Prologue :

My eyes opened slowly. I was expecting the flickering light of industrial bulbs and the off green color of a hospitals wall, but instead all I saw was a rock ceiling.


I tried to lift my head, but it felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. A rush of heat ran through my body, and I felt every part of me begin to burn. The smell of something roasting filling in what-ever room I was in.


It was so uncomfortable. Why was this happening! I was just…. Where was I just!


It was so hot. It felt like every part of me was melting away into a pile of liquid. Why was this happening… Think. Think. Think. Where was I?



I was hit by a truck!



I died…


The fire slowly started to cool. The liquid felt as if it was hardening like it in was in the process of becoming a metal. I think I am alive? Somehow? Or maybe I’ll just melt again.


Coming Back To Life – Pink Floyd

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