Dreamscape 3

Hiro walked into the shower. The hotel’s cold water falling on him. He started to go over everything he already knew. One: five years ago an international chess tournament was held to determine who was the best player amongst the top four ranked players. Two: the event was co-sponsored by the US, China, Russia and Britain. Three: it was held in Japan. Four: the geniuses selected were all the older siblings of those participating in the competition tomorrow. Five: the event was organized by the Japanese government and private companies. Six: most of the companies turned out to be phony companies,  the exception was Dream Corp. Seven: Dream Corp was set to launch a new game at the past event. Eight: Dream Corp is sponsoring this event as well. Nine: assumption that dream corp was the one who bought and rebuilt the hotel. Ten: when the hotel burned everyone escaped except the four competitors….no bodies found. Hiro punched the wall.


He took a few breath and straightened his back. The water falling on his face.

“Yun Lili, Vladimir Tchaikovsky,  how much have you two learned?”

Hiro turned the water off and hopped out of the shower. He drew the numbers on the card he was given in the mirror. None of it made sense. The numbers being a date was too easy. He erases it quickly and groomed himself. Afterwards, he slipped on a pair of black pants and a blue button up. A black necklace give to him by his sister strung on his neck. Hiro quickly leaving his room. At the elevator he met up with the other three. Vladimir was wearing black pants as well, but with a red button up and black tie. Lili was in a red qipao. While, William was in tan pants, pale blue shirt, blue and white stripped suspenders and a black bow tie. He had to sigh. William.

“I didn’t think you’d dress up.”

Lili said smiling. Hiro shrugged.

“It is a formal dinner isn’t it.”

William scoffed.

“Anything with you involved is not formal.”

The elevator doors opened. Vladimir held out his arm for Lili and they walked into the elevator. William and Hiro walking in next. Hiro hit the floor number for the banquet floor. The ride was silent. When the elevator doors opened the four saw a crowd of government officials and foreign press clapping. Some had masks on. It was themed. How cliche.

“Can we get a picture of you four!”

Hiro sighed and hooked his arm around William. The Brit starting to freak out. Lili leaned into Vladimir and the crowd ate up the scene. After a few dozen pictures they made their way through the crowd to their seats. A man named Kagabu Atsushi giving a speech. Hiro could tell he was a member of Dream Corp. A small tiny D was placed on his suit jacket. After the speech more pictures were taken and the four kids were lead to a private room to eat. Each of their handlers checking on them before disappearing. His handler, Hayashi-san, spilling a few drinks on her way out. After they left, the four competitors faced each other. Lili speaking up first.

“I think it is nice all four of us get some private time.”

Vladimir glared at Hiro.

“I would of preferred just the two of us.”

William noticed his pointed glance at Hiro and leaned forward on the table excited.

“So you see it too!”

Vladimir sighed and picked up his rice bowl. He didn’t want William around either.

“Both of you are trash.”

William’s demeanor changed. He leaned forward and grabbed the Russian’s tie.

“Eh. Say that again Red.”

Vladimir looked up from his rice like he wanted to kill William. Hiro didn’t quite blame him, but he couldn’t let their be any distractions. He hit William on the head and then continued eating his own rice. Lili cracking up laughing.

“Hiro. Thank you.”

He nodded and started to pile food on his plate. William glaring at him.

“You know, William, I was wondering why you came to this?”

Lili asked him. Her head was tilted slightly like she was trying to be cute. Hiro shuddered at the thought. She was too dangerous. William crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“For my sister. Like the rest of you.”

Hiro’s and Vladimir’s expression turned grim. Lili leaning forward on the table. William’s face turning a slight red.

“Are you curious about the mystery too!”

William turned his head and coughed before he replied. The flat chest had definitely distracted him.

“Mhm. I want to bring her home for my parents.”

Lili leaned back and all four competitors looked at each other. Hiro realizing there was another way for him to get what he wants. He put his chopsticks down.

“Normally, the thought of working with others would make me sick, but this time it may be useful.”

Lili nodded her head smiling.


William looked at Hiro shocked. Was the trash actually wanting to work with someone? Vladimir turned his head. It was obvious he would only go were Lili told him to go. William taking the initiative to speak next.

“Is everyone here….”

Hiro nodded his head. There was no need to speak much more. The room was obviously bugged. William looked down at his plate.

“So none of us actually like chess.”

All three of them cracked up laughing. The ironies of it all.

“Will, why don’t we go all go for a walk outside after the meal? In China we play sports to help bond with each other.”

Hiro narrowed his eyes. Lili wanted an excuse to walk around the perimeter. He already had. There was nothing other then over the top security measures and a closed off forest entrance. There hadn’t been time to sneak in.

“That’s a great idea. I saw a basketball court out back.”

William scoffed. Basketball was too American.


Vladimir ignored both of them and leaned into Lili. She was rubbing her eyes from a lack of sleep. Everyone beginning to eat again. A few minutes later they heard a knock at the door. They all turned around to see a frazzled Hayashi-san.

“There seems to be a party crasher. You guys must stay in this room until it’s cleared.”

All four looked at each other. A party crasher? Hiro tapped the floor besides him and smiled.

“Hayashi-san, come join us.”

Her face became bright red. Hiro was very handsome when he smiled. Her heart beating like crazy.

“I can’t… I have to watch the entrance.”

He tapped the floor again. Hiro making a puppy dog face.

“But, Hayashi-san….The guards are there are very capable. Come eat and watch us from here.”

The woman thought about it. She eventually made her way to the table, very aware that the four kids surrounding her were monsters.

