H X E 19


Keiji was in no position to refuse the way Chbi-chan pulled him this way and that. As much as he wanted to keep watching how odd Haru-san was being he just couldn’t focus let alone commit anything he saw to memory. When she pulled him down to her lap his eyes went wide for a moment. When was the last time he’d been pulled into a girl’s lap? It had been a bit and half, but she felt comfortable and some darkness was just what he wanted right now. He closed his eyes and tried to tune everything out. It was difficult to tune out Chibi-chan’s mention of seppuku though. He smiled and didn’t respond. He didn’t plan on dying. Especially not in a karaoke room with three gossips from his class. They’d churn up some insane story about how he died and then he’d have to haunt their families for generations to come. Within minutes he passed out, his face snuggled into her lap with one arm locked around one of her thighs.

Tetsuo glanced over and quirked a brow. Damn. Keiji was one lucky guy. He knew at least four third years who would give their right and left arm just to be able to be at the same group outing at her and here this idiot was with his head in her lap. And he wasn’t even the one who put his head there! SHE was! Between that and the oddly tense display between Haru-san and Minako-san earlier…let’s just say He was itching for his shot with a girl at this point.

Minako beamed at Haru-san as she took her spot next to him. That’s what he got being so fixated with driving her up a wall! No matter. She had been able to let off some steam with Misa-san and felt much better now. Looking over at the drinks her nose wrinkled a bit. Apple cider was not a drink she favored, so when everyone got their drinks she let hers get passed along to the others. Anyone could take it for all she cared. When Haru-san began to sing she was actually surprised- impressed even! This feeling was immediately squashed when she saw how the three other girls were absolutely gushing over him. Their wide eyes and hopeful, happy expressions made her realize just how popular he was. Part of her wanted to giggle, but she had to maintain composure! She gave Baka-chan a weird expression when he moved where Haru-san had been sitting. If he wanted the mic that badly he only had to ask for goodness sake. As soon as Haru-san reclaimed his seat she opened her mouth to compliment him, but was immediately cut off by the other girls who practically swarmed over.

“Haru-san who knew you were such a good singer!”

“I never would have thought a guy from our class could sing like that!”

“You should become a professional!”

The girls went from standing in front of Haru-san to trying to sit on either side him. Minako immediately took the hint and slid down to the end with Tetsuo so they could sit next to their beloved Jrock singer.

“Here you go.” Tetsuo handed her a fresh glass of cider which she promptly placed on the table. It was in this moment that he realized two things. One: he would never invite Haru-san to an outing again- not that he did this time. Two: Keiji-san could only come is Chibi-chan would also be there as a distraction.

“Thanks.” Minako thanked him anyway and turned to the others. “So who wanted to sing next?”

Tetsuo jumped up and suggested a pop love song that was really high on the charts right now. He easily convinced Kaede-san to sing with him again and made sure to charm that girl like no other. Minako took the time to look over and see how Hana-chan was doing. She really seemed to like that cider. Her eyes looked down to see a very interesting display going on in her lap. Eh…well, maybe she needed to put a jacket over that? Geeze, Hana-chan really did get herself into the weirded situations. It was almost funny, but horribly funny. As if on cue, Keiji-san tightened his grip on her and snuggled deeper. Even Minako blushed and returned her attention the other two girls who were going back and forth between talking to Haru-san and watching the singing pair. Maybe she’d be able to slip out and head home to make some curry for dinner. “Hm…”


