Prologue –

Light filled the room and the mages surrounding the summoning circle prayed even harder for a success. Energy seeped out of their bodies faster than the mana. The princess kneeled in front of the circle desperately wishing for heroes to come. Just when they were all about to pass out they heard the loving voice of their goddess and saw five figures appear in the dying light, four girls and one guy. Even though they were exhausted, those involved in the summoning jumped and shouted for joy. The princess running forward and hugging the disoriented boy.

“Hero-sama! Thank you for coming, Hero-sama!”

Three of the girls seemed to be more irked at the sight then confused. While the hero was blushing, The fourth girl wondering if it was because of her huge boobs. The Princess letting go of the hero awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, Hero-sama! I just got so excited!”

The boy nodded his head slowly.

“It’s alright. Could you explain to us what is going on?”

The princess seemed shocked, but relieved. The fourth girl was not shocked at all. Hiiroto was always the annoying handsome guy type. Him being a hero of some other person’s justice seemed to be an expected fate.

“Yes, of course! Please follow me Hero-samas.”

A bitter smile appeared on the fourth girl. Now, they were noticed. The five of them following the princess into the stereotypical audience hall. A well groomed and handsome older man sat on top of a throne. His beautiful wife beside him.

“Father, we succeeded!”

The King nodded his head.

“I know my daughter could do it.”

It annoyed the first girl how much her boobs jiggled when she was happy. Hiiroto stepping forward. “King, can you please explain what is going on?” He nodded his head. “My apologies, I was too caught up as a father being proud of their daughter.” Everyone in the room seemed to create a warm atmosphere except the fourth girl who was staring at them blankly.

“My name is King Joeseph Menecius Cardia. We summoned you to our Kingdom to save my people from the demons who wish to destroy us.”

Hiiroto seemed both concerned and excited at the same time. The other three girls who liked him seemed to share similar enough sentiments. Once again, the fourth girl had a blank reaction. She couldn’t understand how a kingdom in danger looked so calm, clean and wealthy. There wasn’t a feeling of desperation in any of the people. Not even in the guards and attendants in the room with them. The King stood up from his throne.

“Heroes, I know this is a lot to ask and I had no right to forcibly take you from your homes, but my citizens have no chance of survival unless people with strength like you heroes come save them. We have failed our people. I asked my daughter, Princess Lily Merealia Cardia to risk her life to summon you.”

The fourth girl couldn’t help, but blink a few times in response. It really was beginning to seem as if the king was acting. I mean who talked like that? It was too seamless. She couldn’t help but feel grossed out by the way Hiiroto was already looking at the princess. She was definitely a honey trap. Hiiroto taking a deep breath before finally stepping out.

“Will we be able to return home?”

The king looked at the Princess. When she bowed repeatedly her boobs jiggled a lot and Hiiroto definitely got distracted. He was going to end up as a worthless cheat harem bastard.

“We don’t know. The texts said the summoning ritual was on our side and the return ritual is in the hands of the demon tribes.”

Everyone seemed to accept that answer except the fourth girl. At this point she was really getting confused on why this charade was still continuing and no one was speaking up. Where they even wary as her? Maybe they were pretending to be quiet ao they could get information unsuspected? Nope. Hiiroto really couldn’t help staring at the princess. The three other girls distracted by that. They were the heads of the I Love Hiiroto Fan Club in school. They were all in our class and guarded him every second of the day. It seemed like they met their match with the nuclear bombs that where the Princess’ boobs.

“Alright. I can’t say we all agree with you and want to jump into battle, but we will help out. It’s wrong to abandon people in need and we also may be able to find out information on how to return.”

Everyone in the room looked delighted with that garbage stereotypical answer. Hiiroto seemed to really be lacking in individuality. The king waved his hands and a group of mages came forward. These were different mages then where in the room with them.

“They will help you check you status.”

All except the fourth girl nodded. The result was this.


lv. 1

HP 200

MP 300

STR 200

AGI 100

ATK 300

DEF 200

LUK 50


Analysis lv. 1

Language Comprehension lv. 1

Thunder Magic lv. 1

Fire Magic lv. 1

Holy Magic lv. 1

Spear Skills lv. 1

Mathematics lv. 5

Charm lv. 10

Tittles: Hero of Cardia, Admirer of Boobs


lv. 1

HP 100

MP 300

STR 50

AGI 50

ATK 50

DEF 100

LUK 100


Healing Magic lv. 1

Holy Magic lv. 1

Barrier Magic lv. 1

Analysis lv. 1

Language Comprehension lv. 1

Mathematics lv. 7

Temptress Lv. 9

Tittles: Saint of Cardia, Icon of Beauty


lv. 1

HP 200

MP 50

STR 200

AGI 200

ATK 200

DEF 100

LUK 40


Analysis lv. 1

Language Comprehension lv. 1

Mathematics lv. 6

Athletics Lv. 1

Throwing lv. 1

Sword Art lv. 1

Stamina lv. 1

Tittles: Princess of the Battlefield, Heroes Childhood Friend


lv. 1

HP 100

MP 200

STR 50

AGI 200

ATK 100

DEF 100

LUK 300


Analysis lv. 1

Language Comprehension lv. 1

Mathematics lv. 4

Bow Arts lv. 1

Wind Magic lv. 1

Water magic lv. 1

Knife Arts lv. 1

Tittles: Bearer of the Forests Luck,  Heroes Stalker

As the fourth girl thought, the status’ were honest and not surprising at all. While, watching those around the room she could some were tying to hide their disappointment while others seemed to have sparkling eyes. The room turned to look at her, so she displayed her status.


