Chapter 2 : Maria

Meadow made her way to the side of the room where Adam seemed to not be happy to be waiting. For the first time she could get a good look at him. He was tall and lanky, just like you’d expect. His clothes were baggy, but more stylistic than undernourished teen with shared clothes. In fact, he was surprisingly very stylish. His accessories seemed expensive and strangely well polished. What stood out the most though was the large headphones around his neck and the sketchbook tucked under his arm.

“Are you coming or not?”

I nodded my head.

“Yes. We have Science next right?”

Adam sighed at her.

“Science. Is that what they call it in Kansas.”

I looked at him confused.


He seemed to sigh even louder.

“It’s Advanced Chemistry. Not ‘Science’.”


“Isn’t that the same thing?”

Adam seemed to get offended by that. He quickly walked out of the room and down the hall.

“Nomenclature. Tittles. Everyone knows how important Nomenclature and tittles are.”

Oh. Nomenclature.

“Uh. Sorry?”

“Don’t apologize. Science is fine. Adam is just an annoyingly persistent individual.”

I turned around to see one of the girls from my class. She was the complete opposite of Adam, short and curvy. While his hair was blonde and his eyes a cat like shade of green. Her hair was black, her skin tan and her eyes a dark brown that would probably be okay with being called black.

“There exists a proper order for things.”

“Don’t apologize. Science is fine. Adam is just an annoyingly persistent individual.”

I watched her hit his arm and then turn back around to stick her hand out towards me. It all seemed so quaint. Everything here was like a movie.



“I know that. You did just introduce yourself to the entire class.”

“Right. I did just do that.”

“You two getting along and all is a nice thing, but we have one Advanced Chemistry to get to.”

The two of us turned to look at him. Maria frowning.

“Why are you always such a spoil sport.”


Dear Maria, Count Me In – All Time Low

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