H X E 20


Hana woke up in an awful mood. She had to be in the archery room at six am. It was five in the morning and she had barely slept. She forced herself out of bed and into her P.E. clothes. Thankfully, she had been in one of her rare moments of prepared thought and packed her sports bag the night before. In it was her archery uniform and her Judo uniform. Hana running to school. She got into the archery room at exactly five fifty nine. To her surprise the only one there was her Captain, Hideaki. When he saw her he looked at her disapprovingly. “You are late.” Hana wanted to say something back, but she didn’t. He walked over to her. “Your Senpais went to go buy breakfast for everyone. Clean the floor and then go change.” Hana mumbled in sadness, “Hai.”She dropped her bag down and walked over to get the damp cloth. She dropped to the ground and started to run the back and forth straight lines to clean the floor. The whole time Captain Hideaki just stood there and watched. He was such a perfectionist! When she was done, Hana quickly disposed of the cloth and went to change quickly. When she had gotten back the Senpais were still not back. Captain Hideaki was holding out a bow. “Let’s see where you are at.” She took the bow and walked over to the shooting area. Hana took a deep breath and fired a shot. It was in the second ring closest to the center. Not bad, but not great either. Her father was much better then her. Captain Hideaki sighed, “I had hopes you would be better then this. I had heard from Katsuo you were surprisingly good.” Hana dropped the bow and turned to look at him. “You know Captain Katsuo?” He walked over to her and picked up the bow, helping her draw the string back. “He’s in my class. Now focus.” Hana turned back to look at the target. Captain Hideaki telling her to take a deep breath. She released the shot. It hit the line between the red center and the black ring she had made it into before. Hana jumped in joy. “I did it!” He stepped back and sighed, “Honestly, who gets so worked up over a shot like that?” Hana bowed her hand. “Thank you for the instruction, Captain Hideaki.” He covered his face with his hand. “Honestly, Kobayashi-san.” Hana turned around at the sound of her name being called by the other Archery heads. She ran over to them and smiled. She helped them get the bags into the room. The regular members would be here in an hour. Hideaki sighing again. “Honestly.”

Hana was rubbing her face with a towel when she found Yamato walking towards her. “Baka-chan?” He looked her up and down. “So this is where you were. At Judo.” Hana nodded her head. “I have Archery and Judo on Saturday. What are you doing here?” He held out the box of pastries. “Was going to give Curry-chan my extra box.” Hana smiled. “I’ll go with you, give me a second to change.” She ran back into the room and into the lockers. A few minutes later, and many greetings, Hana emerged from the matted room. “Let’s go.” The two casually strolling to the Track field. “I saw Minako there earlier.” Hana pulled out her phone. “Yamato, it’s two in the afternoon. She may not be there.” Hana’s attention turning to the sigh of Haru leaning against the Baseball fence. “Haru?” Hana said in shock. He turned to look at her. “Chibi-chan? Why do I keep running into you.” Hana frowned. “I could say the same thing, you know.” Yamato walking over and holding out the box. “Want a slice of strawberry shortcake?” Hana’s frown got even bigger. “I thought those were for Minako.” Haru smiled and grabbed a slice from the box. “Oh well, in that case.” Hana sighed. “What are you even doing by the baseball field? You don’t play sports.” Haru smiled mockingly at her. “Are you keeping tabs on me Chibi-chan?” Hana turned her head on him. “You wish.” Yamato started to laugh nervously. “Now, now guys.” Haru leaned into the wall sighing. “I’m just trying to pick up notes for Keiji.” Hana turned back around more interested. “Is he ok?” Haru looking at her frowning. “No. Someone almost killed him yesterday.” He walked over to her and held out his phone. “Do you see this whiny baby. All of this is your fault.” Hana wanted to say something back, but she couldn’t. He was right in a way. Eh. What was with everyone today? Hana sighed. “I’ll buy the soup. You can take it to him.” Haru rolled his eyes. “When someone deals corporal punishment they must pay the fine themselves.” Hana sighed. “Fine. We will all go visit the baby.” Hana pulled out her phone.

[Is your practice over? Yamato wants to grab some ramen? Please, don’t leave me alone with Baka-chan.}]

She turned to Yamato. “You are taking the blame when Minako shows up. Hana then turning to Haru. “No antagonizing Minako. I mean it, Haru-san.” Haru threw his hands up. “Hai.” The three of them leaning against the wall to wait. Hana pulling out her phone.

