behind them Stood up. The Charity that was holding on to Hildr collapsed.

She felt herself falling forward. Kol and Rebekah holding her up. Kol shouted, “Hildr can’t hold on anymore. Freya finish the spell.” Freya channeled all the energy they had left straight at Niklaus. Black light burst into him and the circle broke, sending them all back. Elijah the first to sit up. He was relieved to see Hayley had caught Hope. Damon walked forward. “Well, is it done?” Hildr leapt forward onto Damon. Elena screaming for her to stop. Niklaus managing to pull her off of him. She struggled against Niklaus. “I want it. Let me have it.” Elijah and Kol ran over to restrain her. “How does she have so much energy left?” Kol said.

Freya walked forward. “She doesn’t. Maaike’s spell is burning her from the inside to force the movement. You need to get her out of this room.” Charity walked over to Henrik and hugged him. Rebekah the first to notice the illusion spell on her had been broken. Kol sadly the second. He looked at her and said, “Davina?” Niklaus turned to shout at his brother. “That’s not Davina, Kol. Help us restrain our sister and then we can explain the similarities later.” He let go of Hildr’s arm and she yanked her other arm free. “Marcellus.” She flipped Elijah onto his back and pushed Niklaus back a few feet. Then she ran out of the house. Niklaus looking at Damon. “Can you do anything, or did Katerina turn you to stand there and look pretty.” Damon smiled. “Aw. You think I’m pretty.”

Kol grabbed his brother’s arm. “Nik, why is Davina’s body standing there?” Niklaus pried his arm off of him. “You have no right to answers after you let our Ripper of a sister loose into the city.” Henrik stepped forward. “It’s not Davina. She was Charity’s doppelgänger.” Damon put his hand to his mouth. “Ooooooh. I sense family drama.” Stefan chuckled besides him. Elena looking away. Elijah stepped forward. “Kol, we have other things to worry about right now.” Hayley walked Hope over to Rebekah and Henrik. “You guys have no energy left. I will go find Hildr and bring her back.” Elijah walked towards her. “Absolutely not. You can’t go running after an uncontrollable Tribrid. You stay here and watch Hope.” Stefan walked forward. “Did you just say Tribid?” Niklaus turned to Stefan. “What is it with everyone from Mystic Falls being uncharacteristically slow. My sister is the only Original besides my daughter to have the powers of a vampire, a werewolf and a witch. And right now she is cursed to only think about feeding on every resident of New Orleans.

Kol grabbed the jacket he left on one of the garden chairs. “I will track down our sister, but when I return I expect answers.” Elijah sighed in relief. “Thank you, Kol.” Kol walked out of the room. Charity walked forward. “I think it is time we rest and plan our next move.” Rebekah walked over to Elena. “Did Caroline get Bonnie to remake the serum used on Marcel?” Elena handed her a mason jar. “Here you go. Are we done repaying favors for you?” Niklaus turned them. “You are free to leave. It is at the risk of the fact there is a very psychotic and mentally disturbed witch who is now obsessed with sacrificing you along with us to anchor her daughter. But it is your choice, Elena. If I die, enjoy the hour you have left to regret your decisions.” Damon sighed. “So that’s a no.”

Henrik walked to Niklaus. “Niklaus, if you give Freya and me some time to rest we could find Hildr.” He looked at Henrik. Somehow he couldn’t find a way to be mad at his youngest brother. “Go rest, Henrik. I will figure everything out by the time you feel better.” The boy nodded, took Charity’s hand and walked out the room. Elijah walked towards Niklaus. “I think it is time we take the moment to rest up.” Niklaus looked at him for second, but nodded. “Alright. Hayley take Hope home. Gather the wolves into the French Quarter. Elena, Stefan and Damon you can make yourselves useful by figuring out what Marcel knows about what just took place, and Rebekah try not to go running out somewhere.”

Rebekah turned around and left the room. The idea of avoiding all of the messy work and staying with Henrik was a task she wanted. Hayley hugged Elijah. “I am not staying out of this, Elijah.” He nodded and watched her take Hope out of the house. Freya walked out of the room. Stefan walking forward. “What exactly do you want us to say to Marcel?” Niklaus turned around. “Tell him that our plan worked. We have stalled the witch from killing me and my sire line is magically reconnected again. You could even hint that we have a way to kill her.” Elena stepped forward. “Klaus, maybe it is a better idea to tell him he is also reconnected.” Damon sighed. “Or tell him is adopted daughter is alive again and in our hands.”

Niklaus glared at them. “For once in your miserable lives can you just do what I say and then leave.” Damon walked towards him. “Maybe you could share your plans with people. That way they would be more willing to follow your secret plans.” Elijah walked over to Damon. “I believe you are mistaken. These plans are not secret or are they Niklaus’. The one who knows how to stop Maaike and save all of our lives is our sister. I would take Niklaus’ advice and go try to find out what you can. Unless you want to rely solely on my backstabbing brother and his uncontrollable sister.” Damon pointed his finger in his face and smiled. “You should take a lesson from your brother. That is proper motivation at its finest.” Elena grabbed Damon’s arm. “Come on.” The three of them leaving.