Hana felt like the room was spinning. The strobe lights.were getting to her head. She turned to look at Minako. She was sitting next to Tetsuo. Hana really didn’t like him at all. She picked up the two strawberry tofu milks she had bought and called out to Minako. “Minako, I bought this just in case.” She tossed the strawberry tofu milk straight at Tetsuo’s face. She put her hands over her mouth in shock. “I am so sorry, Senpai….” She bowed her head. “I didn’t mean too-” Yamato cut her off. “We all know you aren’t the athletic type, Chibi-chan.” Hana rubbed her head awkwardly. “Still. I should go get ice.” She looked down at the sleeping Keiji on her lap. Hana bent down and whispered, “Senpai, I need to go out for a second.” She waved Haru over. As she slid to the right he sat down in her spot. If Keiji went to snuggle with someone it would be his lap now and not hers. She bowed once again before slipping out of the room. Hana heading over to the bathroom. Her face was completely red in the mirror. All she could do was burst out laughing. She splashed some water on her face and went back to the front desk. “Can I get one more bag of ice.” The man smiled at her and disappeared. Hana turning around to lean back on the counter. One of her hands to head. Everything was beginning to spin even worse. Hana turned back around to accept the ice and headed back towards the room. Outside the door she was shocked to see Asuna’s sister and the third year Senpais she had met earlier in the week. The door next to her karaoke room was open. How did this happen! Hana clumsily walked towards the karaoke room door. She kept her head down as she neared. Unfortunately, she was spotted by Goro. “Is this our little Hana-chan.” Hana looked up nervously. She was very aware of the fact that her face was quite red. She was trying so hard not to laugh at everything right now. “Senpai, I didn’t know you come to this karaoke place.” Eiji next to him leaned forward towards her. “We normally don’t. Kazue invited us, but we may have to come more often now.” Hana put her hands up in front of her. “Really there is no need. I never come here.” The two walked closer to her. As she backed away, Hana found herself tripping over herself and falling on her butt. What was in those drinks? Goro leaned forward close to her. “It isn’t a good idea to fall so much Hana-chan. It can get you hurt quite bad.” Hana scooted away a few small bumps. Chills running down her spine when Kazue put her hand on Goro’s shoulder. “How many times do I have to remind you to not tease the Kohais.” Goro leaned back and sighed. “I can’t help it. She’s just too easy.” Hana stood up awkwardly and brushed herself off. She went to reach for the door handle when she found her arm caught by Eiji. “Why don’t you sing a song with us.” Hana pulled her arm back. “I’m sorry. I already promised to be with someone else. Maybe another day, Senpai.” He frowned at her. “I thought at the very least you would treat a Senpai to one song. I misjudged you, Hana-chan.” Yabai. Hana put her hand on the door and spoke louder. Hopefully, they may hear her over the music. “I already promised to celebrate with Yamato, Mina and Haru-san. I will have to make it up to you.” Kazue leaned forward. She was smiling. “And how exactly do you plan to make it up to us?” When Hana saw Goro reaching out she panicked. Not only was she feeling weird, but the idea of him touching her freaked her out. She stepped to the right and pulled his arm forward so he’d fall on his face. She opened the door, so the entire room could see them and she bowed her head. “I really am sorry, but as you can see I already have plans.” Hana turned back around to sit by Haru. She had pinched him under the table as soon as she sat down. She didn’t need to worry about Yamato and Minako getting it. Haru seemed like the dense one.


Minako was happily sipping on her strawberry milk when she overhead Hana-chan saying her name. She gave Haru-san a questioning look before moving to her feet and scooting across the length of the couch towards the door. When the door swung open Minako froze, her butt right in front of Haru-sans face. Her gaze shot down to the sight of one of the third year boys face down on the floor. Her eyes narrowed in skepticism as she looked at the other senpai and a girl who looked a lot like Asuna. She moved out of the way so Hana-chan could sit next to Haru-san and immediately stepped forward to stand in the door way. Before she could even get the first word out; however, she felt a dark presence at her side. Eh… Looking up she saw a very out of it looking Keiji glaring at their unwelcomed guests.

“It’s already too loud with Tetsuo’s racoon voice and now this?” He peered down at the three bakas, his temper only just simmering below the surface. He took a step out into the hallway not realizing he had pushed Minako out with him and shut the door behind him.

“What were you doing to Hana-chan?” Minako demanded, watching as the one on the floor finally got himself off the floor.

“Who are you?” Kazue-san asked, glancing Minako over with a dismissive look.

“She’s the first year taking on all the sports this year.” One of the guys mentioned. “I hear she’s the ace of tennis and swim.” He nudged the other guy before giving her a insistent smile. “Isn’t that right?”

Minako furrowed her brows, standing her ground as the two guys approached her. “Yes. Now what were you trying to do?” Neither of them were on sports teams, so it wasn’t all that relevant to them in her opinion.