[Yamato invited Haru. Don’t leave me alone with them. Please!!!}]

Hana zoned out. Thinking about the exchanges she had with Keiji. She covered her face and shook her head. Yamato glancing down. “Minako is not going to kill you, Chibi.” Hana looked up at him. “You mean you right?” Yamato looked away anxiously. “Yabai.”


Minako had just finished up swim practice when she noticed she had a few messages waiting from Hana-chan. Draping a towel over her shoulder she opened them up, her expression falling at the mention of Haru. Eh. No thanks. Besides, she already had some things to take care of this afternoon. “I can’t leave her alone with those two though…” She tried her face with a mental groan.

[Baka-chan invited Haru-san]


[I can go with you guys to the curry place but I won’t be able to stay]

[Give me ten minutes to get changed]

Earlier in the day one of Minako’s teammates had accidentally spilled something on all her uniform which left her in quite the conundrum. Crap… She had a spare track uniform that was dry but she didn’t have any undergarments! Glancing down at her swimsuit she knew what she had to do… She emerged out of the locker room in her fresh uniform with her hair pulled up a high ponytail and sneakers still on her feet. She’d done her best to dry her swimsuit before she put the uniform on it and just hoped that it had worked.
“Hey guys!” She waved at them, adjusting her back on her shoulder as she approached. “What curry place did you want to go to?” She offered Haru-san a smile but focused on her classmates. Extended eye contact with Haru-san would probably only lead to trouble and if he lectured her on ANYTHING she was going to lose it on this boy. Was she wearing her track uniform out in public? Yes. Would she if she had another option? No. She prayed everyone would know she wasn’t that bold and just let it go. Hence why she didn’t even address it. “Let’s get going.”

Keiji was laying in bed watching his one of the anime he secretly enjoyed; Shirokuma Café. Glancing at the time he took out his phone and sent Haru a few texts. They should be out by now.

[Haru…I need soup]

[And notes]


[If she who shall not be names comes along…you can some another day] *Yuri-san

[Actually, still bring the soup]

[No leeks]



Hana saw the incoming Minako and sighed with relief. Eh. Curry? “Actually, we were going to get ramen…” Hana looked over at Yamato. He was the elected burden holder. Plus, it was about curry, so it was fair he should be the one to disappoint her. “Haru, needs to bring soup to Keiji. He isn’t doing well. We can get curry after. I’ll buy.” Hana looked at Yamato shocked. The Baka handled it quite well. Shocking! Haru lead everyone towards a small ramen shop fifteen minutes by walking down the street. He ordered the five bowls of ramen to go. He turned to Minako. “Keiji will have curry at his house. Everyone can win.” He turned away from her and started to tredge up the small hill that went towards his house. Hana leaning into Minako. “I don’t think I would ever thought Haru could look so dejected?” Yamato shook his head next to Hana. “No wonder he blackmailed you into coming with him to get Keiji soup.” The two shaking their heads, completely ignoring the fact they had passive aggressively dragged Minako against her will into this plan. Oh well. Hana grabbed her hand and pulled her to catch up with Haru. “At least if you’re here this will be quick.” She smiled at her friend. “And he said the house has Curry.” Hana pulling the pair to catch up to the grumbling idiot who had brought their food to the front of a house. Hana turned around to look at a sullen Yamato slowly taking his time to catch up to them. Hana turned to look at Minako. She seemed a little disheveled. Hana feeling bad. She did just grab her right out of sports clubs. Keiji’s house better have curry!


Minako could have actually taken sometime to wash her uniform! She actually had things she needed to get done this afternoon. With an internal groan she held her tongue and stayed silent. Haru’s mention of curry would have been nice… if it hadn’t come from Haru. She gave him a slight nod and kept on. She almost broke her silence when Hana and Yamato revealed they had been blackmailed into this meaning she had been dragged along by two captives. Shanghai’d by the Shanghai’d! “I won’t be able to stay for curry, I have to get going soon.” Her tone was nice only because she was talking to Hana-chan. Honestly, looking at Haru she completely understood his expression. It mirrored how she felt on the inside.

A boy in their year opened the door, looking over the guests skeptically. Minako recognized him their year. He was only two classes down. The boy relaxed a bit when he saw Haru’s sour face.
“Keiji is up in his room. Go on ahead.” The young man held the door open for them to pass. He hated visitors. He didn’t mind watching a girl go up the stairs in a track uniform though.