Niklaus and Elijah walked into one of the rooms. Both of them pouring themselves a drink. “What’s wrong, Niklaus?” Niklaus turned to Elijah. “The chance of beating this witch grows smaller every minute.” Elijah smiled at him. “Surely, the great Niklaus Mikaelson isn’t scared of losing.” He glared at his brother. “Don’t be ridiculous. I am worried about our family. Hayley is right when she says we are divided. You could feel all the mistrust in the circle.” Elijah put his hand on his brother’s neck. “She is also right when she says our greatest power is when we come together. Niklaus, nothing can ever divide this family. Everyone has agreed the witch is the greatest threat.” He shrugged off his brother. “You say that now, but over and over again we betray each other.” Elijah too the glass cup from his hand and put it on the table. “What is this really about, Niklaus?”

He turned to his brother. “I am tired, Elijah. Tired of fighting and the result being more enemies and war. For the shortest of a second I believed we could all be a family again. You and Hayley could run off into the sunset in love. Rebekah could find some man we would all disapprove of. Kol would find another obsession to occupy his time. Freya could find a way to truly be in our company and I could find peace with my daughter. Then the person we trusted most outside of our family becomes one of our greatest enemies. A change we can’t blame on anyone, but ourselves.” Elijah looked at his brother distraught. “I don’t believe I’ve ever heard you admit to some thing like that.” Niklaus looked at him. “When do we say it is time to go home. After two thousand years? After three? Elijah, we have two more siblings now and they are already in danger of being eradicated by the enemies we’ve created and by us.” Elijah looked at his brother confused. “The change in Marcellus was solely because of his own lack of faith in his family. Our siblings have come at a time of peril, just like any other Mikaelson would. They are an example of how this family has the ability to destroy all obstacles before it. Where is your will to fight?”

Niklaus walked towards the window. “Maybe it was taken away by her spell.” Elijah walked over to his brother. “It could be. When have you ever backed down? You have never been the wounded wolf. You yourself have claimed to be the one true Alpha.” Niklaus turned to his brother. “Even if you are right, I do not have the will to argue with you.” Elijah had zero idea what to do. His brother was always the one who needed to stop. Now that he has he saw no intention of Niklaus ever wanting to fight again. This witch was a bigger problem then they all thought. “Niklaus, listen to me, I need you wait here and not do anything too rash. I will figure out how to reverse what ever the witch has put on you.” Niklaus walked over to one of the chairs by his art easel. “Go on then, Elijah. I shall wait here patiently until you return my sister and me to normal.” Elijah walked out of the room. This was all so strange.

Hildr, in 1793, held Marie in her arms. Moments before she had snapped her neck. She waited until the woman woke up. She let her go, so she could drag one of the soldiers she had left alive to her. After she was done feeding, Marie looked up at her. “Is it done then, cheri?” Hildr nodded. “Your life is saved. The second I leave all the information you need will appear in your head. Now tell me what prison Louis XVII is in.” Marie picked up her hand mirror. “Marais.” She frowned. That was not the closest location. “If I don’t get there in time, I suggest avoiding your sired siblings for a few hundred years. And me.”

Marie sighed and shoved her away. Her reflection in the mirror consumed her. “Go on already, cherie. Your petit-frere is waiting for you.” Hildr frowned at her. “Do not make me regret saving you.” Marie looked away from her mirror. “You may not believe me, but not everything I said to him was because of the request you gave me to lie. I know now that even if Louis can not be saved. He can be saved in a few hundred years. Then I will come to you and fulfill my promise as one of your coven sirelings. My power shall be yours. My son shall be safe. All the while, I remain beautiful.” The vanity on her was always obnoxious. Hildr had no patience for her. However, her life was a gift promised to Henrik. “Enjoy your freedom, Marie.” She said as she left her. Marie’s hand went to her face. “In my human life this beauty gave me my freedom, in this eternal curse it shall give my family freedom. Bless he who has delivered us from sin. You have given me the method to save those I care for.”

A few hours later Niklaus found himself walking through Marais. It had been a while and he still could not find Louis. Every guard he seemed to grab had vervain in their system. Eventually, he got so frustrated he threatened the nearest guard with pure violence. “Take me to Louis.” The guard, in fear, nodded. Niklaus was led through the prison to a cell all the way in the darkest corner. What he found shocked him. There in the cell was a screaming girl, holding the boy. Niklaus killed the guard as he tried to run away.

The girl turned her head at him. “Niklaus?” He ran over and hit her away from the boy. He bent down to see if he was still alive, but he was too late. The boy had died from tuberculosis. Niklaus turned to the girl in anger. “What have you done!” The woman sat up. “I have done nothing. He is the one I came to save.” Niklaus tried to leap forward, but found himself kneeling in pain. “What are you doing to me?” The girl stood up. “I am saving my life.” He tried to stand up, but all he felt was more pain.

She walked over to him and leaned down. “I am sorry for this. One day I promise you that this will seem like a good choice.” He glared up at her. “I promise you, this choice will be the death of you.” The girl smiled sadly. “You may try.” When she disappeared he stood up. Niklaus turned to look at the boy. “At least you died a human. Your mother will have to settle for that.” When the guards rushed into the room they found no one there. He had already left the dead boy to be burned.

Caroline walked into the room.  “Niklaus.” She said. He turned his head. “Have you come here to gloat, Caroline?” She walked towards him. “Why on Earth would now be the time to gloat.” Niklaus turned back towards the fireplace that the chair faced. “It seems like something you have always enjoyed doing. Covering up all the feelings you have for me, never giving me a chance, all the while you bash everything I am to those you know. It seems having my sister gone mad and my family about to die would be something that would make you happy.” Caroline hit him. “Snap out of it. I heard what Elijah said, but you should be the very man strong enough to fight this. If you die, Stefan, Damon, Elena and I all die too. Remember.” He caught her hand. “Perhaps it is for the best. In the last few years alone I have wreaked quite the havoc on this town and its residents.”