“We just thought it’d be nice if Hana-chan would sing a quick song with us is all. Isn’t that right?” One of the guys looked at the other who quickly nodded.

“Of course. We just wanted to be good senpais, but she rejected us. So rude.”

Minako was not buying that load of bullshit for one moment. “Well she already made plans so you’ll have to find another kohai tonight.” She kept her voice as pleasant as she possibly could.

“Maybe we have.”

It was in this moment that Keiji realized a few things about Minako-san. One; she was fearless against possible threats. Two; she was clueless to possible threats against herself. His head was spinning from having gotten up so fast leaving him slightly immobilized. He could see Kazue san in front of him. Was she talking to him? He honestly couldn’t be all that sure, but his patience was running dangerously thin. Reaching behind him he knocked on the door four times as one of his many signals to let Haru know he was reaching his tipping point.


Hana sat awkwardly in the hot seat. Her face now bright red for reasons more then just drinking alcohol. She looked down at her hands. Tears coming out of her. “I’m sorry.” She kept mumbling to herself. Yamato sighing and putting his arm around her. “It’s awkward when you cry, Chibi-chan.” Haru flicked Yamato in the head. “Shut up, Baka-chan.” Hana bowed her head at every. “I keep making messes and…. I’m so sorry.” Haru handed her a paper napkin as he looked away at the door. Hana wiped the tears from her eyes. She stood up. “I will go and fix this.” She started to walk back towards the closed door when Haru grabbed her arm. “If you are going to bring your Senpais into this then let us handle it.” Hana shook her head. “I have to fix this.” She pulled her arm free. Haru suddenly tensing up at the sound of four knocks. He walked past Hana and kicked open the door. Haru looked down at the Senpais. “I should of known. Kazue, you just love stirring up trouble.” Haru threw his arm around Keiji and smirked at her. “But even you wouldn’t want to cause a scene with all of us here.” He pointed back at everyone in the room. It was a collection of gossip mongers after all. Yamato stood up and leaned in the door way. “The math doesn’t seem in your favor.” Yamato winking at Minako and Hana. “Plus, you have these two factors.” Kazue scowled. “No one was doing anything wrong. Our Kohai just over reacted.” Goro sighing and shaking his head. “Both of them were.” Eiji leaning against the wall. “All we wanted to do was join you guys for some fun.” Kazue smiled. “She was the one who refused to let us all have fun together. Here I thought her entire campaign speech was everyone having fun together.” Goro shook his head in disappointment. “I’m not having fun, at all, Hana-san.” Hana clenched her hands. She had been standing next to Yamato silently. She walked up to Goro and pointed her finger in his chest. “Stop lying, Senpai.” She turned to Kazue. “Why are you defending them. You are a representative of our school. You should be trying to make sure everyone is safe!” Kazue leaned down towards her. “I’d be careful where you poke your fingers, Kohai-san.” Hana’s scowl got deeper. She turned to look at everyone back int the room. “I’m really sorry everyone, but I can’t stand for this. Whatever happens just put the room’s charges on my card and I will do my best to make it up to you all later.” She smiled at them. “I really did have fun.” Hana turned back around and cracked her knuckles. She slapped Kazue and looped her neck into her arms. Hana using the moment to throw her to the floor and land a side kick into Eiji. When he went to swing she put her arm out to block, side kicked Goro who had just realized what was happening. Hana pulled Eiji forward and side stepped closer into Goro. She blocked his punch and flipped him over into Eiji. The two falling onto each other. Kazue san looking up at her in shock. Hana panting while she looked down at them. “Third years are supposed to protect their Kohais; their supposed to make them feel welcomed and part of the school community. Not ruin a student get together. If this is how you behave no wonder why you didn’t get vice president. The only people who support you are probably afraid of you and what these idiots would do for you.” Hana bent down and looked at Kazue at eye level. “Even cowards like me have our breaking points, keep that in mind, Senpai.” Hana stood up and turned to everyone in the room. She bowed once again. “I am sorry for causing even more trouble. I think it is best if I go home now. Please, find a way for me to make it up to you guys. I shouldn’t of ruined the happy night we were having.” She reached behind her and grabbed an arm, not even looking who she grabbed. Hana dragging them out of the karaoke place and across the street into a small children’s park. She let go of the arm and climbed the play set. She stood on the top layer and shouted, “Mesu! Shofu! On’na!….” Hana collapsing in a criss cross apple sauce position. She messed up her hair again. “Baka, baka, baka. You said you’d control your temper. Things were going to be different this time.” She fell onto her back letting her head fall upside off the playset. She blinked a few times and realized it wasn’t Minako she had dragged out with her. Yabai.


