Locations :

The Empire of Shirg :

The largest country on Pirth and a well known militant run Empire. It controls almost the entirety of the northern part of Pirth’s largest continent. A small exception with lands to the South West belonging to the Sardinia Kingdom and lands to the South East belonging to the Palent Empire.

Since its founding it has been run by the Shirg Royal family, who are known to possess the Blessing of the Spirit of War and high combat oriented abilities. Further, the country is known to be one of the few human countries that places value on non-humans. It is considered part of their strength the skills they’ve had over the years acquiring the strengths of non-humans and incorporating it into their regime. As they have always been the top producers of magical tools, arms and technology on Pirth.

The Empire’s regalia is a black shield crossed with two swords and spear, with a snake holding its tail in its mouth below it, over a red and black background. The Emperor of Shirg is always seen in formal military attire. Instead of a large crown, the Emperor instead wears a black orthicalum circlet; while, the Queen wears a black orthicalum circlet with a ruby tear droplet.

Sardina Kingdom –

The Sardina Kingdom is the 2nd largest country on Pirth and sits below the Empire of Shirg as almost the complete entirety of the southern part of the continent. Their northern border with the Empire is split by the smaller nations of Dargalia, Merge, Aldonian, and Qiell. While the peninsula that belongs to the Palent Empire is regarded as not a proper border for  Sardina and Shirg.

The original royal family of Sardina was the Saradielia family. However, the family was massacred by the Coredentia family a few years back. The Sardina Kingdom has always been a country of human supremacy, but under the Cordentia rule it has become completely inhospitable to any non human or non Sardinian beings. Money laundering, corrupt nobles, mistreatment of commoners, torture, kidnapping and rape of non-Sardinians is an open sport in the country. While, it has grown to be known by those of noble lineage as the country who perverse pleasures due to the amount of non-human and particular nightly activities. Further, the country is known for the popular once a month holiday of Shirg Flag Burnings.

The current Sardina Kingdom’s regalia consists of the new royal crest, the Crown of Willheart the Conqueror, the Sword of Leahmen the Slain and the Diamond of the Spirit of Love. The New royal consists of a shield adorned with a lion and a unicorn by its side and a shinning star above it. It is on a bluse and white checkered background with the Cordentia house’s motto ‘Inter Arma, Silent Leges’ running below it.

Dargalia Nation State –

The Dargalia Nation State is one of the oldest countries on Pirth and exists as the dwarven homeland. It is almost entirely  made up of the Denturria Mountain range. It borders the Empire of Shirg to the North, Qiell to the East, Sardina Kingdom to the South and the Merge Alliance to the West. Dargalia has always been a neutral country and the largest craftsman nation and exporter of alcohol.

The Royal family of Dargalia is the Onyxeyed clan. However, nobility do not hold that much power in Dargalia. Laws are made by a voting procedure between the nobles, and elected citizens representing the different fields.

Dargalia’s regalia consists of the Onyxeyed crest, the Hammer of Schwonn Steelelk, the Crown of Stones and the Goblet of Wrathheart. The Onyxeyed Crest is a black hammer crossed with a black axe on a grey background. It is the simplest crest on Pirth, but one of the most well known.

Merge Alliance –

The Merge Alliance is one of the newest countries on Pirth. It is made up of various smaller clans and countries that united to protect themselves from the larger more established countries. It shares a border with the Shirg Empire to the North, Dargalia to the East, Sardina to the South and the Aldonian Republic to the West. It has maintained its neutrality by being the home for the majority of Pirth’s mercenaries. The country’s almost sole export being expendable people.

There is no Royal Family within the Merge Alliance. Each individual clan or country has its own system for choosing a head. These heads get together to discuss and vote on national policy. Every ten years the heads amongst themselves nominate a new conference leader. A conference leader must wait at least 30 years before they can be nominated again for the position.

The Merge Alliance’s Regalia consists solely of their crest. Known as the Crookes Smile, it consists of a sword curved similar to a scimitar, a combination of the moon and sun resting within the curve on a dark green background. It is called the compromise crest by commoners.

Aldonian Republic –

The Aldonian Republic is one of the smallest nations on Pirth. Their neutrality is the most fragile on the continent. They share a borther with the Shirg Empire to the North, The Merge Alliance to the East and the Sardina Kingdom to the South and West. The main export is luxury goods that have high price tags and high tax.

There is no Royal Family in the Aldonian Republic. Instead, every district elects a congressman. These congressmen meet at the various congress sessions to decide anything that needs to be decided on at the time of their meeting. The decision is always made by majority vote. Every 15 years the leader of the Congress is decided by vote. There is no rules on running qualification.

The Aldonian Republic’s Regalia consists of the Aldonian crest and their traditional roman styled robes.  The Aldonian Crest is a two column white house on a blue background. Below the house is the Words Res Publica in gold.

Palent Empire –

The Palent Empire consists of the Jagged Tooth Penninsula and the large amount of island chains around the East side of the continent. The penninsula technically shares a border with the Shirg Empire, The Sardina Kingdom and Qiell. However, the Sardina Kingdom ignores them, Qiell has no interest in them and the Shirg Empire is their closest ally and rival. The Palent Empire is well known for their warriors, their female amazons, their navy and their agricultural trade goods. Like the Shirg Empire, they are in open war with the Sardina Kingdom.

The Royal Family of the Palent Empire is the Kalawai’a Family from the Island of Malo. Their Regalia is the Wave Crest and the Pearl of Aquaria. The Wave Crest is a blue and white curved striped background with two spears piercing a pearl in the center.

Qiell –

Qiell is the homeland of the Elves and High Elves. It is settled in the Alba valley in the Denturria Mountain Range. They share a Northern border with the Shirg Empire, an Eastern border with the Palent Empire, a Southern Border with the Sardina Kingdom and a Western Border with the Dargalia Nation State. Due to the hundreds of years of alliance with the Shirg Empire and the interest in trade goods from the Palent Empire Qiell trades goods and services with the two nations. While, Qiell completely ignores the Sardinia Kingdom out of disinterest in foreign politics. However, Qiell is also in open war with Dargalia although their has not been fighting for hundreds of years. They are known for their magic, research and arts.

The Royal Family is the High Elf Rolovathar Clan. Well known for their beautiful looks even by Elven standards, and their talent in magic they are an elitist elf supremacist clan. The Royal Family has never left Qiell except for the 200 year pack to visit the Shirg Empire. This is due to an old promise between the royal families; as well as, the not well known history of both royal families having common ancestors.

Their regalia consists of the Rolovathar Crest, The King’s Thorn Crown, The Queens Blooming Circlet, the bow Lightstring, the sword Windstriker and the staff Regalia. The Rolovathar Crest, otherwise known as the Star Crest, consists of a gold shining night star framed by ivy vines on a cream background.

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