Caroline pulled him up to stand and pushed him against the wall. “You are Klaus Mikaelson. The only man who has ever gotten me to question everything I hold dear. Stop acting like you are someone else and get it together. I don’t want to regret coming here to help you.” Niklaus smiled and pulled her close to him. “Thank you.” He kissed her and she pushed him away. He was smiling. “Oh, don’t be so annoyed, love. Your speech worked. It seems I have momentarily gotten my fighting spirit back. Shall we put it to use?” Caroline looked at him. “As long as you are talking about using it for your little brother.” He walked towards her. “Now who is the one having dirty thoughts.” Caroline scoffed and walked out of the room. Niklaus walking over to the table. On it was a scattered collection of his drawings. He picked up the one of a little girl in a flower field. “I will bring you home.”

Stefan, Elena and Damon walked into the studio apartment. Marcel was at his fridge in the kitchen. “So this is what the King of New Orleans place looks like.” Damon said laughing. Marcel closed the fridge and turned to look. “I heard Damon Salvatore was the more annoying brother. I guess the rumors are true.” Stefan walked forward. “Klaus sent us to tell you that they have managed to stall the witch’s spell.” Marcel walked over to the couch. “I know.” Damon walked towards him. “Just for the fun of it, why don’t you tell us how you already know?” A woman walked in from the other room. “If you care to sit for a second, I wouldn’t mind telling you.”

The three of them turned to see a happy Maaike, staring at them. “Would you three like to sit and catch up on the matters going on.” The three of them looked at each other and sat down on the couch. Stefan crossed one of his legs over the other. “Why don’t you catch us up then.” She smiled. “Gladly. You three do know who I am at least?” Damon leaned forward. “Do you think if we did we would be sitting here right now.” Marcel turned to Maaike. “I told you Nikalus would never have told them the truth.” She sighed. “I guess you are right. My name is Maaike Adolvson. I am the third witch of my late Aunt Dahlia’s circle. She was the Mikaelson’s aunt as well. She had a nasty little habit of wanting to kill all of them.” Elena looked at her. “That seems to run in the family.”

Maaike laughed. “It could be a persisting trait. Either way, when my Aunt and her favorite Freya went to asleep the rest of us had to figure out how to survive. My sister Hildr had become a vampire. She changed Dahlia’s other apprentices, Dusty and Eerika into witch/vampire hybrids.” Damon looked at her. “Let me guess. She didn’t do the same for you.” She laughed. “Well, there has always been tensions amongst our circle.” Stefan rolled his eyes. “Too busy competing for mother’s attention.” Marcel glared at him. “You two think this is funny?” Maaike put her hand on his leg. “Now, now. Be polite, Marcel. They don’t know the full story.” Elena leaned forward. “This is you chance to enlighten us.”

Maaike looked at her. She had always enjoyed the will doppelgängers seemed to have. “No. She didn’t, but our issues didn’t come from that. In 1835, I had finally managed to find a way to have a daughter. Her name was Charity. However, this was around the time Hildr had found me to ask for help on breaking the curse our Aunt Dahlia put on us. She was obsessed with finding a way to save Henrik from his fate. In return for helping me with Charity she asked me to help save him.” Damon leaned forward. “You didn’t did you.” Maaike’s joyous expression disappeared. “I couldn’t. The Original family was not supposed to know of Hildr’s existence. Dahlia left a curse on all our bloodlines that would of killed Charity if I went to them to get Niklaus’ blood. In anger of not helping her she introduced Charity to Henrik’s reincarnation. After she had found out from a seer that the two were destined for each other.” Marcel looked at his guests. “I think you can guess the rest.”

Stefan leaned back into the couch. “You drained Henrik dry and killed Charity.” Elena looked at them confused. “Why would you want to work with him then?” Maaike returned to smiling. “Because it’s not his fault. Marcel was a new vampire lead there by Hildr. My issue is with her and the rest of the Mikaelson family.” Stefan looked at the witch. Nothing about her seemed very truthful. “I see why you’d want to go after Hildr, but the rest of the Original family?” Maaike nodded. “Well it’s not like any of them are that great of people. However, it is more part of the bargain with my friend Marcel here. Once Charity is resurrected I can take the steps to separate Davina Claire’s soul. I can put that soul in a new body and both my daughter and his can live. With an added bonus of the most corrupt and annoying vampire family erased off of the Earth.”

Damon looked at her confused. “For someone who is aware that her big spell was thwarted you don’t seem very concerned.” Maaike stood up. “Why would I have anything to fear when she is doing exactly as I programmed her too. Poor Hildr, can’t even remember that she isn’t in control of her own decisions. She makes a pretty distraction though. The long lost sister of Niklaus. The twin desperate to save the poor innocent Henrik. And the best of all is the very fact that she is star crossed lovers with her own half brother. Who is at the same time pining for my daughter’s doppelgänger.” Stefan stood up. “It is a good show. One it doesn’t seem like you need to be playing. You clearly have all of this power.” She walked over to him. “Have you never met someone over a thousand years old. We get bored. Things have to be done much more dramatically to be satisfying.”

