H X E 15


Keiji’s eyes shot open at the feeling of soft hands on his face. At first he thought it might be the nurse, but instead found himself staring into greenish-hazel eyes stuck in kawaii face. He barely had time to react before she was turning his head and scolding him. That’s right. The girl who had used him as a personal landing mat was scolding him because he’d tried to take care of her first. He was starting to understand why Haru was always so irritated. He only let some of his weight fall on the girl. Her frame was so small he was afraid he’d crush her, but given how quickly she’d snapped at him he figured it was better to let her think she was carrying him. He opened his mouth to let her know where the ice was, but was immediately shut down by her wagging finger. How’d she go from so embarrassed and clumsy to so stern and demanding. It was honestly kind of hot to see her switch like that. He personally wasn’t a fan of the overly ditzy girls- which he’d thought she was up until now. A small smile formed as he watched her shuffle around the room with a cute little pep in her step.

The bed felt amazing compared to the cold, hard ground he’d been flattened on earlier. The ice felt even better. He raised a brow at demand. Where would he honestly go? “Hai.” When she exited through the curtains he got a peek of her little pep walk. He closed his eyes for what felt like just a moment and opened them to see Kobayashi-san sitting at his side going on about something to do with a concussion. “Hai.” His voice was a bit groggy. His free hand rose in search of the tea even though his eyes were still shut. He’d heard her set it down and had a vague idea of where it was.


Minako and Asuna walked back to class earning the curious looks of passerby as they went. The two of them together was certainly an odd site and considering Minako had been keeping the same pace even she was wondering why Asuna hadn’t gone ahead by now. Asuna didn’t say a single word as they entered the classroom making it one of the oddest walks Minako had ever been a part of. Was she really just escorted back to class? Asuna wasn’t even the class rep!

Taking her seat next Baka-chan she didn’t miss a beat. “I didn’t know you were into karaoke, Baka-chan.” He really just didn’t seem the type, but then again he was also in cooking and sewing club. You really could never tell with people nowadays.

Across the room Asuna was talking in hushed tones to her two minions. Probably spreading gossip from general vibe Asuna gave off. Especially since she’d just lost the class rep title and now everyone in school definitely knew who Hana was while there still a considerable amount with no idea who Asuna was. Pity.

The next class started without a hitch. Hana still hadn’t arrived, but Minako wasn’t too worried. After that public of a fall she figured Hana was trying to avoid the secondhand embarrassment from landing on an upper classman like that. It had honestly been picture worthy. Her phone buzzed in her pocket. Tetsuo had already sent her a message.


Hana watched Ito-san try to reach for the cup. She quickly leaned forward to help him sit up. “Honestly, Senpai. You just hit your head.” One hand supported his bag as she handed him the cup of tea. She kept radar like focus on the cup. Hana was ready to catch it case he dropped it from dizzyness. When he was done she took the cup back and put it back on the table. She let her hand drop as he fell back down in bed. Hana sighing. Where was the nurse? She pulled the covers over him and went to go change the ice pack and put that one in the freezer again. When she returned, Hana switched the ice packs and sat back down in her chair. “IS everyone related to Haru-san so stubborn.” Hana leaning to the right to check his bump. Some of the swelling seemed to have gone down. A huge yawn escaping her lips. That’s right. She had Archery this morning and the night before she had stayed up late to organize notes for Baka-chan. Monday was their first test. She stretched upwards and finished with a pinch to her cheeks. “You got this.” She whispered to herself. Hana pulling out her phone. A small number one was by the message app. It must be Tetsuo about Karaoke considering it was an unknown user. She could get it later. Still, Hana was more concerned on why the nurse still hadn’t returned! Slowly sinking into her chair she began to drift off. Not noticing that as the classes went by she had naturally fallen forward to somewhat comfortably rest her head on the side of his bed. She was just so exhausted from this day.


Haru sat tapping his foot against the floor. It had been two classes and Keiji had not yet returned. He better not have fallen for that overdose kawaii Hana! He couldn’t stomach it. The annoyingly cheerful girl must be holding him hostage. Haru groaning as he fell on his desk. Keiji had been to take notes for next period’s test. He was supposed to help Haru cram. Once again Haru began to see Kawaii as the root to all misfortune in Japan…Maybe the world. He turned his head to see Tetsuo texting someone. It had been two classes. Why was he being so aggressive? Tetsuo was decent looking enough. He sat up. “Tetsuo, I need your notes for next class. Keiji has mine.” Not even waiting for Tetsuo to respond he followed up with. “You don’t have my number. So tell me when and where you guys decide for karaoke. I have to make sure Keiji gets there safely after the body slam from Chibi-chan.” Haru blatantly unaware that he had just ignited the laying around gaseline that was the rumor of Hana’s embarrassing fall on Keiji. Who needed Asuna when Haru decided to actually talk to others?



