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So I don’t know of many of you know this about the publishing industry, but….it’s kind of a b-i-t-c-h. Yep. So much in fact you can probably fill p a large portion of the internet with rants writers and aspiring writers have about it. Let’s just say in all my years of being a young non tec or business savy individual struggling with the Lit Man I have actually come to find my way to wondering about Web Novels. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make money off what I wrote? Well, since all of that is only a pipe dream for me now…

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No Game No Life OP


Current Online Series :


All I Wanted To Be Was An Otherworld Writer ?




No Ears

Otherworld Crazed Witch Isn’t Crazed At All

The Adventures of Madison Ashley

Trapped In An Otome Game ?!

World Conquering Dungeon


Current  Published Series :

[ Chronicles ]


A Tale Of Shadow & Light

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