Meanwhile Keiji was sleep on his bed with a compress on his head. On the television was an episode of Shirokuma Café. He had bought the entire series and was going through all the episodes. Just as they entered his room Minako picked up on an all too familiar opening song. “Shirokuma Café!” She clutched Haru’s arm excitedly, smiling for the first time since she’d left swim practice. Plucking the top box of ramen she rushed over to still sleeping Keiji. This simply wouldn’t do. He couldn’t sleep through the show! “Wake up! Ramen is here for you!”

Keiji peeked an eye open to see several people standing in his room. Eh… He pushed himself upright and rubbed his eyes. “Ramen…?”

Minako dropped the ramen in his lap before settling on the ground next to his bed. “Yes. Now shh and eat. You’re missing the episode.” She chastised.

Keiji turned to see he had still had that show on. His face almost drained of color, but then Minako began humming along to the music. He turned to look at the others with a face full of questions and they were all pointed at Haru. “Hello.” Peeking at his ramen he noticed leeks. “Haru-chan…This one has leeks.” He held up to the container like a child.


Hana looked from Minako to the boy. He must of been someone from their year. She really didn’t recognize him. The sight of Haru’s burst through the doorway and angry huff up the stairs was enough of a hint that they were supposed to hurry in. She followed them up to Keiji’s room. Hana shocked when Minako not only grabbed Haru’s hand in excitement, not to mention went against the fact that she had just said she couldn’t stay for CURRY, but ran down to sit and watch an anime. Hana covering her face when she threw a box of ramen at the sick school mate. “Honestly, Minako…” She whispered as she walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. She looked down at her box which was marked without leeks. This one was Keiji’s. Hana turned around on her knees and switched the ramen. “This is the one without leeks. Let Haru-san have a moment to breathe. He rushed straight here you know.” Hana taking her new box of ramen and sitting down. It was not Soyu ramen. It was pork. Hana covered her mouth with hand. “Eh.” She whispered. Hana deciding to hand the box over to Yamato. “Here, you can have mine. I’ll just go get the curry started for Minako.” Hana stood up and clumisly made her way around everyone. She briefly turned to look at the anime, chuckling. “Who knew all it took was a few animated bears to control Minako.” She left the room and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Haru had mentioned there would be ingredients for curry.


Haru stormed into Keiji’s room. He was expecting a shinigami to be at Keiji’s side. There was not one. Thank the gods. His worry being replace by shock at the feeling of Minako grabbing his arm and then rushing to assault Keiji with ramen. She sat down and immediately began watching. Haru turning to whisper to Yamato, “One assaults people with her boobs the other with her ramen?” Yamato sighed and shook his head. “Seems to be that way.” Yamato walking forward to take a seat by Hana. He was very pleased when she offered him her ramen. That was two for him. Haru briefly touching Hana’s shoulder in agreement when she chuckled about bears. “The ingredients are in the fridge.” He walked forward to take her seat. Haru grabbing the left over ramen. It was the soy sauce one Hana wanted. He put it over to the side and grabbed the extra one in Yamato’s hands. “That one was supposed to be mine.” Yamato frowned, but let him have it. No one wanted the soy sauce ramen except Hana. She was weird. Haru turned around to look at Keiji. “You alright, now?” He turned back around. Haru had confirmed he wasn’t dead. He was still able to complain for soup. He had delivered that. Haru reaching into his bag to pullout a bound book of notes. He turned back around for a second. “These are the notes.” Haru tossing them to the other side of the room. He slouched further down so the bed side became a back rest. One of his arms draped onto the side. It was almost as if they were around Minako. In all actuality, it was there in case he needed to take immediate action for Keiji. Haru noticed Minako and Yamato were both intensely into the show. Haru just sighed. All he wanted to do was enjoy his day off.


Keiji looked from Kobayashi-san to Haru-chan. He might have rushed all the way over here but he still decided to bring half the school. “Ah, thank you very much Kobayshi-san.” He bowed his head slightly and accepted the trade. When Haru-san asked how he was doing he took a bite of his ramen and thought it over. “Mm, much better.” He gave Haru-san’s head a pat, his eyes looking at where Haru-sans arm was. Hm… He looked around but Kobayashi-chan wasn’t back yet. SHE WAS MISSING THINGS and now that she’d mentioned a possible connected it was all he could notice with them. His attention was diverted when Haru tossed his notes across the room. “Haru-chan…How can I reach the notes from all the way over there.” He gave Haru a few more pats as punishment. Propping up his pillows he leaned back so he could sit comfortably and eat.


