Prologue :

Larac Empire

The tall onyx doors swung open inwards. The stone hall echoing with the sound of footsteps.

“Cobalt. I assume there is a reason for you to throw away caution and demand to see us.”

The man who had just entered the room raised his head from his kneeling position. His eyes settled on the beautiful woman who was sitting on one of the thrones.

“Empress, earlier today one of the slave traders in the Slavinov territory attempted to sell an Elf princess to the Earl.”

The man who was sitting in the throne lazily besides her shrugged with boredom.

“A trader managed to get past the wall. Perhaps he should be rewarded with a job from the royal family.”

“Emperor, do not forget that slave traders tend to rely on luck more than skill.”

The Emperor sighed deeper into his throne.

“That’s true.”

Cobalt turned his eyes away from the Emperor and the Prime Minister and instead looked at the Empress.

“What stopped the sale from going through?”

Cobalt’s head fell immediately, so he was looking at the floor.

“Reports say a group of demi human warriors raided the town of Salv and killed the Earl’s family.”

A soft chuckle from the Emperor breaking the tension.

“Did they now? I thought they were happy behind their walls.”

The Prime Minister smiled.

“We can finally appoint someone more useful to that Earldom.”

Cobalt was still looking down at the floor when he felt the pressure start to build all around him. He didn’t need to look up to see the Empress leaning forward from her seat.

“What else did these rumors say, Cobalt?”

He swallowed loudly. Fear welling up in him.

“The villagers… The witnesses claim to have seen a silver haired human girl amongst the demi human.”

As soon as Cobalt finished those words the entire room became a pressure cooker. Everyone was on edge.

“Yttri, assemble the guard.”

Salina Kingdom

“Baron Leighton, Count Ruth and Count Charles you three will oversee the defensive line between the Schicht Mountains and the Cerelina River.”

Three well dressed noblemen stepped out of the crowd to bow at the King who had just issued them an order.

“As you command.”

“By your word.”

“It would be my honor.”

Right below the King and Queen stood another noblemen.

“Is there anything else to be added?”

A shy, young looking boy stepped out of the crowd. Whispers filling the room.

“Earl Gerord? I thought he was home.”

“This shut in? What could he have to bring up to the King?”

The presiding noble turned to look at him slightly shocked, but nodded his head.

“As you all know my territory touches both the wall and the Slavinov Earldom. My scouts had just heard of the death of the Earl and his family.”

The orderly and calm room broke out into chaos. Voices were fighting to be heard over one another.

“Why does he only tell us this now!”

“What’s wrong with him.”

“We should move to occupy Salv.”

“Then we would risk the full on might of the Empire!”

“We are already at war with them.”

“Stop being a coward!”

“That would be stupid!”

The voices cut off by the sound of the King clapping. All eyes turning to look at him. He was a proud, handsome middle aged man who did enough to command their respect.

“Enough. An opportunity like this can’t be squandered with some in house bickering. Earl Gerord, what exactly have your scouts heard?”

The young nobleman felt himself pushed out from the crowd completely, so he was alone in front of the King.

“A slave trader from the Empire caught an Elf princess and attempted to sell her off to the Earl. However, a group of demi humans crossed over and killed the trader, the Earl and his family when reclaiming the princess.”

A young handsome man stepped out from the crowd of nobles.

“Father! This is the perfect chance to change the tide of the stalemate. We should march on Salv at once.”

A girl who appeared like him stepped out as well.

“Father, for once Elder Brother has a point. The Slavinov territory is a wealthy territory. Capturing it from the Empire would limit their food resources and we could do it with minimal losses.”

“No. We shouldn’t go now.”

Everyone turned back to look at Earl Gerord. The King looking at him amused.

“Why should we not advance?”

“Because. Because…Because my scouts said they saw a silver haired girl accompanying the demi humans.”

The King burst out laughing.

“You’re right, Earl Gerord. We may need to send our troops somewhere else.”

Holy Nation Arabezzia

Inside of a large circular room sat an old man behind an old luxurious desk. Besides him was a young man in priest attire reading over the documents handed to him. A door no one could of noticed existing on the side of the room opened and in walked another man in priest attire.

“Your Excellency. I have news from the kittens.”

The old man looked up from his desk.

“They must have had a lot of interesting things to say for you to come straight here.”

The man nodded his head.

“The slave trader was successful in kidnapping the Elven princess. However, Before he could sell her to the Earl, the demi humans recovered her.”

“What a shame. It would have been better for everyone if they were just slower.”

The man besides him nodded in agreement.

“Is that all, John?”

He nodded his head no.

“The demi humans killed the trader, the Earl and his family in their rage.”

The old man smiled and returned to his work.

“That’s not surprising.”

“Your Excellency, both the kittens and the puppies reported seeing a silver haired girl with the demi humans.”

The quill fell from the old man’s hands.

“Silver hair you say?”

John nodded his head.

“A young girl with hair the color of moonlight was said to have murdered the Earl’s children.”

He picked up the quill he dropped, gently smiled, and resumed his work once more.

“That will be all, John.”


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