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Haru didn’t blame Minako for showing a face of disgust. The sandwhich really did suck. It was like tasting your future food of Yomi. Rotten and dirty. How did the stand even survive the health inspections? He followed her to the vending machine. Covering his mouth when she led him by shirt. This was not like him. He was the tough guy. The detached guy. How was she making him blush slightly! When they arrived at the vending machine he was shocked to see her immediatly turning around to leave. What the Hell! He kicked the machine in irritation and turned back to face her. Haru shouting, “Don’t die on the way back!” The girl didn’t turn around. Haru’s whole body slumped. What was this feeling? Oh yea, annoyance…probably, more like irritation. He scanned the vending machine. His eyes focusing on the strawberry milk. It has been awhile since he had it. Besides, after this night he definitely needed something sweet. Haru clicked the buttons for Strawberry Milk and a eggs. What an awful unfulfilling dinner. Disappointed, Haru turned back to the station and entered his train. Time for a long ride home.

Haru walked lazily towards the stairs. Where had Keiji run off too? It better be to go pick up his lunch. He rubbed his belly with his hands, moaning internally. This sucked. As he rounded the corner to the stairs he saw that annoyingly peppy first year girl with a few girls from his class. Today was not his day. A part of him remembering earlier in the week when he met Minako and Hana. He had the same exact feeling then. Except Asuna gave off a much more forced for a purpose vibe about her Kawaii-ness. And Minako.. Minako was cute in a way she didn’t believe she was. He shook his head. That girl and her damn over shopping. When he was close to the stairs Asuna caught him in her eyes. Eh. There was no escape. That was until he saw her turn away. What. She turned away from him? He picked up his steps when he saw the corner of a what looked like Minako and Hana. I mean how many Halfuus were in this school? As he walked down the stairs he saw Hana tumble down and straight into Keiji. There he was! Haru narrowing his eyes at the lack of food in his hands. The idiot deserved Hana falling on him. He leaned forward on the wall of the stairwell. Minako didn’t seem to want to respond. Must of been because of him. “She certainly does.” Haru disappointed by the lack of realization he was there by Hana. All he saw was the strangely long amount of time the two were strateling each other in the hallway…. Haru sighed when he saw his friend recognizing the two of them. Keiji was annoyingly informed about the goings around this school. Why he concerned himself with this he never knew. He did know that Asuna was not happy. The ice cold aura hitting him like a blizzard. Eh. Girls were way too competitive. As far as he knew Keiji didn’t even have any interest in her….not that he knew what female he would be. The bastard always seemed to keep those things from him. He decided to announce his presence known….And his claim over Minako. He had to spare poor idiotic Tatsuo from her wrath. She would crush him. Eh. Karaoke. With Baka-chan? And Tetsuo. A person he didn’t even like! And the idiot was asking for her number. It would be his death sentence. Haru’s eyes narrowing when he saw Tatsuo’s hand on hers. He grabbed her free hand. “Weren’t you looking for me? We can plan Karaoke next free period.” He winked back at Tatsuo. Stay away. Happily, following her back up the stairs, waving at an annoyed Baka-chan. Turning back around for a second to notice Asuna’s frustrated walk down the stairs. He watched her pull out a bento. Food! Haru smiled. A true geniune smile. Maybe she wasn’t a servant of Yomi. Maybe she was just an outside gatekeeper. He greedily grabbed the bento from her hands. “I’ll give the bento back to you at Karaoke. ” He looked up to ?see Asuna walking towards them. Wasn’t she just going down. At the beginning of her sentence he turned around and ran back to his classroom. No more of this. He needed to eat. Haru slowed down by Tatsuo appearing by his side, throwing an arm around him like they were close. They weren’t. He winked again. Haru wondering if maybe he had an eye infection or a twitch. It was just too much. LATE!?! BUT HIS FOOOOOOOOD.


There was bad luck and then there was what Minako had just witnessed on the stairwell. The odds of landing on a guy boobs first was probably a one in a million shot, but for Hana-chan it was more like a one in one shot! She stayed silent when Hana-chan tried to bring her into a conversation on how clumsy she was.

//Oh no. The last time I got involved my groceries were forcibly carried for me.//

Her gaze flitted from Hana-chan to Ito-san and back again when he made the connection of who she was.

//Wow Hana-chan really must be gaining popularity fast if a second year already knows about her…I bet Asuna can’t stand that//

“Hm?” Minako hadn’t been expecting Haru-san to just show up and announce his presence like that. She didn’t need to be escorted and he didn’t even know where she was going?! While seeing Ito-san restrain and pull a flustered Hana-chan in his wake was more than enough to get a genuine titter out of Minako, it was almost immediately dashed by Baka-chan. “Handle what?” Confusion etched her features. “Karaoke?” She looked at Baka-chan for an answer, but he was apparently denying her. She whipped around when someone asked for her number. WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING?!

“Oi, Mr. Scowl. You don’t have to come if you don’t want, you know. I’m sure we’ll be able to pair off without you. Right Minako-san?” Tetsuo had already placed his hand in Minako’s hand while giving Haru a wink.

Minako hadn’t truly been listening as was evidence when she handed Tesuo back his phone. “Sure. The more the merrier. I’ll wait to hear the details.” She bowed slightly to him before turning to Haru. “Oh, before I forget!” Gripping his sleeve she pulled him away from the commotion. Considering her ongoing food war with Baka-chan it was best not to do this in front of him. She quickly revealed a tradional bento from her bag. “Obasaan wanted to give you a proper thank you for last night so I suggested food. I figure it’s better than the sandwich stand.”

