Chapter 1 : My Name Is…

My name is Meadow. Yea, I know it is a weird name. My mother and father apparently felt like the whole world needed to know I was conceived in a meadow. Something about the wonders that suddenly appear in life… Thanks mom and dad.

I am standing here, introducing myself to my new classmates in my new school, with a name like Meadow. According to roll call there was three Sarah’s, two Beth’s, and four Adams. You couldn’t of given me one of those names?

“So, um. Hi, I guess. My name is Meadow. I’ve just moved here from Kansas.”

I could hear the snickers echoing in my new classroom. My introduction couldn’t of been that bad. My new teacher, Mr. Roswald, clapped his hands.

“Quiet. Show the girl some respect guys.”

A girl three to the right of me raised her hand.

“Mr. Roswald, I am extremely busy this year with student government, dance, piano, Arts Honor Society, English Honor Society…”

He put his hands up and sighed.

“We get it, Christina. You are busy and can’t show around a new student.”

She put her hand down and smiled.


Mr. Roswald turned back to the rest of us. Well, I would like to volunteer to show myself around, but I feel like that isn’t an option I have. He ended up pointing to the kid whose head was down as he scrubbed the side of his pencil against his paper. Was he drawing?


The boy did not look up.

“Adam B.”

He still did not look up. Mr. Roswald coughing into his hand.

“Adam Blackwell. ADAM.”

The boy looked up shocked. His face slightly red.

“Yes, Mr. Roswald.”

The teacher smiled. Maybe he was a secret sadist?

“Congratulations for volunteering to show Meadow around Olympia Community High School.”

Adam looked at his teacher so flustered.

“But, Mr. Roswald I-”

He put his hands up to cut off the boy.

“No excuses, Adam.”

The boy groaned and let his head drop onto the desk. The teacher turning to look at me. Again. No. Stay on the other students.

“Find Adam after class.”

I nodded my head. Find Adam after class…



Fuck School – The Replacements

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