Keiji chuckled, his eyes remaining closed. “I don’t know. Are you?” She seemed to forget that she was also related to Haru-san; at least she was from his perspective considering the comments Haru had dropped about her in the stairwell. The corner of Keiji’s mouth twitched at her mumbling to herself. If he wasn’t so tired he might have bothered to say something, but as it was he was fighting to stay awake.

He awoke sometime later to his phone buzzing away in his pocket. At first he felt disoriented, but it all quickly came back to him. Walking up the stairs, a girl falling on him chest first, the bump on his head…everything. He turned over to see the first year sound asleep using the edge of his bed as resting spot. Baka. He slowly sat up in an effort not to disturb her. The ice pack was no longer cool and he quickly discarded it. From the dizziness that overcame him he decided against getting out of bed just yet and settled on looking through his messages. They were all from Tetsuo giving him updates on a karaoke event he had definitely not agreed to go to. He still had a bruise on his head! With a sigh he put his phone back in his pocket and looked over at Kobayashi-san. Very troublesome girl. Pulling the blanket off himself he draped it over the sleeping girls figure before laying back down. It wouldn’t do to overheat if Tetsuo planned to drag him around later.

Minako stood by the school entrance with Tetsuo by her side. The two had been in a seemingly never ending stream of text conversation since that initial break and he had even come to meet her after swimming practice ended. Unbeknownst to her he had actually been watching with a few of the upper classmen, but Tetsuo certainly didn’t need her thinking he was a Hentai.

“I wonder where Hana-chan and Ito-san and everyone else are?” Minako asked curiously. Taking out her phone she shot Hana a quick message to see if she was alright. She had gone most of the day without checking up on her considering the one time she peeped in on one of their earlier breaks Hana was fast asleep. She had looked so kawaii laying there next to Ito-san that Minako had secretly snapped a picture to show Hana later. She had missed one picture perfect opportunity earlier in the day. There was no way she’d allow the second to pass her by like that.

“They should be here. If they don’t come soon we can go ahead and reserve the room.” Tetsuo shrugged, not bothering to check his phone for incoming messages. He had been quite thorough in giving everyone the details and now it was out of his hands.


Hana awoke by the sounds of anxious chatter. Sitting up slowly she felt a blanket slide off of her. Shocked she jumped out of her chair. Aware that she suddenly had caught the attention of the school nurse and an awake Keiji. Hana’s face turning bright red. She had fallen asleep! Now she owed even more to this Senpai. What had she gotten herself involved. Iie. What had Asuna gotten her involved in. Nurse Joshuyo walking over to her and patting her head. eh. Stop that. “Are you able to walk yourself home, Kobayashi-san?” Hana looked at her puzzled. “Of course I can.” The nurse laughing in her hands. “But I heard about your fall earlier.” Hana narrowed her eyes. “Then why weren’t you at the office!” She turned to point at Keiji. “He could of had a concussion.” The nurse raised an eyebrow. “I was in the teachers office all day for their immunization shots. It was posted on all the school bulletin boards if a student needed help to find me their.” WHAAAAAAAT. She turned to look at Keiji and then back at the nurse. “Oh.” Nurse Joshuyo started to laugh. “You have other problems to worry about. Student Council started twenty minutes ago.” Hana started to panic. Yabai. She hugged the school nurse and ran out of the nurses office. She was twenty minutes late on her first day! In a position she clearly was not prepared for! Aaaaaah. Hana ran down the hall and up the stairs to the third floor. She found herself tripping over a loose shoelace right in front of it. Ignoring the fall, and the blurred vision of a hand reaching out for her, she she stood up and opened the door to the student council room. She bowed her head and started to apologize over and over again. When no response came she saw the room was completely empty. Hana’s face turning white. Had she missed the entire meeting! She fell to the floor on her knees and messed up her hair with her hands. “I hate fridays.”