Damon stood up. “So what do you want from us?” She turned to him. “Well, some of Stefan and Elena’s blood would be useful. It would craft the perfect body for Davina Claire. It could also bypass the step of killing the innocent Henrik. Oh, and save your lives for interfering.” Damon shrugged. “Not the worst first offer.” Elena stood up. “All of us are connected to Niklaus’ sire line.” Marcel stood up. “Or you could be connected to mine.” Stefan looked at him. “Or you could not connect us to anyone.” Maaike smiled at him. “If I do that you will help us?” Elena stepped forward and held out her hand. “You make sure we aren’t dependent on any other vampire and you have a deal.” Maaike shook her hand. “You are much more agreeable than Katerina. I see why they like you.”

In the late 19th century Katherine Pierce found herself stopped in the woods, by a witch. It was a witch she had only heard legends of. “Maaike. What are you doing in the States?” Maaike smiled. “I had thought you would of heard what happened in New Orleans. You disappoint me, Katerina.” Katherine glared at her. “Tell me what you want?” Maaike walked up to her. “What I want is simple. Your blood.” Katherine let out a large exaggerated sigh. “What is it with all of you old supernaturals and wanting my blood.” Maaike shrugged. “The blood of a doppelgänger has power to it.”

Katherine walked up to her. “I can not give you my blood. Klaus has been hunting me down for it. If it is spilled he will know where I am.” Maaike frowned. She clenched her hand and Katherine fell to floor in pain. Bones breaking. “I had hoped we would do this civilly.” Katherine  put her hand out. “Wait. I know where you can get the blood you need.” Maaike let her stand up, free from the pain. “Go on, Katerina.” Katherine glared at her. “The blood of one of the doppelgängers like me was used in the spell that created the Mikaelsons. You can use their blood to do your spell.” Maaike clenched her hand and Katherine fell on all fours in pain. “Now why would I believe you?”

Katherine’s hands clawed into the dirt. “Because, Elijah himself told me. It is why Niklaus is looking for me. He needs another doppelgängers blood to break his werewolf curse.” The pain vanished. Maaike helped her stand up. “I guess I should believe you. For the sake of not giving that family any more power then they have I will let you run. Be warned, Katerina. If I can not get their blood by the time I need it, you shall have to donate.” Katherine nodded and then ran away.

Maaike turning around to sigh. “Maybe it is better then I thought. I get to punish that family again.” She started to walk away. The land behind her turning brown and dying. “In fact, I can ensure that they will be punished many times over.”

Kol chased Hildr to the bayou. She was feeding on a pair of witches. “Must you always leave the Quarter in such a messy manor. Fourteen bodies I had to clean up.” She turned to look at him. “Kol, stop following me.” He walked over to her. “I know you are almost at your limit, but you have to hold on just a little bit longer. Maaike’s mind games are beginning to get to everyone.” Hildr walked over to him. “I can’t control myself. If I go back I will end up doing everything Maaike has programmed me to do.” Kol held out his arm. “Then take as much blood as you need. I can’t have her blowing up Davina’s soul out of revenge for our family.” Hildr bit down on his arm. “You haven’t told the other’s everything.” He shook his head no. “I am impulsive, darling. Not an idiot. Nik, would murder you if he found out you already had a spell that was controlling your actions.” She turned away from him. “The candle is almost burnt out. Once it’s gone I won’t be able to do anything. We have to bind Davina’s soul to Marcel’s before she can use Stefan and Elena’s blood to create the new body.”

Kol took her arm. “Then what are we waiting for.” One of the witch’s behind them gasped for breath. Hildr smiled and turned around to finish her off. He shook his head. “Such a messy eater.”

Stefan, Damon and Elena walked back into the house. They found Freya, Niklaus and Elijah around a table discussing what to do next. The three of them ending the conversation when they walked in. “We have a problem.” Stefan said. Elijah looked at him. “What tragic thing has happened now?” Elena walked forward. “Hildr has been under a spell this entire time. Maaike has been controlling her actions and she isn’t aware of it.” Niklaus walked over to them. “That’s a bad lie, even for you.” Damon glared at him. “It’s not a lie, Klaus. Your sister is being controlled by the psychotic witch. She wants to wipe out your family, because Marcel asked her too.” Elijah stood up. “Why would she bother to help Marcel?”

Kol and Hildr walked back into the room. “Because Marcel can be used to keep the rest of Niklaus’ line alive and tie Charity’s soul too.” Damon grabbed her arm. “You shouldn’t be here.” Kol pried it off and pushed him against the wall. “I wouldn’t touch her if I was you.” Elena seemed the most frustrated in the room. “Enough. We have bigger issues to deal with.” Niklaus looked at her pleasantly surprised. “For once I agree with, little Gilbert. We have more important tasks at hand then your bickering.” Stefan turned to Hildr. “You are under a curse. If you want us to succeed, you can’t be here.” She sighed. “I know I am. That’s why before I entered the city I bound my will to a candle. As long as the flame is burning I can still fight Maaike’s demands. However, with the spell she cast on me to only think about bloodlust the candle is burning even faster.” Elijah looked at her. “Why didn’t you tell us this before?” Hildr looked at him. “Because it would distract you and we don’t have the time for that. Davina’s soul needs to be bound to Marcel’s, before she uses their blood to create the new body. Once that is done when her mother casts the spell to split the soul all Charity needs to do is stay within her body. With her magic she can easily push Davina out into the created one.”