Haru stood inbetween Minako and Keiji. He hadn’t realized Hana followed him through the doorway. He realized that when he saw Hana march right on up to Kazue. He let his arm fall from Keiji’s shoulder. Shit. What was this Chibi getting herself into. Kazue wasn’t like that little first year Asuna. She was dangerous. Haru shuddering at the image of Emiko that day in the girl’s restroom. A part of him relaxing when she turned to apologize to everyone. At least she knew her overdoes of kawainess caused THIS ENTIRE MESS. Turns out he shouldn’t of relaxed. Haru looking on in shock at the sight of Hana cracking her knuckles and slapping Kazue. It was pure ecstasy watching the look on Kazue’s face. The rich girl had never been slapped in her entire life, but it didn’t stop there. Haru had seen briefly Hana defending Yuri, but he had no idea she could actually fight!… or that she had a temper. He watched on in shock as Hana put Kazue into a headlock and pulled her forward onto the ground. He felt Yamato silently reach up to grab his uniform sleeve. He could feel Yamato shaking nervously. All Haru could do was shake his head at the sight of Hana dealing with Eiji and Goro. The two were known…well, they weren’t exactly Yankees, but they were rough around the edges. He watched Hana side step and move out of the way. Every movement had a purpose. In a few movements she had both of them on their backs and on the ground shocked. He covered his mouth and laughed as she bent down and lectured Kazue. Hana would definitely die later on in school, but this moment was priceless. He watched with annoyance as she apologized once again. Chibi-chan should be proud. Everyone thought she was in Judo as a joke. Turns out, the Katsuo had been right; she may be the actual ace in the Judo team. Chibi-chan wasn’t just the mascot everyone thought she was. Haru realizing later that Hana had just dragged off the wrong person in her frustration and embarassment. He sighed and took Minako’s hand. “Let’s go. Chibi-chan will want you to comfort her.” Haru turned around to wink at Testuo. He waved goodbyw to the annoying girls in his class. One of them had thrown him, bot Hana’s bag and Minako’s. He looped them around him and he pulled her out of the building. He let go of her arm and sighed at her. “So where did our little, Chibi-chan, run off too?”


Keiji stood only a few feet from where Chibi-chan was hanging on the play set, one hand still holding an ice pack to his head while his other hand was in his pocket. His temper had faded into fuzzy amusement. He chuckled a bit at her chastising herself. The switch she’d done was just too funny. One moment flipping and lecturing people. The next moment? Just sitting on a playground freaking out about her own freak out. “For someone so small and dainty; you really are a spitfire.” Closing the distance between them he gave her a half smile. “It’s good to stand up for yourself. Just hold off on the casualties on school grounds, if you could.” He raised his ice pack briefly to emphasize what he meant. Keiji briefly looked over the playset and took a seat on the second level from the bottom so he would be about eye level with her. Kazue-san would come after Chibi-chan in school. He had no doubt about that and thus wasn’t worried. In his opinion it was better not to worry about the inevitable and Kazue-san was a very big inevitable. He released a breath and turned to look at her. “Cheer up, Kobayashi-san. You did it for a noble cause.” It briefly reminded him of when he lost his temper in the past. He doubted anyone would say it was done for a noble cause, but then again so few had seen it. SEVERAL people at witnessed Kobayashi-san going all out. “It’s getting late-” Keiji paused as if he had more to say, his tone making it seem a bit like a question. He looked around as if trying to figure out how dark it was outside. Pretty dark, but who could tell these days.

