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The Royal Family –

the princess

Selene Cerelia Von Magnolia Shirg – Selene is the first princess of the Empire of Shirg, and an otherworld transmigrator. She has inherited her mother’s violet eyes and outwardly reserved, polite and serious nature. However, unlike her mother, Selene is an over thinker. Her blonde hair, while lighter than her father’s, is inherited from him. Because she is the first person on Pirth to receive the Blessing from the Spirit of Creation she is called the Holy Maiden of Pirth. Like the rest of the Shirg family, she is also blessed from birth by the Spirit of War. Selene is known by the citizens of Shirg as The Sun That Shines At Night; while, her brother is known as the Moon That Lights Up The Day.

prince sama

Alexios Casimir Von Magnolia Shirg – Alexios is the crown prince of the Empire of Shirg. He has inherited his mother’s rare silver hair and everyday quirks. However, he has inherited almost everything else from his father: green eyes, tanned skin, athletic build, loud infectious laughter, and insane crazy physical strength. Almost identical to his father, Alexios is Blessed by the Spirit of War, the Spirit of Fire, the Spirit of Lightening, the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Health. However, Alexios was considered as the new miracle child when it was revealed he also inherited Blessings from the Spirit of Good Fortune and the Spirit of Light. He is the only person in history to be blessed by 7 Spirits. Further, his skill wit a broad sword is described as being able to one day surpass his father’s. Alexios is known by the citizens as the Moon That Lights Up the Day; while his sister is known as the Sun That Shines at Knight.

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Josephine “Joe” Louise Von Salisbury Shirg – Josephine is the eldest twin sibling and the 2nd princess of the Empire of Shirg. She has inherited her mother’s black curly hair and insecurities about talent. While she does avoid non-humans and commoners, it is not from distaste, but more from expectation. Josephine inherited her father’s jade eyes, infectious laughter, and secretly his physical strength. Unlike her mother, she is Blessed by the Spirit of War, Spirit of Darkness, Spirit of Wind as well as the Spirit of Fire and the Spirit of Lightening. While having received five Blessings, being seen as inferior to her older 1/2 siblings has left her quite irritated and distant towards them. Known as the Princess Who Should Of Been Born During Another Reign and the Black Haired Question Mark Josephine is actually quite a hard worker.

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James Marius Von Salisbury Shirg – James is the youngest twin sibling and the 2nd prince of the Empire of Shirg. He has inherited his mother’s black hair and his father’s jade eyes. However, James is completely unique in that he is as beautiful as a girl. Blessed by the Spirit of War, the Spirit of Darkness and the Spirit of the Wind James would normally of been a well respected child. But because of his mother’s shame of him, he is instead a reserved shy boy. He is always seen hiding behind his sister, or found secretly talking with his 1/2 sister Selene. While possesing the charm of an angel, James is equally if not more so adept with knives than his mother. Known as the Teddy Bear Prince and the Most Desirable Younger Brother he really loves his entire family… minus his mother.


Richard Von Shirg – Richard Von Shirg is the son of the late Emperor Weinhertz and the Royal Consort Lilliana Mayer. Due to his Blessings from the Spirit of War, Spirit of Fire, Spirit of Lightening, Spirit of Love and Spirit of Health he was labeled as a miracle child from a young age. Richard ending up as the current Emperor of the Shirg Empire. Like his mother Lilliana he posses a loud infectious laugh, bright demeanor, childlike expressions when in private, golden hair and jade green eyes. Besides his royal blood and the Shirg name not much else was inherited by his father. Although, like his father he fell in love with someone who was not his fiance. After witnessing his mother’s treatment as a child, Richard declared Lunaria as Queen instead of his fiance. Known as the History Changing Emperor, The Grandson of the Spirit of War, The Holy Child of the Commoners and The Slaughterer of Sardinians Richard is completely obsessed with his wife and children.

queen sama

Lunaria Von Magnolia – Lunaria is the daughter of the poor unrespected Marquis Sebastian Von Magnolia and Sara Von Magnolia. It is from her mother that she inherited the rare violet eyes, as Sara Von Magnolia came from a Count house with a history of Elf ancestry. As a child, Lunaria was a tomboyish girl who preferred to roll around in the dirt, fight and fix the manners of the boys she played with. Because of her extreme beauty and her temperament her parents kept her away from noble society with the excuse of being too poor to attend events. However, Lunaria became well known among the entire country when showing up for the Royal Academy’s Entrance Assessment. Not only was she beautiful, a noble hanging around commoners, but she was Blessed by the Spirit of Water, the Spirit of Wind, the Spirit of Light and the Spirit of Ice making her comparable to the Crown Prince. Her fame and appreciation within the Empire grew as the Knight Captain’s son, the son of the Royal Head Magician and the son of the Minister of Finance fell in love with her. The day she accepted the Emperor later became a national holiday. Known as the Ice Magnolia, Crown Prince Popsicle Maker and Most Beloved Queen of Shirg Lunaria is completely obsessed with her family.

Queen 2

Rosalina Von Salisbury – Rosalina is the eldest daughter of the prominent Salisbury Ducal House. She is Richard’s niece. Rosalina is a beautiful woman that looks resemble her grandmother’s. From a distance people praise her beautiful black hair, and deep blue eyes. However, he selfish, haughty, cruel and vain behavior is well known among Pirth. She is quite well known for her lavish parties, cruel treatment of staff and commoners, human-supremacy view, open verbal attacks on the Queen and her children, and suspected for countless unproven crimes. Rosalina herself suffers similar rage, envy and insanity that her grandmother possessed towards Lunaria. This is made worse by the fact that everyone compares her lack of skills to her grandmother’s talents. While, Rosalina did receive Blessings from the Spirit of Darkness and the Spirit of Wind she is not particularly gifted. Further, she has no skill with the sword like the rest of her family and instead is particularly adept with knives. Known as the Typical Awful Consort, The Queen Hater, The Abusive Stepmother, Never Should of Been a Mother, Why Haven’t They Executed Her Yet, Her Royal Wastefest…. no one seems have a positive opinion of her.

Other Characters –

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Richard Laemeister (Von Harchner) –

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Knaz Proudbelt –

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Tharhalfa (Thar) –

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Toullauc Steeleye –

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Soha Lutevine –

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Anna Suppelheim –

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Gleb Saurbeck –




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