lv. 1

HP 300

MP 400

STR 100

AGI 100

ATK 300

DEF 100

LUK 200


Analysis lv. 1

Language Comprehension lv. 1

Mathematics lv. 10

Bow Arts lv. 3

Martial Arts lv. 5

Negotiation lv. 1

Darkness Magic lv. 1

Water Magic lv. 1

Fire Magic lv. 1

Summoning Magic Lv. 1

Tittles: Otherworld Crazed Witch, Blessed by the Forgotten Gods

Tamiko, the fouth girl, looked up lazily from her status. Everyone was staring at her with mixed expressions. Hiiroto looking very upset with her.

“Neh, Tamiko. How do you have higher stats then me?”

She shrugged.

“I don’t know. Yours will probably level up faster and higher though.”

He nodded his head. That was an excuse he could accept. The king pointing at her.


The guards started to move towards them. Hiiroto waving his hands wildely.

“Stop, what’s going on?”

The princess, while shaking, pointed at Tamiko.

“Hero-sama, a witch is a tittle given to those who have the blood of demons and other magical beasts.”

Hiiroto looked at them confused.

“Tamiko is from our world. We only have humans.”

The other girls pipped in.

“It’s true.”

“We only have humans!”

“Hiiroto would know!”

Tamiko looked at Aika sadly. Hiiroto would know huh? The king looked at Tamiko annoyed,

“That would mean at her arrival she was blessed by some demon god or breast god!”

Hiiroto started pleading her case for her.

“That may not be a bad thing! They could be a neutral party or on our side! Tamiko will be! Isn’t that helpful then?”

The princess clung on to Hiiroto pressing her nuclear bombs on him.

“Hero-sama, a witch only gains a crazed to her tittle when she is blessed by a very old and powerful creature. They almost always go crazy and attack everyone.”

Tamiko looked at the princess. She may be feeling judged, but at least she wasn’t stupid Hiiroto- a cheat harem bastard falling for traps during the tutorial.

Hiiroto looked at the king desperately.

“Please, we can try to find a way to stop that. Let her stay with us till then! She is our friend and she may be able to help a lot of people!”

It was a nice case for the dimwit hero. However, Tamiko didn’t necessarily want to get involved in the whatever scheme was starting. Being away from it all and locke dup in a prison didn’t seem the worst option at the moment. The princess tightened her grip on him.

“Hero-sama, please. That girl is dangerous. She could kill you.”

Tamiko watched Hiiroto pose.

“Tamiko would never hurt me! I will watch over her and protect her! I won’t ever let her go crazy and hurt people.”

That was a pretty grand and empty promise in Tamiko’s mind. Also, she had no desire ot have him stuck around her. It totally killed the mood of a fantasy setting. The King shook his head.

“I cannot put my people in danger. I am sorry Hero.”

Hiiroto looked at Tamiko desperately. Wasn’t he the hero? Shouldn’t he come up with the last minute plans? The princess waved her hands frantically.

“Wait! Wait! What if hero-sama promises to put her to sleep if she does end up crazy!”

Put Tamiko to sleep? That was not a gentle way of saying it in this situation. You wanted Hiiroto to promise to Kill Tamako. Stupid Hiiroto eagerly nodded his head.

“Yes! Let’s do that! I will protect Tamiko, keep her safe and find a way to stop it! And if, if I fail I will make sure Tamiko doesn’t do things that would hurt her like killing innocent citizens!”

Tamiko looked at him confused. Everyone was making decisions for her and throwing around her possible death and she hadn’t even talked yet. Tamiko looked at the King and raised her hand.

“King-sama. That is fine with me. I don’t like to fight. I would prefer to stay in the rear, read and possibly give support to them.”

Everyone turned to look at her finally. The King staring at her.

“You want to stay in the rear?”

She nodded her head.

“I’m in another world, so I would just like to read and learn about it. Maybe try some new food. I don’t know why I have this status I’m not really good at fighting. It makes no sense.”

Hiiroto quickly nodded his head.

“It’s true! All she does is read all day!”

The three birds chirping up again to support him.

“It’s true! She never talks to any of us!”

“That’s right! Tamiko doesn’t even have interest in Hiiroto like the other enemies!”

“She’s a complete lazy loner!”

Tamiko looked away awkwardly. She had no idea her classmates impression of her was that bad. The princess looked up at her father.

“We took them from their home, father. Let’s give them a chance!”

The king sighed and sat back down.

“If you all are so determined…. We will be watching her though. Do you understand?”

They all nodded except for Tamiko, who seemed to still be mulling over her classmates impression of her.

The king sending them to their rooms to rest before there meal. It seems Tamiko could hear that someone would come to greet them later and explain things.


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