Minako stood rooted to her spot in shock as Hana-chan went on her rampage. She didn’t know whether to be impressed or concerned that someone so small could just snap like that. And here Minako thought she had a short fuse when people started to attack her character…She jerked back slightly when someone took hold of her, looking up to see the hand was attached to Haru-san. Nothing more would please her than to remove herself from his grip, but she couldn’t argue with him on Hana-chan needing comfort. Dammit. As irritated as the entire night was- Minako let herself get dragged out of the building. “I think I see Keiji-san over there.” Taking her and Hana-chans bags she started across the street. When she spotted Hana-chan and Keiji-san she set their bags on the ground. “Hana-chan, are you alright?” Running over to Hana-chan she couldn’t put into words how odd it was to see her sitting on a playground after the scene back at the karaoke place. Glancing over at Keiji she immediately picked up on his amusement. He always seemed so unbothered by everything, but now that she thought about it she was sure he’d been on the verge of something earlier…No matter, it was no secret the boy had suffered a concussion. Someone needed to take him home. “Maybe we should call it a night.” Everything about her body language made it clear she really meant HE needed to call it a night. How he had even made it this far in the day was a wonder to her.

Keiji turned to look at Kobayashi-san. “If Kobayashi-san is ready then I can take her home. It’s on the way to my place.” He didn’t even notice the face palm Minako did when he said that and turned to look at Haru-san. “Haru…you came to karaoke tonight…We should go somewhere else next time.” Or never again since the one time he Haru came it turned into a disaster. He moved to get up but quickly realized he needed to stay seated. Hm….

Minako looked between Haru-san and Hana-chan expectantly. Keiji-san was obviously HIS friend/ HER victim and he needed to go home. Any social stress could be handled after the near comatose man with them was put to bed in his own room and not the hospital.


Hana looked at him in shock. Here he was laughing when he honestly looked like he was about to collapse at any second. She sat up and turned so she was facing him. She smiled at him. “I’m definitely not a spitfire. That’s Minako’s job.” Her face becoming red again when he closed the distance. “I really am sorry…” Hana whispered. She reached out to touch the icepack. When he took a seat on the second level she scooted forward, so she could press it against his head. It was time his arms too a break. He was supposed to be the patient today. All the action wasn’t good for him at all. She watched him try and relax. All she did was feel guilty all over again. She was doing a horribly job at making sure he was ok. Hana chuckling, “I wouldn’t call it a noble cause…maybe more pent up aggression.” She turned her head to look at the dark sky. She was supposed to be prepping the archery room almost all day tomorrow. Plus, the Judo team was requesting a weekend practice. Hana was supposed to be teaching the first years how to get the basics of throws. “It really is…” She let herself trail off. Hana’s attention turning to an incoming Minako and Haru. A small smile on her face when she saw that they were coming over to them alone together. She lightly hit Keiji’s arm. “Still think there’s nothing up.” When Minako got her she smiled. “I think I’m alright. It’s everyone else who should be worried. I definitely think I got everyone wrapped up in trouble.” She looked past them at the karaoke place. “We even left Baka-chan to do the cleanup.” She turned to see Haru sighing, “Baka-chan is here for things like this.” Hana frowning. Her attention turning to Minako. “Yes, it seems it is.” Hana was surprised at Keiji’s offer. “I haven’t injured you enough today?” Hana chipping in when Minako commented on Haru. “You are definitely as bad as me, Haru-san.” When Hana say Keiji attempt to stand up and slowly fall back down, she slid onto her knees to the second layer. Hana steadying him by placing her hands on his back. “Baka.” Hana turned to Haru. “Go take Minako home. You already know where she lives. I’ll deal with this idiotic patient.” Hana put his arm around her and helped him stand up. She picked up her bag over her free shoulder. Hana turning to Haru, “Minako better get home safe and she better be happy.” Hana turning around to help her victim walk. She waved to those behind her and brought Keiji towards the bus stop. The park’s corner was a stop on the route they needed. Hana sat him down on a bench and sighed. She turned to him and tilted her head. “It’s bad isn’t it.” She took the ice pack off of his forward, unwrapped it from the cloth, tucked the cloth back in her bag and tossed the ice pack into the trash can. Hana turned back around, “We both know it’s warm by now.” She turned to watch the bus pull in. Hana put his arm around her again. She stood up and walked him into the pretty empty bus. She sat him down in one of the seats towards the back. Hana choosing to begrudgingly take the aisle seat. She turned her head to stare out the window. As the bus rolled forward, Hana smiled at the changing scenery. “It really is like its own world.”


