H x E stands for the super original tittle Halfuu x Escape. It is written in collaboration with the blogger Mina. After many years of wearing me down she had convinced me to rp  with her. The theme was Japanese School Life. [The used to be cult classic obsession of 90’s kids everywhere!] The rp turned into a slice of collaboration following the lives of four characters in high school and their place in modern Japanese society:

Hana Kobayashi

Minako Tatsumiya

Keiji Ito

Haru Lupei

The series starts off extremely light aiming to highlight fan service moments and the stereotype roles each character fulfills in the school environment. However, if you like a slice of life that slowly begins to bring in the darkness then H x E will definitely be for you. As each character is meant to represent different problems a child can have in a modern society like Tokyo. Since it is an anime the problems will be a little bit dramatic, so don’t fret…..the fan service will never end.

un / ratable


Hatsukoi Monster OP


Current Chapters :

H X E 1

H x E 2

H x E 3

H x E 4

H x E 5

H x E 6

H x E 7

H x E 8

H x E 9

H x E 10

H x E 11

H x E 12

H x E 13

H x E 14

H x E 15

H X E 16

H x E 17

H x E 18

H x E 19

H x E 20 

H x E 21

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