Freya walked over to her. “And you? How long are you going to last?” She looked at her solemnly. “Not long enough to help with anymore spells. Freya, you have the strength to do the binding spell without me. Niklaus already has everything you need to ensure Marcel falls in line.” Niklaus walked over to her. “Pray tell, what are you going to do while we run around and do all the dirty work?” She looked at Kol. “I need to leave the city. Two of my sires can be a very good last minute help.” Stefan walked forward. “Are you talking about the two other apprentices under Dahlia?” Hildr nodded. “Dusty and Eerika are both in my sire line.” Freya turned to her brothers. “Their magic could tip the scales in our favor. Dusty excelled at protection magic and Eerika has been focused on necromancy since she first awakened as a witch.” Hildr nodded. “When my candle goes out, I will not be in control of anything. They are the only ones who have enough knowledge to help Freya. They are also free of any curses from Maaike.” Niklaus nodded. “Alright, go. But Kol is going with you.” He turned around to look at Niklaus. “You are kidding me. You can’t expect me to leave when Davina’s soul is on the line.” Elijah turned to him. “That is exactly what you are going to do. Your irrationality could be the very thing that causes us to lose the ability to save her soul. Instead, you can go keep Hildr under control long enough to find the two witches who may help save her.” Kol walked to the doorway of the room. “If you let her soul die a second time, I am not coming back.” Niklaus just sighed at his brother. “Just go, before I get mad at you for abusing my sister’s care for you.” Kol took Hildr’s hand. “I mean it, Nik.” Elijah sighed. “Go and try not to anger our brother anymore then you have.” The two of them leaving the room.

Damon smiled at Elena. “I suddenly feel much better at our years of a love triangle.” Niklaus turned to Damon. “Don’t feel better yet. I need you to leave Stefan and Elena alone and go collect something for me.”  Damon looked at him like he was insane. “These are new shoes, Klaus. I don’t want to wade through blood pools with them.” He just glared at him. “Go and bring Marcel here. It is time we have a talk about Davina’s soul.” Damon sighed and left the room. Freya took Elena’s hand. “I need you two for a second.” The three of them left the room.  Elijah turned to Niklaus. “Once again it is just us left in the room, brother.” Niklaus turned to Elijah. “Hildr left me with enough of Marcel’s blood to bind Davina’s soul to his. Before she did that she used some of the blood to reconnect Marcel to me, and alter the Tunde blade to only work on him.” Elijah looked at him surprised. “When did she do all of this?” Niklaus walked over to him. “That doesn’t matter now. I need to know from an unbiased source. Do you think she did it under Maaike’s instructions or her own.”

Elijah looked at his brother. For the first time he could see the young man that existed a thousand years ago. “I don’t know. She seems to posses incredible will. It would make sense a hybrid of her strength could of cast a spell to give her temporary reason, but wether or not Maaike is aware of that and playing into it. There is no way to be certain.” Niklaus pulled the Tunde blade out of his back pocket and handed it to Elijah. “Then we will go through with what she planned, but you hold the blade. Do not tell anyone else until Freya has linked Davina’s soul to Marcel’s.” Elijah nodded. “Alright. Hayley has gathered the wolves. They have finally agreed that their interests and our own seem to be the very same thing.”

Niklaus poured himself a drink and lifted the cup up. “To the Mikaelsons. Always finding a way to submit people into doing our bidding.” Elijah smiled and clinked glasses with him. “We do tend to be a very durable and domineering family.”

2010, Saint Petersburg, Russia- Elijah stood walking through the crowds of people. He headed towards Saint Michael’s Castle. A long time associate of his had tipped him off on a certain witch’s location. When he got to the castle he entered through the southern entrance. From there he made his way through the hallways of paintings. He walked until he spotted a young girl standing in front of a portrait of Catherine the Great. Elijah quickly approached her. “The Undying Witch, I presume?”

The girl laughed, but did not turn away from the portrait. “Elijah Mikaelson, starting off with your fabled charms.” He turned to look at the picture with her. “Catherine the Great. Did you know her?” The witch smiled at the picture. “I did indeed. Saw her grow from a child to a queen. You would of enjoyed to see it.” He nodded his head. “Yes, it must of been quite the show. I believe you are aware of why I am here?” The witch turned away from the portrait. “Yes. You want to know where your brother, Niklaus, is.” Elijah nodded. “He likes to run away every few hundred years.”

The witch laughed. “I don’t need a reason. As long as you agree to my terms then I have no problem helping you.” Elijah sighed. “Those were quite unique terms for a witch, asking me to agree to forget all memory of you except the fact a witch of your title gave me his location. Must I be worried of someone trying to find you through me?” She turned around and started walking through the halls. Elijah forced to follow her. “You know Elijah, I have always been curious on what they meant by your diplomacy. It is not as up to par as I had assumed.” He smiled as they walked. “I disappoint you. I can assure you the feeling is mutual. The Undying Witch is simply a young girl.”

They turned a corner into an empty hallway. “I suppose it may look like that, but I am older then I should be. It is with that age I know there is no point in being anything but civil with a Mikaelson.” He stopped walking. “Then I am to assume that you have what I need?” The witch stopped walking as well. She put her hand out to touch Elijah. Her mind opening up to him. There he saw images of Niklaus in Mystic Falls. “You will find your brother there. He is up to exactly what his reputation says he does.” Elijah pulled out a carved wolf. “The item of Henrik’s you requested.” She took it from him. “Thank you, Elijah. It must not be easy for you to hand this over to me.”

