Dreamscape Prologue

A young girl sat kneeling in the center of a large circular stone room. She sat alone on a separated stone disk. A tiny circular stream of water separated her from an assortment of robed girls around the outside part of the room. Her hands were clasped and pointed in the direction of a large stone statue at the back of the room. It was a carved statue of a pair of siblings. The sister stood to the left, arms raised above her revealing a heart. Her brother stood on the right. In his raised hands was a stone sword. A large stone gem  was carved in the middle between them- separating the two siblings. The light from the large stained glass window behind them washed the statues in rainbow shadows. One of the older girls standing in the outer rim walked forward.

“Priestess. You have been kneeling for four days. Please, come eat.”

The young girl at the center of the room made no response. Her head stayed bowed towards the stone floor. Another young girl from the outer rim stepped forward.

“Mirrorheart, You need to eat.”

The previous girl turned to look at the girl who had just spoken. Even with the shadows covering her face the room could tell she was annoyed.

“How dare you, Caelia Aker. A filthy girl like you has no right to address our Priestess so casually.”

Caelia pushed her gray hood down. The face that was revealed could only be described as an enchanting beauty. Her soft face was highlighted by her perfect pale lavender hair. However, the stern expression she wore in her grey eyes seemed to give her an unwavering strength in her appearance.

“Ada Briar, watch what you say to me. Even in front of our Mistress, I have no problem showing you were you belong.”

Ada stepped forward quickly. Her grey hood fell back to reveal another stunningly beautiful lady. However, unlike Caelia, Ada was tall, lean  and a perfect balance of long pointed features.

“You ungrateful Whelp, I-“

As Ada had neared Caelia in her approach, a young girl stepped in between them. When she lifted her arms wind blew through the room. The dust that had collected in the room seemed to blow away from them all. All of the others’ grey hoods fell to their shoulders as well, revealing  a large assortment of stunning beauties. The new girl spoke in a monotone voice.


Caelia looked down at the eleven year old with pale blue short hair. This could get complicated. She took a deep breath and stepped back. Ada did the same. The young girl pointed at their Mistress.

“The Master wishes to speak.”

Everyone turned to look at the now standing Priestess. The grey clothes she wore seemed to swallow her tiny frame whole.

“It’s coming.”

Ada walked back to the outer rim’s edge.

“You mean…”

The Priestess nodded. Her long white hair falling in front of her face.

“Prepare the Kingdom.”

The girls in the outer rim began to scatter out of the room. All except three. Caelia walked over to the rim’s edge and kneeled.

“Let me go after her, Mirrorheart.”

The young Priestess shook her head no. The hair that had covered her face returning to their respected sides.

“In three days time another set of Children will come to this world. Caelia, you must go and collect them.”

Caelia frowned, but bowed her head. Ada was looking down at her smiling.

“Ada, please go to the other temples and inform them.”

Ada nodded her head in disappointment. Caelia had gotten the better job in the end. Caelia looked up at the older disciple smiling.

“Reira Vergissmeinnicht, the other clans need to be informed.”

The youngest  of three girls’ continued to show no emotion. All she did was shake her head slightly in agreement. The Priestess turned her back on them and faced the statue again.

“May the Marassa Jumeaux guide us all.”

The young girls’ all kneeled at once. They crossed their fists over their hearts and bent their heads down.

“Your heart’s grace.”

Afterwards, the three girls stood up and exited the room. The Priestess was left alone in the large chamber. She turned her attention to the right side of the room. An unnatural collection of shadows had gathered. All she could was frown.

“As always she is watching.”

The shadows seemed to slither along the wall in agreement. She was always watching.


Don’t Come Around No More – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

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