Takeshi was standing in the kitchen when Hana-chan arrived. His expression went from calm to irritated in seconds. “Tch. What are you doing in here? You should ask permission before trying to make food in someone else’s kitchen.” He leaned against the door of the fridge. “You guys came with food anyway.” He was not a fan of how Haru-san always thought he could do whatever he wanted just because he was friends with Keiji. And NOW he was bringing people who weren’t invited!


Minako ignored everyone around her and focused on the show, smiling and laughing at just about everything. She glanced up to see Keiji staring at her. “Eh…is everything okay?”

Keiji peered down at her. “Where are your clothes?”

Minako got a bit nervous. The way Keiji was looking at her reminded her of her Obasaan, like she was his grandchild who was being weird. “Someone spilled something on them and then Haru-san didn’t give me time to wash my clothes after practice…”

Keiji looked over at Haru-chan. “Haru-chan, you took her out in public like this? Hentai.” He gave Haru another pat.


Hana looked at the boy in shock. What was his problem with her. “I had permission. I didn’t know there would be an issue.” She walked over to the counter to start taking pans from the cabinet. She was not about to deal with someones younger brother today. She turned to smile at him. “I can’t eat what they brought. Allergies. I can make some for you too?” Hana reaching into the fridge he oh so casually left open. She turned her back on him to start preparing the food. As she had already been given permission in a clear indirect way, there really was no need to talk to someone who was younger then the person who gave her permission. She turned to look at him. “Do you prefer meat or vegetable curry?”


Haru gave Keiji a look. His face turned bright red. “I am not a Hentai!” He pointed at Minako. “No one can reason with her!” He turned to point at Yamato, “Baka-chan couldn’t even get her to realize she had a run in with a pervert on the train.” He stood up. “And Hana-chan can’t even get her to understand why men watch her at swim club!” Haru sat on the bed next to Keiji grumpy. “You don’t even understand the struggles I’ve been having. You have only been with them one day.” Yamato coughed into his hands. “Techinically, you have only hung out twice. And the first one really doesn’t…” Yamato was cut off by a glare from Haru. Haru hit Yamato on the head. “Just watch your cartoons, Baka-chan.” He turned to Keiji and put his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “You don’t understand what you and Chibi-chan threw on me.” He leaned dejected onto Keiji’s shoulder. “All I wanted to do today was sleep.” Yamato looked away at the floor. “A little dramatic…” He leaned over to Minako. “Have you been listening at all, or are your eyes and ears really glued to that anime program?”


Minako looked at Yamato and put her hand on his shoulder with an expression that said ‘I’ll handle this’. Standing up she spun around and pointed at Haru-san. “What you’ve been through? You Hana-chan and Baka-chan to come with you who then shanghaied me when I had things to do!” She fired back before turning to Keiji. “Speaking of the train incident… “She gave Haru one hard flick in the head and leaned over him so that her arms were on either side of him. “Haru-san dragged me into an OCCUPIED restroom to lecture me on perverts when I never asked for his help. He then refused to let me be for the night like I needed some protector when I DIDN’T ASK. And how would he even know Hana-chan’s talked to me about the swim club fans?” She had closed their distance as she spoke until she was eye level with this idiot. “Baka-chan is right. You’ve only hung out with us twice and this time you forced us along so don’t act like we were thrown on you. You did this to yourself, now stop whining and accept it.” She had gotten so worked up in her rant that her cheeks were a bit red out of frustration.


Keiji watched the scene unfold before him with a sense of nervousness. This was his bed. This girl seemed to forget that this was HIS bed. He looked at Yamato as if to ask what in the hell was going on with that. He’d never seen so much tension between two people who had just met before. “A-hem.” He cleared his throat to get some control back. “A-hem, hem, hem, hem.”

Takeshi almost lost it when she dismissed him. They were the same age! She didn’t have any seniority over him. “I prefer no curry because you won’t be making any.” He slammed the fridge door shut. “I don’t know what they do in the countryside, but here we have rules.” He began collecting the things she’d taken and putting them away. “If you can’t eat the food they got you should have thought of that before you arrived at someone’s house. Now go run along upstairs. Just because you’re my elder brother’s guest doesn’t give you free reign.” He had been with his brother earlier in the day and figured he was too out of it still to really get involved. Good. His brother could stay up there for the next week for all he cared.


Shiro Kuma Cafe Episode 1

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