Elijah shrugged. “I believe a sense of distrust about why you want this is more accurate to how I am feeling.” The Undying Witch looked down at the carving. “I saw Henrik once. He was a sweet boy.” He nodded his head. “That he was.” The witch turned to him and put her hand on his once more. “Do not worry, Elijah. You will not remember that you gave this to me. I promise you though it is not to be used for bad intentions. You will only remember what I have said you would remember and a sense of ease when my name is mentioned. When we meet again this memory will come back to you with time.” He watched her chant as memories of her flooded from her head into his. Before he could answer she disappeared and he stood there only remembering that he came for information. Elijah turned to walk out of Saint Michael’s Castle. It was time he headed to Mystic Falls.

Freya took Stefan and Elena to another room and handed them a knife. “If you are going to give blood to Maaike we must be prepared as well. It’s easier to handle her magic if we have access to your blood as well.” Stefan and Elena both cut each other, their blood dripped into a circular bowl. “Is that all you need?” He asked her. Freya looked at them. “I know my family has made enemies in the years they have been alive, but I will thank you in their place for helping us. It can’t be easy to risk the freedom you had to help a man you hate.” Elena looked at her surprised. “You are thanking us?” Freya nodded. “Niklaus isn’t easy, but he does have a heart.” Stefan smirked. “When it comes to family.” Freya smiled at him. “Sometimes even to those who become close to it.” Elena frowned. “Not one of us here want to get any closer to your family then we have too.” Freya pointed to the blonde girl talking to Niklaus in the hall. They turned to see Caroline. “Are you sure about that?”

In the eleventh century, Hildr stood in front of a large burial ground. There was row after row of newly buried dead. A whole village could of been buried here. Someone must of come back and buried the dead from the village Dahlia slaughtered. In fact she soon saw the very person who did. A girl a few years older then herself sat next to one of the graves drawing. Curious, Hildr walked towards her. “Who are you?” The girl looked up from her drawings. “Eerika. I have come to see my parents. If you want to find someone I can show you.”

Hildr smiled. She could show her? What an amusing girl. “How can you show me, Eerika?” The young girl put down her drawings. She opened her two palms and a dead flower sat in the middle. “My mother taught me how. The flower will show you.” Hildr walked towards her. “Can that Asphodelus point me towards what I’m curious about?” The girl looked down at the flower. It did not move. She looked up at Hildr. “You are not here about the dead. Why are you curious about me?” She sat down next to the girl. “My Aunt Dahlia, asked me to come here to see what happened to the villagers she once killed. She felt a spark in an area she condemned to be filled with death.” The girl looked up at her. “Are you saying she could feel my life?”

Hildr took the dead flower from her hands and pressed it into her own. When she opened her hands the flower had come back to life. “I am saying, my Aunt Dahlia, is the most powerful witch I have ever seen. She has given me permission to spare the life of that spark if they are a witch. You are one. So I ask you this, do you want to die and be buried by your parents or do you want to live and learn about your craft?” The young girl looked at her parents’ graves. “I do not mind dying.” Hildr nodded her head. “I can see that death does not scare you.  I will admit that it is sometimes easier then life, but would your parents want you dead so young.” The girl looked at her. “How old are you to say such things to me?” Hildr smiled. “Not everything is about age. Ask the dead. They will agree.” The girl smiled. “Can you teach me to ask the dead?” Hildr laughed. “I can try.”

Eerika stuck out her hand. “Then I will choose to live.” Hildr shook it. “Then I shall help you live.” The two of them stood up. Hildr pointed her hand at the dirt and chanted. The soil turned hard like rock over her parents graves. “Now, no one can disturb them. You can always come back and visit them.” She saw the girl smile at her. This was the second time in Hildr’s life she felt that magic could be used for good. Hildr took her hand and walked her away from the graves.

Kol followed Hildr all the way to Savannah, Georgia. “Couldn’t we have at least taken a car?” She turned to look at him. “We don’t have time for that.” The two of them walked towards the cemetery. “Your sire is hanging out in a cemetery.” Hildr sighed. “Eerika has always found comfort in relaxing amongst the dead. The civil war provided many areas for her to escape too. This cemetery just happens to be the one she had her last love affair in.” The two walked through the gates into the rows of tombs. “Was it with a ghost?”

A tall hippy looking chick stepped out from behind a grave. “No. It was with a writer. I had brought him here to meet a witch friend of mine. The results were on the best seller’s list I here.” Hildr turned around and smiled. “Eerika.” She walked over to her slowly. “I see Maaike has finally decided to curse you.” She nodded. “Revenge for Charity. The nineteenth century was always such an unpleasant time for me.” Eerika laughed. “That is why I prefer to stay amongst the dead.” Hildr frowned at her. “Even when your sire is in dire trouble.” Eeirka reached down towards the nearest grave and waved her hand. The tombstone polished right up. “I am afraid I am always around those who have faced dire trouble.”