Haru found himself walking towards the cooking club. He had seen Tetsuo heading to the school gate earlier. He must be meeting up with everyone to go to karaoake. He had not gotten the message. Haru slammed open the door of the cooking club to see Yamato in a pink apron and headband. His anger fading away as he cracked up laughing, hitting the counter top with his fist. “Baka-chan….” The girls in the room turning to swoon at Haru. He was always known as the cold unapproachable prince of second year. Yamato turned around from the ovens and his face turned red. “Haru…” Haru walked right over to him and slapped him in the back. “If I knew what your type was earlier I could of helped you find someone.” Yamato picked up an un-iced cake to throw in his face. Sadly for Yamato, Haru was the rare prince. A girl stepping in front of him to receive the cake for him. Yamato’s face transitioning to a dark green. Haru pointed at him and laughed. Afterwards, after he was done ignoring Yamato’s death chants, he turned to the girl. “Thank you. If you need something in the future I owe you one.” The girl nodded her head and ran to the other side of the room. Haru turning to grab Yamato’s ear. He was going to be the one to deliver this idiotic sack of potatoes. How else would he manage his reputation. As he dragged Yamato towards the door, a third year Senpai handed the two a box of pastries. “Yamato-san, don’t forget your baked goods.” Yamato tried to nod his head, but Haru dragged him from the room and down the stairs and directly to the gate. When he got there he looked from side to side. “Where’s Keiji and Hana?” Yamato sighing. “That’s the question of the day.” He looked up at Minako, already expecting what was coming. He held the box out. “Here. Just save one for Yuri.” Haru clenching his teeth. Damn. He hadn’t thought of that. Wait. Why did it matter? All he needed was a reason to show up to this to protect Keiji from Chibi-chan…… Yamato was just his excuse to cover for Tetsuo’s schemes. He had stayed exactly as he needed to. Smiling again, Haru smirked at Tetsuo. “Tetsuo, if I hadn’t run into a complaining Baka-chan I wouldn’t of known to meet here.”


Keiji watched Kobayashi-san rush out of the room, chuckling internally as he took a sip of his tea. She was such an interesting girl. A bit spastic, but funny to watch if nothing else.

“Aren’t you in Student Council too this year?” Nurse Joshuyo asked, plucking the now empty cup from his hands.


“Shouldn’t you be going to the meeting too then?”

“Hai.” His election; if you could even call it that, had felt more like a coup d’état. Moving to his feet he handed over his now lukewarm ice pack and bowed. “Arigatou gozaimasu.” When he finally caught up to Kobayashi-san she had just finished her countless apologies and was on her knees rambling to herself. Stepping into the room he could see it was emptied out. So her first instinct was to sink to floor messing up her hair? He glanced at the room number before gingerly taking hold of her arm. “Come on feisty. You’re in the wrong room.” He pulled her up with ease and lead her down the hall. After a half day of rest he still felt pretty bad. His eyes were a bit sensitive to the light, but he chose to ignore that. Thanks to Tetsuo and the other idiots in his class he now had to attend these meetings for an entire year again. Bakas… He slid the door open to room 3-H and was not surprised to see many of the same faces.

“How nice of you to join us.” A female voice called from across the room.

“Mm.” Keiji ignored her and lead Kobayashi-san over to a pair of open chairs. Only when he sat down did he release her, having to blink a few times in order to keep focus. Hopefully this would be quick, but knowing the President…there would be introductions, appointments, and whatever random speech he had for the day. Sometimes he wondered if the President was even a real person and not something out of one of the shows his little cousin was always watching.

Minako’s face lit up at the sight of a pastries. “Thank you!” She beamed up at Baka-chan before flipping open the lid and picking out the prettiest one. “They should be at the student council meeting. At least, Hana-chan should.” She mused before taking a bite out of her pastry.

“Keiji-chan too. He got voted in thanks to me.” Tetsuo gave a wink. As soon as Haru said his comment Tetsuo froze. “…From the way you acted it seemed like you weren’t interested. We are in the same class. Why not just ask?” He shrugged. Taking out his phone he sent Haru a quick text.

[Now that I know you like having fun I’ll invite to future dates]

How did Tetsuo get Haru’s number? Keiji.

Minako had moved closer to Baka-chan in order to inspect the differences between the two boxes. She was already on her third pastry, but wanted to see what he had going on. “Did you bake these? These are great!” It really was rare that a guy cooked pastries. “You should get a job at one of the local cafés.” At the mention of cafes she immediately put another pastry in her mouth and quickly devoured it. “Should we go on ahead and meet them there?” She pondered, turning her attention back to Tetsuo and Haru.

“Sure. A few of us could go along to reserve the room and the rest could wait for them to finish.” Tetsuo couldn’t have paid for a better set up. “Haru-san, did you want to wait with Akiyama-san while we go on ahead?”


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