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Hana felt herself being pulled up by Keiji. A moment before noticing someone else was there. Chills running down her adrenaline high nerves. “Ah. Senpai. It’s-” Wait. Did he just call her feisty again! Hana found herself being dragged out of the room and towards another one. ” I am not-” The door to the other room opened. Hana immediately silencing her thought. Annoyance towards Keiji consuming her. Taking a moment to note the feeling of being dragged somewhere was not the best. She may have to do it less. Hana kept her head down as she found herself being dragged to a seat. Right next to the annoying Senpai! A moment wasted on looking at the woman who had spoken the cold words before her. She had short, angled honey hair. Her face softened by a pair of pale lavender circle lenses. That was matched to an almost identical face of Asuna’s. This must be her sister. The tall thin (and quite timid looking council member) coughed into his hand. “As we were saying. Emiko-san has taken a year of absence from school. The Vice President position has opened up. Kazue-san has been nominated for the position. The voting can recommence.” Hana’s eyes shifted to look at Kazue. It was Asuna’s sister again. If she was anything like Asuna she probably could of had a hand in Emiko’s “leave of absence”. But that was pure speculation for now. The majority of the hands shot up in approval. The defacto leader turning to Keiji. “Keiji-san?” He turned to look at Hana. The boy’s facing blushing slightly. Eh. Already unwanted attention. Hana sighed and looked around the room. Everyone seemed to be expecting a yes. She just couldn’t do it. “Gomenasai. I’m new here and don’t really know much about city life. I don’t think my vote should count yet.” There. A good enough excuse. Just as the Senpai was about to speak the door slammed open. A tall, decently built Senpai with perfectly placed brown hair strode into the room. He slapped his hand down on the desk in front of them. Hana barely noticing the two who came in behind him. The first was a tall, anxious looking Senpai. Hana startled by the dark green shades of his hair and ill fitting glasses. Besides him was a short boy with a very round girlish face. He leaned closer to the other boy. “Objection!” A few other members laughing or looking over at Kazue-san nervously. Yep. She was like Asuna… or Asuna was like her. It didn’t really matter who was the tree and who was the apple. Kazue-san sighing in her seat. “Takashi.” The president shrugged at her, choosing to move on. “Can anyone name what is missing in our student council right now?” Everyone looked at each other nervously. The young boy leaning forward anxiously. “President…” He ignored his Secretary and turned to everyone, nodding his head in deep thought. “Kawainess. We have an utter lack of Kawainess. It is damaging our reputation amongst the students.” He lifted his hand to point at the short girly faced boy. “Ryuu cannot carry the burden alone.” A few people at the table started to crack up laughing. This was indeed there president. Kazue-san stood up from her chair. “Takashi-” He put his hand up and gestured at the three of them. ‘ There is a second reason!….” Everyone leaning forward in their seats to see what he’d say next. Takashi’s eyes narrowing as his face got serious. “None of us are first years. How can we ensure a successful council if we don’t groom the following one.” A few people shaking their head in approval. This was indeed their president. Kazue-san sat back down in her seat dejected. She couldn’t outright argue with that. Takashi suddenly pointing at Hana. She started to panic. “Kobayashi Hana, you will be the new vice president.” She stood up in her seat. “Ehhh!” He walked over to her and clapped his hand on her shoulder. “I have decided you will draw in our much needed school support.” Hana started waving her hands in panic. “No. Really I-” He put his finger to her lips to shush her. He smiled at her at somewhat subtly pointed at Keiji. “You already are close to our other Secretary.” Hana turned to look at him in shock. “Senpai!” The president turning her head back around and squeezing her cheeks so it looked like she was imitating a fish. It was painful. “Nod your head yes.” Hana resigning to her face nodded her head. The green haired youth suddenly appearing and slipping a piece of paper over to her on the table. “We need your signature here. Kobayashi-san.” Hana watched as the president grabbed her hand and scribbled her name for her. Eh. What was going on. The green haired Senpai picked up the paper and walked back to the front of the classroom. The president releasing her and walking up to the front. He clapped his hands. “Meeting dismissed. See you all next friday.” He turned to Kobayashi-san. “See you monday, Chibi-chan.” Hana looked at him in shock. How did he know to call her that!?!?! He strode out of the room with his entourage. A few people smiling and slowly making their way out the classroom. Hana standing still in shock. Her statue like appearance being shattered by the sight of Kazue-san walking up to her. “You’re in my sister’s class. Are you not?” Hana nodded her head. “Hai.” She smiled at her. Hana shuddering. “You two are getting along? I know my sister can be quite the pain at times.” Hana once again replying with a simple. “Hai.” Kazue-san turning to Keiji. A completely different smile appearing on her face. “Keiji. It seems I will have to see you outside student council.” Hana looked at Kazue-san and then at Keiji. Hai. She bowed her head and said again, “Hai.” The ability to process things or say other words at the moment lost. She turned around and trudged out of the room and started to head towards the gate. Hai.