Kol stepped forward. “You do realize that if she dies you die as well.” Eerika shrugged. “I have never had a problem with dying. That has always been more of her problem. But it is interesting to see the man my sister once pined over. You are handsome.” Eerika put her hand out in front of Kol. “Eerika, please. Maaike wants to shatter a soul. One that she forcibly stitched together after orchestrating an ancestral well being destroyed.” Eerika turned to her angry. “How could she do that! She knows how much pain both souls would endure.” Hildr walked forward and grabbed her hands. Although her eyes had turned yellow again she showed no sign of aggression. “She has gone too far. We always knew she would. Please, Eerika. If not for me, for my brother, or for favor then do it for your own beliefs.” Eerika turned to look at Kol. “If you share him for the time I’m in New Orleans then I’ll help. Separating the stitched souls and putting them back into their original bodies is something I should do.” Kol pointed to himself. “You want me?” She nodded. “Your blood would prove fascinating for research. How many times you’ve been brought back is marvelous.” Kol looked at Hildr. She shrugged. “I never said the ones I’ve sired were any less interesting.”

Damon met Marcel in a bar. He was sitting listening to jazz. “You need something, Damon Salvatore?” He slid into the booth and tapped on the table. A waitress delivered him his own cup of bourbon. “Klaus asked me to bring you to him.” Marcel smiled. “You must know that’s a death wish.” Damon chugged his bourbon. “You are only a few years older then me. Relax with the threats. Magical hybrid powers or not. You are going to want to hear what Klaus has to say.” Marcel leaned forward. “Now why would I want to do that? The Mikaelsons are a plague on this world.” Damon raised his glass at him. “True, but so is your witch. Exploding a witch’s soul I hear is terrible business. I guess that’s the price to pay for wanting her daughter back. Destroy her doppelgänger forever.” Marcel looked at him confused. Damon laughed. “Oh, you didn’t know. The ancient witch with a grudge was lying to you. She wants to explode the last remnants of Davina’s soul to ensure that her daughter will live forever in her original body. She needs you to help her get rid of the obstacles to that.” Marcel glared at him. “You’re lying.” Damon shook his head. “On the contrary, I’m the only one in this town telling the truth. Hildr, managed to maintain a candle’s worth of reason. She gave Klaus the means to apparently bring Davina back in a new body, or if you fight him, he can kill you. You must be happy to have been adopted into the Mikaelson family. Aren’t their spats just so fun.”

Marcel stood up. “You win. Take me to Klaus.” Damon turned to the jazz band. “This is a good song. Let’s just listen to the end.”

Kol, Eeirka and Hildr walked into Charleston, South Carolina. “And Dusty is where in this town?” Kol asked irritated.  Eeirka turned to him. “Probably at a mall or candy store.” Hildr hit her arm. “Be nice.” She lead the two towards Boone Hall. “Dusty has always had a thing for admirers and tea. I don’t think she ever got over the Victorian craze.” Eerika laughed. “What do you expect of a thirteen year old that never ages.” Kol looked at Hildr. “You turned a thirteen year old. Are you insane?” Hildr looked at him confused. “Well, I couldn’t let Dahlia kill her. Besides, she was very talented with magic.” Eerika laughed. “She means that Dusty was her ward. Hildr found and raised her.” Kol shook his head and followed the two girls into the plantation.

There under the trees was a table filled with tea and snacks. Around it was a thirteen year old girl and her young admirers. Hildr and Eerika cracked up laughing. The girl turned around and smiled. “If it isn’t my sisters. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Hildr walked up to her and Dusty laughed. “The curse Dahlia put on you seems nastier then we all felt. No wonder my appetite has been insatiable lately.” Eerika turned to Kol. “Many of Hildr’s sires have a connection with her, because of our witch powers. Dusty always had a hard time controlling her appetite. Some of the spell must of rubbed off on her.”

Dusty stood up. “Oh, don’t be such a bore, Eerika. Kol Mikaelson can figure it out on his own. Why not start with the argument to get me to come help you. After all you want me to risk my immortal life to fight our eldest sister. Who happens to be crazier then any psychopathic killer anyone has ever met.” Hildr nodded her head. “True, but you can’t separate your life from mine. And the worst my thirst gets the worst yours will. I think it will mess up your Victorian day dream if I go out of control.” She stood up from her tea party and laughed. “I have missed you. It would be nice to spend some time battling evil. This era seems quite obsessed with their heroes.” Hildr reached out her hand. “So you will help me?” Dusty nodded. “If you provide me with some handsome men to eat.” Hildr pointed to Kol. “You see who hangs around me lately.” Dusty took one of her admirers hands and walked him over to Hildr. “Enjoy a snack then.” Hildr smiled and bit into his neck. Eerika and Dusty turning around to finish off the rest of them. Kol stood there in shock. “And she was lecturing me on controlling my urges. Look at them.”

It was the eleventh century, a young girl was running through the woods. She is shouting out for Dahlia and Freya. She has fallen behind the two of them. As mist begins to roll in with the darkening night she falls farther and father behind them. “Dahlia! Freya! Please, don’t walk so fast,” she shouts. Still they keep moving father and farther out of sight. Until she can longer see them. The young girl sits down and tucks her knees in. “Freya…I am scared. You left me behind, again.” The sounds of fighting appear in the distance. She turns her head and sees the tiniest glow of fire. Dahlia. 

The young girl stood up and ran as fast as she could towards it. Only to be disappointed by seeing a village woman and her young daughter being attacked. The young girl starts to chant and the men fall down on the ground like twigs snapping. She begins to walk towards them when the woman puts her hands up. “Stay away from me.” She puts her own hands up. “Don’t worry. I only was trying to help you.” She watched the woman push her young daughter in front of her. “Take her. You can have her, just leave me alone.” She looked at the woman confused. “ I don’t want her. I-” The young girl is interrupted by the sound of her own bones breaking. As she realizes that she has activated a long held curse. She falls on all fours screaming. The pain from turning for the first time.

