Chapter 1 : Summoning Pt. 1

Ayumi blinked her eyes. Across from her stood a tall black haired beauty in a luxurious kimono. She turned her head. There was twelve of them standing in some kind of large circle. Ayumi recognizing Kichirou three to the right of her and Arisa three to the left of her. Her eyes shifting downwards to see the complex pattern stretched out within the circle.

A summoning pattern?

“Welcome Children of the 12. We humbly welcome you to the [Empire of Gallahand].”

Ayumi turned around and blinked some more. Behind… no, in front of her there was an audience room for the King of a nation. There on the throne sat a shinning example of a middle aged man. Splendid crimson and black robes making his ice blonde hair and bright blue eyes stand out. Standing slightly behind him was a young, well endowed woman in matching attire. However, her hair was a pale blue and her eyes a startling gold. Close to them was a young man and a young girl who could be assumed to be the Prince and Princess by their matching outfits. Closer to her and the rest was a small gathering of what she assumed to be a group of nobles and bureaucrats of the nation. A high pitched squeal of excitement could be heard from behind her.

“It’s a hero summoning! We’ve been summoned before out horrendous deaths… To save the world with Kichirou-sama! I’ll be with Kichirou-sama!”

Ayumi glanced casually at her childhood friend’s stalker.

How unpleasant…

A short boy with grey hair started to shout next.

“Oi, you. Return us right now!”

Swords were drawn by the few knights scattered about the room.

” Gin-chan, where are your manners?”

Oh, so they knew each other. No, they were probably related. Even if their faces weren’t that similar they both had very similar silver eyes.

“Precisely, we don’t even know were here is yet, boy.”

Ayumi sighed.

Arisa… You must always step up, huh.

“Of course we do! The [Empire of Gallahand]!”

Ah, stalker-san again. For such a shortie she really did have a lot of power in her voice. No wonder Kichirou was in pain, because of her.

“The [Empire of Gallahand] is not a country on any map, Miss…”

The girl in the kimono’s face turned a slight shade of red.

Ah, she stumbled. Kimono girl should of gotten her name, huh.

“Silence. All of you. You are in the presence of his Majesty King Mendacium Von Carter Gallahand.”

Wah, there is the arrogant noble-san.

“Calm yourself Bartholomew. These children are our saviors.”

Well timed your majesty.

“It is a pleasure to meet your Majesty Mendacium Von Carter Gallahand. It will be Kichirou-sama”s honor and joy to save you from your current predicament with the Demon King.”

Ayumi fought to suppress her chuckle. The shortie was doing a proper curtsy in front of the King.

How did she even jump straight to Demon Lord in the first place.

Ayumi glanced over at Kichirou. He seemed to grow even paler form her statement. Meanwhile, the King was laughing.

“We thank you on behalf of the Empire.”

Ayumi raised her hand effectively cutting off whatever Arisa was going to say next.

“I’d lie to refuse participation in whatever war you wish for us to face. Of course, I also wish for an adequate compensation for being illegally kidnapped and possibly stranded in an unknown world.”

The noble named Bartholomew drew his sword.

Oh, a feisty one.

“You insolent whelp! How dare you be so arrogant in front of his Majesty!”

Wah, this King must be reaaally loved by his subjects.

The King raised his brow and put his hand up to calm the noble down.

“We can see that you have a sharp mind. However, we did not summon you to defeat a villain such as a Demon Lord.”

Oh, what did you want from us then? Destroy rebels? A neighboring country? Genocide? Fight a disease or advance your society? Too troublesome.

The girl besides him stepped forward to address us.

Eh. Do her boobs need to bounce when she walks? I don’t want to hear her request.

“My name is Princess Verum Und Liza Gallahand. And I was the one who summoned you here.”


Ayumi turned to look at the short grey haired sucker.

Way to fall for the honey trap.

Ayumi turning back to the Princess.

“I do not know how things are in the world you came from, but on Pangora we can only survive due to the blessings of the 12 Holy Spirits. However, every 500 years our spirits demand from the world 12 individuals to take up the mantle as their Saints. The spirits consistently refuse the residents of this world and so we are forced to use the summoning rituals to gather young heroes from another world.”

Ayumi could only sigh.

“So you kidnap and sacrifice strangers. How original.”

The Princess flinched and turned to look back at her father. The King was now staring at Ayumi with an expression of confusion on his face.

“Just because you are Kichirou-sama’s friend doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want!”

“Why are you being so cruel to the Princess!”

Ayumi didn’t even bother to turn to look at the obvious subjects who spoke out. Arisa on the other hand did.

“Leave it. Ayumi has always been such a blight.”

Ayumi turned to glance at Kichirou. He was simply shrugging from exasperation.

Useless. All of them.

“It’s not the Princess fault! She was probably ordered to do the ritual.”

Ayumi glanced over at his brother. He seem resigned to let his brother make a fool of himself.

“Still, she has a point, stripped shirt.”

Ayumi turned to glance at who spoke up.

An idiot with a carefree smile on his face.

The girl just to the left of Ayumi squat down and held her head.

“Ah. Aika doesn’t like this. Not one bit. All this thinking makes her head hurt.”

Poor child. Is thinking too much for you?

Ayumi fought back her snicker. The Prince stepping forward for the first time.

“Please, everyone calm down. I can ensure you no actual sacrifice is being made.”

Oh, nice try Prince.

“So is sacrifice defined different here your Highness?”

The noble from before seemed to look as if spit would be flying from his face soon.

How distasteful.

“It’s your Highness Regem Von Lark Gallahand to you!”

Ayumi narrowed her eyes at the noble. The room watching him unconsciously take a step back and shiver.

“As I was saying, does taking one from their home in order to live an unconsented life in a ritualistic lifestyle where they will be required to be part of service not count as sacrifice?”

The Prince clenched his fists and silently turns to his father. Arisa flipping her hair in annoyance.

“Enough of this performance, Ayumi.”

This idiot. There are effective ways to squeeze out more information and resources.

“Performance? On the contrary, I am deeply offended and have no desire to be someone’s slaughtered lamb. One should simply solve their own problems and not drag others into it.”

“I completely agree with her. Solving others problems is not what someone like me was born for.”

Ayumi ignored the shining pretty boy. However, the shortie did not.

“Your right, with your looks you’d do great as a punching bag.”

“Jealousy isn’t a fitting shade on you. Stick to that tacky orange striped theme you have going on.”

The Princess took another step towards the twelve.

“Heroes, please… If we could just-”

“Enough. We know this all must be a lot to take in for ones so young, but common courtesy-”

“Common Curtesy is to ask for one’s permission.”

Like I’ll let you get away with anything King.

The king took a moment to collect himself before answering.

“Do you expect Holy Spirits to ask permission from mortals?”

“Do they have manners to back up their tittles?”

Here comes the noble’s spit…

“This insolence! Your Majesty, please allow your humble servant to execute this whelp. One of the other 12 are surely meant for two-”

“SILENCE, Bartholomew. Do you dare question the will of the 12 Holy Spirits!”

Oh, so there is no exact need for 12 of us….

“Your Majesty, there seems to be no need for me. As his Noble Patronage Bartholomew has cited proof of a time one sacrifice had received 2 Holy Spirits’ Will.”

Ayumi glanced over at Bartholomew. There was a smile on his face.

Poor thing isn’t even aware he’s being mocked.

The King sighed.

“Let us finish the introductions planned reveal your patron first?”

Kichirou glanced over to Ayumi.

Fine. I’ll make a concession. It’s not like he can convince me to stay.

Ayumi nodded to the king.


Kidnapping an Heiress – Black Box Recorder

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