Keiji’s expression became dull when the council member asked for his vote. He was not ignorant of what had caused Emiko-san to take a leave of absence and the possible election of Kazue-san brought it all back. He watched Kazue-san evenly from across the room, letting Kobayashi-san say her piece before moving to put in his own opinion. Thankfully for him, the President Takashi took it upon himself to elect the his attacker. It was quite funny to see Kobayashi-san try to meekly object. Takashi-san wasn’t really an asker which became apparent when he said Keiji was a Secretary. What. He was supposed to only be a temporary secretary last year. When was this permanent. Actually, how did Takashi-san even get elected because Keiji couldn’t remember actually voting for a president. He held up his hand to speak out, but was immediately ignored. Tch. Takashi-san knew exactly what Keiji was going to say and was too focused on getting Kobayashi-san to sign the paper. Tch. Being ignored for the kawaii first year- typical. He snickered when the president called her Chibi-chan. Who had come up with that?! It was fitting though. The half smile immediately faded by Kazue-san’s approach. He wasn’t even surprised that she found something to say to him even though he’d had no part in her losing out on the vice presidency. He didn’t have time for this. He was still recovering from his head injury and listening to whatever Kazue-san had to say would only make it worse. When Kobayashi-san left he stood up from his chair so that he was looking down at his fellow council member. “Our classes are on the same floor. If you need anything feel free to find me on break between classes.” His tone was dull. “I wish you luck on your extracurriculars.” He gave her a slight nod before taking his leave.

Chibi-chan wasn’t hard to spot. Aside from her blonde hair it was the spastic movements that caught his eye. “Kobayashi-san!” He called out, looking at his most recent messages from his phone. “Did you get a message about karaoke?” In reality Keiji had not received a single message. Instead he had received about 12 messages from Tetsuo outlining how he could not skip out and that it was very important. Keiji doubted it, but Tetsuo was withholding notes from the days class. That alone wasn’t enough to get him on board until he got to he message saying Haru had agreed to go. Haru had agreed to go to karaoke. His Haru. The corner of his mouth cracked in a smile. Loud music was probably bad for him right now, but how could be miss it. He closed his phone after sending Tetsuo and simple [Hai.] in response. “Let’s take the B train. It’ll be faster than the way they went.”


Haru mentally hit his head against a wall. This is why he never got involved with people. He went to speak when Yamato made a huge exasperated noise. “Ehhhh. Tetsuo-san, those who are late must learn their lesson. Besides,” Yamato turned to glare at Haru. “I may have found a way I can crush my rival!” Haru covered his face in an image of disappointment. In reality, he was giggling to himself in the inside. Baka-chan indeed had moments of usefulness. Haru letting a huge sigh. “Let’s just get this over with.” He turned to Minako. “Go on then. Show us all the way.”


Minako watched the boys curiously; munching on her fourth pastry. Baka-chan had told her to save one for Hana-chan, but if there was no evidence of a second box by the time she arrived… She smiled when Baka-chan declared his rivalry. Eh…in karaoke? Was that even something you could really ‘crush’ someone at? Glancing over at Haru she tried not to laugh. They were such an odd pairing. “Don’t look so tortured, Haru-san. It’ll be fun.” Reaching into her box she took out the second to last pastry and gently forced it in his mouth with a smile before handing the box back to Baka-chan. It hurt, but was the only way Hana-chan would get the last pastry! “This way guys!” Stepping out onto the sidewalk she took them to the nearest train station while sending Hana-chan the address of the karaoke place she’d agreed on with Tetsuo.

It looked a bit strange to many passersby to see three boys being led by a single girl, but Minako hardly noticed the looks they were getting or that fact that most people were moving out of their way. Tetsuo spent the time chit chatting to Mina about sports clubs and possible song choices, moving himself closer as they walked. Mina had gotten so caught up explaining the various positions she played and the rules of the sports she participated in that she almost took them to the wrong train. “Wait!” She stopped abruptly, holding her arms out to stop the three amigos while reading the train times. The girl was so focused she barely even reacted when one of them slammed directly into her from behind. “Oops. Wrong way! We have to hurry!” Slender fingers gripped one of them randomly, her free hand clutching her bag as she darted through the crowd.

“H-hey! Wait up!” Tetsuo laughed, not really one for running. Speed walking? Yes. Running? This wasn’t the Olympics.

“Someone has to get the room!” Minako called over her shoulder, eyes locked on the prize. It wasn’t until she was on the train that she addressed her captive. “Whew. We made it.” Pulling out a bottle of aloe water she took a swig. “Want some?”

The other two guys were not far behind and maneuvered over to them. “You really do run track.” Tetsuo heaved. He immediately took a seat behind where they were standing. That was enough exercise for the day.

Mina laughed. “Track AND field.” She corrected. Her laugh only got loud when Tetsuo’s response was to take the aloe water. As more people crowded the train Minako turned her attention ahead and moved farther from the door, reaching up to grab one of the hand straps hanging down. Unbeknownst to her she was now standing directly in front of Tetsuo. Tetsuo; however, was well aware and couldn’t hide the smirk on his face at having her butt in his direct line of site. He gave Haru and Yamato a cheeky look.


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