The young girl in the woman’s arms begins to cry. An arrow coming from the woods from a man who had stayed back. To his dismay it did not end up in the young girl like he intended. Instead it found its way into the side of a small wolf. The wolf runs towards him. Killing him easily. When the wolf was done it turned back towards the woman and child. As the wolf walks closer to them the woman pushes her young girl hard out in front of her. “Take her. Spare me, please.” The wolf growls and jumps at the woman. She is torn limb from limb. When the wolf turns around the young girl is sitting there praying. The wolf watches her open her eyes and look at her.

To the surprise of both of them the wolf does not lunge forward. Instead she sits down and curls up on the floor. The young girl crawls forward towards her. When she gets close she whispers, “This is going to hurt.” The arrow is pulled out from the wolf’s side. She was met with a growl and nothing more. The young girl curled up to the tiny wolf and fell asleep. The two laying there until Freya found them. “Dahlia will not like this.”

Dahlia appeared behind her. “I told that girl not to kill anyone. Now look at what she’s done. The werewolf curse has been activated.” Freya turned to her mentor. “Can you not block away that part of her?” Dahlia looked down at the sleeping wolf. “The young girl besides her seems to have a dormant ability for magic. She could be useful.” Freya smiled. “Then we can spare both of them?” Dahlia nodded. “I taught you two that power is necessary for survival. Although she activated her family curse of beasthood, she did so to save one of our kind. Your sister has defied my rule, not me.” Freya took her hand. “Thank you, Dahlia.” The older woman patted her head. “Do not thank me, Freya. It is you who will need to cast the spell that binds her beast form.”

The young girl opened her eyes. The first words that came from her mouth were, “Are you here to kill the wolf?” Dahlia smiled at her. “No, little one. I am here to save you both.” She looked at her grim. “And the price for that?” Dahlia laughed. “Oh, I do enjoy you. I sense we shall all be great friends.”

Damon and Marcel walked into the Mikaelson household. Niklaus was waiting for them. “Marcel, it seems we need to come to a new agreement.” He walked into the room straight for Niklaus. “I don’t have patience for your games, Klaus. What do you mean she plans to blow up Davina’s soul?” Niklaus looked at Damon. “Laying all of our cards on the table, are we?” Damon shrugged. “I got him here.” Niklaus turned and picked up the Tunde Blade. “You see, according to my two sisters and Charity. Maaike intends to use the power from exploding Davina’s soul and the connection you have to her to create a truly immortal body for her and Charity. Us dying is really just getting pawns out of the way and having energy to blow up a state or two. In either case you won’t make it out alive.” Marcel pointed to the blade in his hands. “Then why are you holding the Tunde blade?” Niklaus smiled. “Maaike didn’t tell you? Hildr bound us together again. Even if you are an Orginal vampire now, your life is still connected to mine. My sister went far enough to even ensure this blade could only work on you before she lost her mind.”

Marcel looked at the Tunde Blade. “You know Hildr is being controlled by Maaike. Why would you allow her to do that?” Niklaus smiled. “What’s wrong Marcellus? Are you scared that the witch is planning on killing you too.” Damon walked into the room. “I expected quicker thinking from one of your best sires, Klaus.” Niklaus sighed. “For once I agree with, Damon Salvatore. Marcel has taken too long to realize how bad of a mistake he made.” Marcel kicked over a chair in the room. “Why is it the every time I get close to getting rid you Klaus, something always shows up that requires you staying alive.” Damon poured himself a drink. “I am with you, brother. You don’t know how many times I’ve asked the same thing. You think he’d be the evilest thing on the planet.” Niklaus smiled. “I can’t help how durable I am. It is a family trait. Now, are we going to stop an evil witch together, or am I going to have to kill you.” Marcel looked up at Niklaus. “The war between us will be put aside until Maaike is gone.” Niklaus smiled at Marcel. “Oh good. The friends are back.” Damon lifted his glass at them “You two boys have fun. Try not to stay out to late or get into too much trouble.” Marcel looked at Niklaus. “I always told you to be pickier.” Niklaus shrugged. “Some lessons one can only learned from bad results.”

Henrik and Charity sat in his room. Henrik sat flipping through the pages of Niklaus’ art. “My brother really did keep his sensitive side.” Charity nodded. “He seems to have a remarkable ability to fit into many different art styles.” Henrik pulled out a drawing of Hildr. “Charity, I don’t want my sister to die.” She took his hand. “I wish I knew a way to save her, but the price for doing all the magic she’s done lately is enormous.” He picks up another picture. It is a picture of the young him looking at a wolf. “Charity. When the time comes use some of my energy to help Hildr. We may be fraternal twins, but the connection is there. At the very worst you can tie our lives together.” Charity stood up off the bed. “Henrik. Your sister is destined to die soon. If I tie your lives together you won’t escape it either.” Henrik stood up and hugged her. “I was never meant to live this long. If I can keep you and my family safe then it is worth it. Promise me if there is no other way in the moment you will tie our lives together.” Charity hugged him even tighter. “I promise you, Henrik.” Charity not deciding wether or not she would be able to keep that promise.


Dance Little Sister – Rolling Stones

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