Chapter 1 :

I think Sorrev and I had a miscommunication. I asked for a stable life not a luxurious one. Why did he go on and make me the first princess. I had never requested to be nobility. Further, the first princess had expectations and duties. I know I implied that I would work hard, but this was just too much. Besides, he had even gone one step further and made me the first princess of the Shirg Empire. Not only was it the largest country on Pirth, but it was a militant nation with many vassal countries and huge political clout. What kind of future would I even live…

Another thing, I had asked for a happy and stable family not cons. It has been three days since my birth and they haven’t left my side! The Queen was even holding me during the gathering of nobles today. My father, the Emperor, had spent all three days carrying me around making goofy faces instead of running this giant Empire and my brother! My brother never left my father or mother’s side. One would expect a two-year-old child to have issues with his parents divided attention, but no! He decided to just adore whatever they did, so he was constantly in my face as well.

Not to mention the staff, the guards, the close friends amongst fellow nobility. Every single one of them seemed smitten somehow. When a discussion of potential marriage partners came up my father flipped a table at the Prime Minister shouting I was only three days old. It seemed the Prime Minister was stressed because my father had the same reluctance to consider a fiancé for my brother. He was totally obsessed with his children.

Then the worst part of it was Royalty had certain traditions. Like how I was supposed to be dressed, fed, watched over all the time. It was crazy. No wonder babies are made to not remember anything. But I wasn’t a baby! I was 23 years old…

And the fact the royal family could test magic affinities on a baby with this stone orb of there’s. Because of it, I was currently being twirled in the air by my father while everyone around us was panicking about the forcefulness of it all. This entire mess was more complicated and tedious then I had asked for. Really, what language did Sorrev speak that we had such a miscommunication.

“Honey! Put Selene down!”

“Your Majesty you can’t move a baby that much!


His Majesty Richard Von Shirg kept twirling me around.

“Of course, another child of ours would be a genius!”

Another? Was my brother a genius as well? Maybe then I could fade out of importance? He was the heir after all and I was only a princess. My mother who had spent her first day out of bed since giving birth to me was swatting my father’s arm.

“Don’t make me turn you into a popsicle, Richard.”

The King stopped swinging me. Mom was effective. I should remember that. Also, how strong was her popsicle skill that she stopped a rampaging Emperor?

“But, loooove.”

My mother sighed.

“Honestly, honey. You did this with Alexios too. Having wonderful children isn’t a big surprise with how much love we have for each other. So, please calm down you are scaring everyone.”

Mom was really effective. The sweet words calmed him down instantly. A different sort of goofy look on his face. My parents were happily in love. That is nice. Was that common for royalty on Pirth?

“Your Majesty, let’s try the stones. We can see if she has enough mana to cause a reaction.”

Stones? So, the royal family also could estimate how much mana a child was born with. Was this done to estimate potential or danger? If I scored too well would I be kept away from everyone? Sorrev, please don’t have miscommunicated about mana. I don’t want to grow up alone in a room. I have a brother for the first time. If I fix his fixation he may be cute.

One of the staff brought over a tray of colored stones.

“Shall we start with an easy one first. Wind?”

Everyone nodded. The Queen picked up a pale green stone and put it on my chest. Nothing happened. Everyone looked around the room confused. Mom put on her hand on her cheek in worry.

“Oh my. What if her mana is too low.”

The King put his hand on her shoulder.

“No. Not with an aptitude like hers. It’s probably that she’s more attuned to others. Selene is still a baby.”

The Queen nodded her head. One by one they tried all the stones, but there was no reaction. Everyone looked around the room worried. My brother tugging on Mom’s skirt.

“Ma-thur. Whatz Wrong?”

She patted his head trying her best to smile.

“Nothing is wrong, sunshine.”

My brother didn’t seem convinced. He was smart for his age. Alexios may make a good King if this continued. The King was about to speak when the doors to the room opened. A staff member running through the doors in exhaustion.

“Your Majesty a tornado has appeared by the Dargalia border!”

The King looked at him shocked.

“A tornado! Now!”

Another man came running into the room.

“Your Majesty a fire has broken out in the Muzg Forest on the border with Qiell!”

The Queen looked at him shocked.

“A forest fire!”

A woman ran into the room this time.

“Your Majesty a tsunami is heading towards the Loen island. From the Palent Empire!”


“Your Majesty there are Earthquakes going on at the border with the Merge Alliance!”

“Your Majesty there is hail storm in the Northern Fort Wartburg”

“Your Majesty a lightning storm has started by the border with Sardina!”

“Your Majesty darkness is spreading out from the Aldonian border. Lights are exploding and objects are moving on their own!”

“Your Majesty a solar flare happened in the trade town of Lindrake!”

“Your Majesty! What did you do! My wounds are gone!”

Everyone turned and looked at each other. Some of the staff seemed scared out of their minds. Those who had just run in seemed confused. The King burst out laughing.

“See. I told you, love. Any child of ours is a genius.”

“Richard, this is a serious matter.”

He shook his head no.

“Everyone calm down. A baby can’t control their magic. That’s natural. There have been others before with this level of mana. Selene is just super special. We will do what we always do and seal their mana and slowly teach them how to control it.”

Everyone looked around the room hesitantly. They were wondering how much mana I had in order to do these things back to back, but so was I. Sorrev what in the world had you done to me?

“Your Majesty, I will go get a few sealing items now. Please excuse me.”

The King nodded. He gestured for the tray of stones to be moved away. Mom turning to the staff. “You all will be expected to remain silent about this. Go and deal with the protection and safety of our citizens.”

They all nodded and ran out of the room nervous. Except the King. He was laughing and squeezing me too hard. A daughter-con like this should never be King. My brother came over and tugged at my father’s pant leg.

“Fa-thur. All okay?”

The King nodded his head.

“Of course, Alexios. Everything is wonderful.”


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