“Minako-san! We have to get back to class or are you going to start skipping so early in the year?” Asuna’s shrill voice carried down the hall like nails on a chalkboard. Minako idly wondered why Asuna was even calling out to her in the first place. It wasn’t as if Asuna liked her, not even a little bit.

“Okay. I’m coming.” There was hesitant confusion marking her tone. She took a quick moment to refocus her attention on the bento.

“Don’t worry about returning the bento- we have tons.” Pulling a rice ball out of her bag she took a bite and started back for class.

“I’ll text you this afternoon.” Tetsuo promised as Baka-chan, Asuna and Minako made their way back to the ground level.

“Okay. We won’t be late.” Asuna’s tone was so bubbly and happy that Minako didn’t have enough time to even attempt to control her expression. So Asuna planned to join in on Baka-chan’s karaoke event? This was going to be movie worthy.

Tetsuo watched the girls leave without any shame. He nodded softly to himself, proud at the two new possibilities he’d just racked before turning to see Haru. He gave him another wink. “Let’s go before we’re late.”


Keiji glanced back at Kobayashi-san to see she was still covering her chest. It took a lot to deter him, but it definitely didn’t look good for him to be leading a first year who was walking like that to the infirmary. People were going to think he did something lewd to her when all he’d tried to do was save her. Tch. This is what he got for hanging out with Tetsuo.

“You don’t need to walk like that you know. Especially considering landed on me- not the other way around.” He pointed out rather plainly. He had earned more than enough sideways glances to put him out of his comfort zone. He pulled the infirmary door open, but it appeared the nurse was still gone for lunch.

“Here. Sit on this.” He pulled the nurses stool a bit away from the medical supplied to create some room for himself. Hydrogen peroxide, cotton swabs, ointment and bandages were easy to find. “Are your knees still bleeding?” He asked before just turning to see for himself. Kneeling down to make himself eye level with her knees he started by cleaning the scrapes and then applying ointment. There were a couple of times where his hands fumbled and he’s attempt to shake off the fuzziness. Maybe he really did hit his head harder than he thought. “There.” He sunk to the ground shortly after applying the bandages in what he guessed was the right spot. His brows furrowed in pain and he closed his eyes. A nap seemed good but so did ice. He needed the throbbing pain to stop and yet he didn’t move from his sitting position on the floor.


As Hana walked down the halls she was consumed with thoughts on Haru and Minako. Previously, she had considered them as Minako x Haru….But she did not like the the name that popped in her head: Minaru. It sounded very unsmooth. However, Haru x Minako, although resulting in the pleasant sounding Haruko, did not seem to fi the picture of their relationship. Here she had thought manga was accurate to city goers. The sound of Ito-san’s voice snapping her back into reality. Right. She was being walked to the infirmary by a boy. How had she forgotten that? Maybe she needs to go to a doctor. These slip ups were beginning to concern her. “Uh. Gomenasai, Senpai.” She dropped her arms. It must of looked strange for them to be walking like this. Hana apologizing again to him in her thoughts. When they entered the nurses office and saw the room empty she immediately wished she kept her arms across her chest, having to stop herself as her arms lifted halfway up. Yabai. Yabai. Yabai. She awkwardly sat down on the infirmary stool. She was very uncomfortable. Stools always made her slouch. They did not have the back support of a chair. But how could she say that out loud? Hana watched him organize the medical supplies. She noticed he had this strangely smooth rhythm to his actions. Just as she was about to ask him if he had done this before he asked her about her knees. She looked down to see that one of her old scratches from Monday had gotten worse. “Hai. Gomenasai, Senpai.” She quickly bowed her head again, covering her face with her hands. This was just too embarrassing for her. She wanted Minako-san. When he started to clean her cut she felt chills run down her spine. YABAI. She couldn’t stop her legs from shaking. Trying her best to not let him notice. She had embarrassed him enough. Hana looked down at smiling nervously when he was done. The bandages were messy, but not too bad. When she saw him fall down she jumped up. “Senpai!” She squatted down and ignoring all social graces took his head in her tiny hands. Shifting his head slightly to the left she saw a bump. “Baka! You needed treatment not me.” She stood up and took a step behind him, doing her best to pull him up gently. Hana, having him lean on her, walked him over to one of the beds. “Stay.” She said while wagging her finger at him. She had no time for a tough guy act. Hana turning around to find an ice pack and wrap it in a cloth. She quickly returned to push him down, put it on the bump and guide one of his hands to the icepack to hold it down. Afterwards, she frowned at him. “Do not move till I’m back.” Hana closing the curtains as she turned around to go make tea. Luckily, Nurse Joshuyo, kept a small tea machine in her office. She quickly poured two cups, grabbed an extra blanket and dimmed the lights on the wall. If he had hit his head too hard the bright lights could cause dizziness. Hana hurriedly rushing past the curtains. Ignoring any comment from Keiji, she put the two tea cups down on the side table, spread the blanket over him and sat down on a chair. ” I am not leaving till the nurse is back. If you have a concussion someone needs to be here to help you.” She out loud as she nodded. Admitting to herself that this was more for her then him. Hana had to find a way to repay him for all the awkwardness!


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