Haru stood their silent. He was about to speak when Chibi-chan stood up. He was about to protest that he should take Keiji home when he realized someone did need to take Minako home. It’s not like two girls walking alone at night was appropriate, even if both of them knew how to fight. Haru smirked at her, “She’ll be fine. Don’t kill my friend.” Hana nodded and started to pull Keiji away. He leaned back and smiled. “She really is stronger then she appears.” He put his hands to his mouth and shouted, “Chibi-chan, you better not cause anymore trouble!” He saw her wave back and he turned to Minako. He tightened his grip on her bag. “Alright. Let’s get you home.” He turned away and walked out the other side of the park. It was closer to the subway station. The bus line that passed by the park didn’t go near where they needed to go. He started to enter the station when he realized he was not sure if Minako was following him. After he passed through the gates, Haru turned around to look for Minako. “We will miss the train. Hurry up.” Haru turning back around to scoot into the train. If she wanted her school bag, Minako would have to follow him into it. He smiled to himself as he reserved two seats for them. There was NO WAY he was letting her stand this time around. His heart could only take so much today.


Keiji perked a brow when Hana hit his arm, looking over to see Haru and Minako. “Eh…Haru-chan is asexual.” He stated simply.

He let Kobayashi-san help him over to the park bench, nodding slightly when she asked if it was bad. Nodding hurt less than shaking his head to be fair. Once on the bus Keiji became much more alert. There was something about his new wariness towards falling asleep on public transport and waking out way out of the way that was sobering. He peered over at Kobayashi-san when she spoke up again. “They said you aren’t from the city. Where are you from?” Might as well make conversation so he didn’t pass out again plus he was honestly curious about the feisty spit fire taking care of him.

When he noticed they were nearing the bus stop near the school grounds he pulled himself up and began making his way towards the front. “This way Kobayashi-san.” His steps were a bit wobbly given the unstable rumbling of the bus, but once his foot hit solid ground he was stable again. “Your dorm is this way right?” He asked, glancing down at her. There was absolutely no way he was going to let her walk back to the dorms by herself and he lived close enough that one of his brothers would surely spot him on his way back. He started off in the direction, his hands sliding into his pockets. If he kept his head forward and didn’t look at the ground he actually felt pretty okay. That being said, he knew he probably wasn’t attending classes tomorrow.

“What?” Minako looked at Hana-chan in shock. She didn’t want Haru-san walking her home. In fact, she didn’t really want to be around him at all right now. She’d had her fill of Haru-san for the day. No- the entire week! “Bye Hana-chan, get back safe!” Minako called with a smile. A smile that faded as soon as Haru-san mentioned getting her home. Great. She trailed behind Haru-san having to bit her tongue when he told her hurry up. She just wanted to get this over with. When they were on the train she didn’t bother sitting next him and merely settled for standing in front of him. He may be a control freak, but she was still irritated from dealing with the Senpais from earlier and didn’t feel like being forced to sit next to some guy. Gripping the pole at her side she let herself zone out and enjoy the soft hum of the train. Normally she would try to talk to whoever she was with, but Haru-san was a thorn in her side. And to think Hana-chan had assigned him to her! She was stewing and she knew it. Just a few more stops and then she’d be home. Luckily the train was pretty empty for this time of day so hopefully there would be no more drama. Just a few more stops. Just a few more stops. Glancing up at the window she saw smiled a bit when she saw her hairdo was still intact. She never wore it down when she was in public. Not ever. Spotting her bag in Haru-san’s grip she fought the urge to ask for it back. There was no point. He’d just say no and she’d get mad and they didn’t need to cause another scene today. When the train arrived at their stop Minako stepped off the train and started down towards her street. The old man was sitting there with his sandwich stand as always. It always brought a smile to her face. “Good evening.” She bowed slightly with a warm smile and went back on her course without looking to see where Haru-san was. He was around.

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