Let me start the story here: everything you think to be a story is probably a lot more than that. Trust me, I know.

Thousands of years ago the God Hades kidnapped the Goddess Persephone. To sum up the end result earth was barren, an ultimatum was demanded, a fruit was eaten and Hades gets to keep his wife for a few months out of the year so Stockholm syndrome can take affect. What the stories don't tell you is that even with the Goddess of Spring as his wife Hades wouldn't be able to have children. Now, Hades himself was content with it. It turns out they were a true love match. However, Persephone wanted children more than anything else. If she could make the flowers grow for the world why couldn't she have a child?

Well, it turns out even a Goddess can be destined to have their wishes turn into bad luck. She had received a visit from the Goddess Eileithyia about blessing her with a child. Persephone had created grief in the Goddess Hera's and the Goddess Aphrodite's hearts and so would be blessed with one single child from her husband Hades. Eileithyia explained to her that in order to conceive a child she would need three things: (1) the skin of the snakes on Caduceus, (2) tears from love's very own son and (3) a spark that flew off of Zeus' lightening bolt. After which she had to feed them to Hades along with one of his pomegranates before she attempted to have her child. Sadly for Persephone, she was able to accomplish her task. It was only after the baby girl was born did she realize it was not Eileithyia who went to her, but the Goddess Apate.

Persephone indeed had her own child, but what was born to the couple was a mortal girl. When the Gods heard the news they told Hades and Persephone as she was mortal she could not be allowed to live with them in the Underworld. The baby girl being sent to live with a family of traders on an island.

That should of been the end of it, no? Welp, as I said before in this story Persephone's wish only brought her bad luck. The girl grew to be talented, too talented. For a mortal girl, she somehow started to develop skills that the demi-gods around her could do. As she got even older her abilities far surpassed them. It had irritated them so much they refused to do anything that was tasked to them. Some even tried to turn their backs on their very own parents. The whole matter getting even worse when Hades refused to send the ones who died to anywhere nice. All of the Gods were starting to fight.

The God Dolos, Apate's brother, decided he would fix the situation by getting rid of the young girl. However, instead of the girl dying Hades stepped in and protected her. Resulting, in not only the girl meeting her father for the first time, but the accidental death of a son of Zeus. Enraged, that Hades would not allow his daughter to die and join him in the Underworld that day, Zeus decided to ban her from entering the Underworld completely. Persephone upon hearing the news collapsed and started to wither. Once again the earth started to become barren and her mother Demeter stepped in to beg Zeus to change his mind.

Zeus did not listen though. In the years since he has left her alone the girl grew even more talented. People were flocking to her from across the Mediterranean. Where the girl stood a tiny patch of fertile ground would exist and so she could feed those dying around her. The earth getting even worse before the Goddess Athena finally requested of her father to alter his judgement. Athena wanted the girl's punishment to change from banishment from the Underworld to being forced to reincarnate after every death.

Zeus accepted her deal and peace was brought back to the Gods. NOT. Zeus totally shocked everyone gathered by saying the girl would indeed be able to live her life over and over again; however, it was never going to be a happy life, or a long one. The girl will always die before she becomes an adult. A cold war existing between the gods ever since that day.

Why am I telling you this story? Well, I've just found out I'm that girl. To be precise, I am the six hundred and sixty sixth girl. Not cliche at all. But now that I know who I am, my life is destined to become even worse and shorter. Zeus and all of his gods intend to throw everything they have at me. While my father, my mother and the few gods who take pity on me can't actually help me that much, because Zeus has another reason to want me dead. I bring about the end of the world, apparently.

Aphrodite had seen it in a dream. One of me, no one knowing which one of me, will end up meeting some other god who was forced to constantly reincarnate as well. This god upon falling in love with me would break the curse Zeus had put on me, but somehow bring about his own. His was the annihilation of all living things.</p>

So what am I supposed to do now? Live? Die? Run away from an old bearded man with pointy yellow zappers? I haven't the slightest clue...

But if you are reading this Edwin then maybe you can give me an idea,</p>


Volume I- New To School

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