“How is everyone’s first day?”

Lili was again the first to speak.

“Japan is so amazing! The virtual Ai in my room knew my favorite movie.”

Hayashi-san giggled into her hand. She seemed very pleased.

“If only it had sweet tea..” 

William sighed. Hayashi-san turned to the British boy. She had not thought ahead to prepare sweeter tea. Certainly, his preferences would be different then hers. She bowed her head.

“My apologies. We can prepare some for you tomorrow.”

William turned away and laughed awarkedly. Her boobs were just too big for her frame. Hiro catching his blush.


Hayashi-san looked from William to Hiro, realizing he had said it in Japanese for her to understand. She started to laugh awkwardly. Vladimir sighing.

“Hayashi-san, can you tell us the situation outside.”

The handler looked at them all nervously. How much she could hide from these geniuses? She didn’t want to get fired.

“It seems the lover of one of the children who died’s mother has arrived to cause some trouble. All the press have been relocated and guards have come to escort him out.

Hiro’s smile faded for a moment. A disgruntled lover. When would it be that violent in a place like Japan. That was not the preferred method. He quickly turned to smile at his handler.

“Thank you for the information.”

She looked away from him blushing. He watched her nervously tuck a hair behind her ear. The reaction was just too strange. Everyone in the room hearing the sound of screams and guns going off. Hayashi-san stood up quickly.

“Get behind me.”

The four kids didn’t move at all. All four of them calmly waiting to see who would open the door. None of them surprised when an older unkempt lunatic was seen. In one hand was a gun. In another was a large butcher’s knife. Hiro cracked up laughing. The scene was too cliche. Hayashi-san turning to look at him in confusion. All the competitors slowly standing up. Lili taking one step forward.

“Mr. Stranger, would you do us a favor and not kill us. We are victims too.”

The man seemed to limp into the room. Everyone noticing he had been shot in the leg. It was impressive he made it this far into the hotel.

“Die. It would be better for all to die.”

Hiro sighed and walked forward.

“Stranger-san, my sister died last time. I only want to find her body. Let’s make a deal.”

The intruder started to laugh. He seemed out of it. The four competitors wondering what he had doped himself with. It was not easy getting your hands on drugs in Japan.

“Iie. All of you deserve to die.”

William stepped forward.

“Why? What did we do.”

The man started to walk into the room.

“You made Misa-chan cry. She cried so much she hung herself.”

Hiro couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing. The young boy laughed so hard he had to hold his stomach. Lili sighing.

“There you go and make him show his ugly side. Naughty, Mr. Stranger.”

Hayashi-san turned to look at him confused. Was the boy that scared? The intruder ran forward. Hayashi-san standing in front of the four kids scared. To her horror, Hiro walked forward and pushed her into the man. The knife going across of her chest. She looked at Hiro’s twisted expression from the ground. The man holding the knife looked at the kids confused.

“Monster! Stay away!”

A bleeding out Hayashi-san watched the intruder start to back up. He dropped the gun and knife in his hand. Hiro walked forward towards him smiling. He bent down and picked up the gun, turning to look at Lili.

“Lili, would you like to do it?”

She shook her head no. Vladimir putting his arms around her.

“Lili, doesn’t need to touch a vulgar waste of space.”

Hiro turned to William. The British boy turned his head in disgust. He wasn’t one for senseless violence. The emotional boy was strangely removed from the entire situation. Hiro shrugged and turned back around to face the stranger. He lifted the gun at him.

“Stranger-san, do us a favor and die today. Misa-chan is waiting.”

The man looked at the four in horror. Hiro firing the gun at his head. The intruder falling straight back. Hayashi-san seemed to sigh with relief. Then she saw Hiro walking towards her. He squat right down in front of her smiling. She had never been so scared of someone.

“Hayashi-san, thank you for doing your job of protecting us. We will need you to finish your job.”

The woman watched in horror as Hiro shot her in the head. When it was over he stood up, wiped the gun off and tossed in on the ground. William looking at him with disgust.

“I knew you were this type.”

Hiro ignored the comment and sat back down at the table. He started to eat again. The other three joining him. Vladimir looking at the bodies with disgust.

“At least we know we all want the same thing.”

Lili nodded her head. She was smiling as always.

“The dinner wasn’t so bad after all.”

The sound of footsteps was coming towards them in the hall. All four of them put down their chopsticks. Lili leaning into Vladimir looking anxious. William pretending to shake and Hiro holding William’s arm. The cops running into the room. The looked at the scene in shock. An older man walking forward.

“Kids, come with us.”

All four stood up and slowly walked over to the younger cops offering them blankets. The older cop looking down at Hiro.

“What happened?”

Hiro let some tears flow. He pointed to Hayashi-san.

“Miss… Miss Hayashi-san saved us.” 

The older man sighed and allowed the four of them to leave the room. The cops bringing each of them back to their own rooms. Hiro sitting down on the bed and throwing the blanket off of him


He ran his hand through his hair. Everything was moving a lot faster then he anticipated. To think Misa-chan would kill herself from the little note he sent. Even Hiro did not expect the grumbling idiot to arrive.  He wondered who could arrange that. Hiro picked up his phone and left a message for his parents. Afterwards, he got into bed and asked Joi to wake up.

“Joi, movie selections please.”

The Ai greeted him with a smile and pulled up the movie list. He scrolled through the choices and selected American Psycho. Casually, leaning back into the headboard laughing. This would really be the ultimate game.

“Nee-chan. I’ll see you soon.”


One Night In Bangkok- Murray Head

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